Move York Area Supportable Business Gathering, Earth Officers October 18, 2010

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Move Town Initiatives From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience Transition York Region Sustainable Business Conference, Earth Rangers October 18, 2010

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We'll be covering... what all the object is about the requirement for Transition the stray pieces of Transition Initiatives what has been accomplished so far next strides how we can bolster each other

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A Work In Progress… This work, much the same as the Transition model, is conveyed to you by individuals who are effectively occupied with Transition in a group—individuals who are learning by doing and adapting constantly, individuals who comprehend that we can't kick back and sit tight for another person to take the necessary steps. Individuals like YOU, maybe…

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PEAK OIL How would we be able to get ready? By what method will these influence us? Environmental CHANGE ECONOMIC INSTABILITY

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Peak Oil

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Discovery, Production, Demand

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Post crest oil makers (64) Oil makers (98)

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"The world has never confronted an issue this way. Without enormous alleviation… the issue will be inescapable and won't be impermanent. Past vitality moves were slow and developmental. Oil cresting will be unexpected and progressive." The Hirsch Report U.S. Branch of Energy February 2005

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Possible Energy Stories for the Future Techno-Fantasy Peak Energy Green-Tech Stability Industrial Ascent Creative Descent (Permaculture) ‏ Earth stewardship Post Mad Max Collapse Pre-modern culture Future Time Historical Time Great Grand Children Industrial Revolution Baby Boom Agriculture 10.000yrs BP

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"A supply crunch seems likely around 2013… given late value encounter, a spike in overabundance of $200 per barrel is not infeasible " — Professor Paul Stevens Chatham House Photo: Sustainable Energy Security Report, Lloyds & Chatham House

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The Need for Energy Transition The test of worldwide environmental change makes a move far from fossil energizes important for planetary survival . The looming top in oil and gas generation implies that the move is inescapable . Our exclusive decision is whether to proactively attempt the move now—or later. Move Initiatives make the move doable, practical and appealing.

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Who's outlining an imaginative , positive vitality plunge? (Americas)

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Who's planning an innovative, positive vitality plunge? (Aus/NZ)

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Who's outlining an imaginative , positive vitality plunge? (Europe and past)

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Who's planning imaginative, positive vitality plummet? (UK and Ireland)

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In Canada In Ontario Peterborough Guelph Dundas Ottawa London Poplar Hill/Coldstream Barrie Other Provinces: Victoria, BC Vancouver, BC Nelson, BC Powell River, BC Salt Spring Island, BC Cocagne , NB Cowichan Valley, BC Alberni Valley, BC Golden Ears, BC Woodstock, NB Photo: Transition Victoria occasion, 'The Capital" Newspaper article, Sharing Circle at T4T Vancouver

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The Beginnings

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Transition Town Totnes Rob Hopkins, Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP) Cooperative, staged procedure of move from fossil powers 2006 Great Unleashing Working gatherings propelled ventures Collaboration with town chamber Photo: Planting Nut Trees, Totnes Pound, David Pearson/Rex Features, Guardian UK

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How it is formed The Transition Model

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Purpose: Answer the Key Question For every one of those parts of life that this group needs to maintain itself and flourish, how would we: drastically diminish carbon outflows (in light of environmental change); essentially increment flexibility (because of pinnacle oil); fundamentally reinforce our nearby economy (in light of monetary unsteadiness)?

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The 4 Recognitions Life with less vitality is inescapable and it is ideal to get ready for it than be overwhelmed We have lost the strength to have the capacity to adapt to vitality stuns We need to represent ourselves and we need to act now By unleashing the aggregate virtuoso of the group we can outline methods for living that are all the more improving, fulfilling and associated than the present. Photographs : (beat) Transition Whatcom feet! (focus) Transition Sandpoint's Great Unleashing (base) Sonya Wallace and Janet Millington, Transition Sunshine Coast EDAP

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The Goal: Resilience L OCALIZATION From worldwide > neighborhood An UTONOMY From incorporated > discrete and associated From utilization > independence C OMMUNITY From individual > aggregate E NERGY STEWARDSHIP From exhaustion > stewardship From development > enduring state (re-utilize, repair, acquire, develop, make, share) Photos: (beat) TT Totnes occasion, (focus) Hands in the soil Transition Whatcom action for the Perennial Project, (base) Transition Town Ashland Celebration Parade

