Online journals: The New Deals and Showcasing Apparatus for Business

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Leader online journal is

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Online journals: The New Sales and Marketing Tool for Business

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We will Cover What is a blog? Why have a business blog? Beginning What makes a blog effective in business settings

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Anita's experience 20+ years encounter Corporate & little business Small entrepreneur Blogging 3 years

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Anita's experience Flagship blog is "Independent company Trends" Also writes at customer locales

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What is a blog? A kind of site Easy to redesign Chronological sections Lots of connections Informal 2-way discussions

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Why have a business blog? Sliced through showcasing speak High web crawler rank Your own PR arm Replace/add to a pamphlet Listen to clients

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Getting started Surf and read Consider a free record to get the vibe at first Link to & remark at different sites Keep composing!

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Getting started (cont'd) Best blogging programming for business apprentices:

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Tips - (Do's) Prof. plan (<$300) Post 1 to 2 times/week Identify yourself by name Use photographs (group & office) Do "day in the life" posts Use industry catchphrases

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Tips - (Don'ts) Don't attempt to be Google News Don't overlook the "Mother" govern Don't oversell Don't neglect to connection, interface, interface!

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A Word about RSS The future Expands reach of the message Don't require a blog to make RSS channels – yet writes make it simple Press discharges, declarations and different issues

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Anita Campbell

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