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Unique Qualities Open Source Self sorting out Solutions centered Iterative Sensitive to place and scale Historic Joyful Photo: Brixton Pound, Local Currency, Transition Town Brixton, UK

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How it is energized The Transition ECONOMY

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Transition Economy New LOCAL Industries and Businesses: Renewable vitality Sustainable horticulture Local assembling Active transportation and renewable transport Swap & Share, Re-reason, Repair, Salvage Community-possessed back Greening business and green business dispatch counseling Retrofit home development Sustainable waste administration Re-skilling for nearby needs holes Photo: politeness TransitionUS flickr collection

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The Business Opportunity… Transitioning Existing Businesses Lean & green reviews (low carbon & low outflows) Funding suggestions ROI projections Implementation counseling Energy security hazard administration counseling Carbon counterbalances (top & exchange) Launching Energy-Transition Businesses Operates on low-carbon/no-carbon/common asset impartial Offers a low-carbon/no-carbon item or administration Creates a low-carbon/no-carbon store network in customer business Designs restriction of plans of action Integrates business recommendation into neighborhood group flexibility arrange Any item or administration that helps people or organizations move far from fossil fills and advances their independence. Photograph: UK Publication profiling Low Carbon Start-Ups

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The New Entrepreneurs Andrew Heintzman "Measured on the premise of green development and capital speculation, Canada is falling behind." However... "Canada still has sufficient energy and the possibility to characterize a procedure for our organizations and our economy to be pioneers in green development. Our business visionaries are as of now indicating the way. Presently we should take after their lead." The New Entrepreneurs: Building a Green Economy for the Future

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How it is composed The Transition Steps

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The 12 Steps Form an Initiating Group Raise mindfulness Lay the establishments Organize a Great Unleashing Form working gatherings Use Open Space Develop noticeable functional appearances Facilitate the Great Re-Skilling Build spans with neighborhood government Honor the Elders Let it go where it needs to go Create an Energy Descent Plan Photos: (best) David Johnson exhibiting at Vancouver T4T, BC, (focus) Ann Arbor, MI T4T, (base) Transition Sebastopol, CA film night

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Form Working Groups Food/Energy/Economics/Liaison with Local Government/Heart and Soul (& the brain research of progress)/Health and Wellness/Housing/Education/Transport/Arts/Local Economy/Meaningful Work/Urban Design/Business/Green Building Transition Milwaukee meeting, 2009

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What are the Groups up to? Normal Projects heaps of mindfulness raising talks, films, examinations Skills sharing seed sharing neighborhood sustenance registries nearby monetary forms oral history files planting organic product trees beginning up privately claimed renewable vitality organizations plant share plans vitality sparing guidance for the group focal purchasing of trees for "city plantations" Sustainable angling Fix-it and patching courses heaps of re-skilling occasions, eg. Dr Bike, fertilizing the soil toilets, reedbeds working with nearby schools removing plastic sacks and holding workshops on the best way to make texture ones out of scraps getting supportability books into their libraries auto share plans group bolstered agribusiness plans guerilla cultivating permaculture courses Peterborough Town Crier

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The 12 Steps Form an Initiating Group Raise mindfulness Lay the establishments Organize a Great Unleashing Form working gatherings Use Open Space Develop unmistakable down to earth appearances Facilitate the Great Re-Skilling Build spans with neighborhood government Honor the Elders Let it go where it needs to go Create an Energy Descent Plan Photos: (beat) David Johnson showing at Vancouver T4T, BC, (focus) Ann Arbor, MI T4T, (base) Transition Sebastopol, CA film night

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How it is measured What Does Transition Success Look Like?

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Resilience Indicators Percentage of sustenance devoured locally that was delivered inside a given range Ratio of auto parking spot to profitable land utilize Degree of engagement in reasonable re-restriction work by neighborhood group Proportion of the group utilized locally Number of organizations possessed by nearby individuals Percentage of neighborhood exchange did in nearby money Amount of activity on neighborhood streets Percentage of fundamental merchandise made inside a given span Percentage of nearby building materials utilized as a part of new lodging advancements Number of 16-year-olds ready to grow 10 distinct assortments of vegetables to a given level of essential competency Percentage of solutions recommended that have been created inside a given sweep

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Cheerful Disclaimer We really don't know whether this will work. Move is a social investigation on an enormous scale. What we are persuaded of is this: If we sit tight for the legislatures, it'll be short of what was expected, If we go about as indiv