Worldwide Climate Change Policy Decisions Technology Issues A Caribbean Case Study

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Worldwide Environmental Change Arrangement Choices and Innovation Issues A Caribbean Contextual analysis. Presentation to ASME IAB 2007 April 18 Donald Baldeosingh Administrator, ENMAN Bunch. Presentation Layout. Vitality based difficulties in creating economies of the Caribbean Bowl

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Worldwide Climate Change Policy Decisions & Technology Issues A Caribbean Case Study Presentation to ASME IAB 2007 April 18 Donald Baldeosingh Chairman, ENMAN Group

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Presentation Outline Energy based difficulties in creating economies of the Caribbean Basin A Practical approach - Hydropower advancement and transmission framework Policy and Technology issues

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Carbon and the Developing World "If Britain were to totally close down, at the rate China is developing, the carbon emanation levels would return in under two years" - Tony Blair

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Caribbean Energy circumstance All islands free generators Mostly foreign Diesel fuel Some LNG in Puerto Rico and now in Jamaica Some Coal and Small Hydro All islands are moderately high Carbon makers High cost - Power devours up to 40% GDP Unreliable, vulnerable to sea tempests Renewables not effortlessly reasonable alternatives - Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Wave, Biofuels

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Some Caribbean Geopolitics Several economies in shambles - oil cost, loss of special markets, typhoons and diminishment in visitor landings Rise in narco movement Chavez' impact in Caribbean developing - and of developing concern PetroCaribe advances proceeded with Hydrocarbon utilize and expanded obligation: not supportable Caribbean governments assert disregard by US

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Trinidad & Tobago - What you may definitely know Tropical Beaches Carnival Calypso music Steel Pan Orchestras Athletes & Beauty Queens

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Trinidad & Tobago - What you may not know Large saves of Gas - third in Latin America 100 year history in Oil Production Home to every one of the Majors Topmost maker of Ammonia & Methanol fourth most elevated maker of LNG and greatest provider to US And the drawback: Third most elevated Carbon Producer per capita

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And far and away more terrible Just ten miles from Venezuelan drift Large cross outskirt stores of Gas Country's demonstrated gas holds decreasing Signed bargain with Venezuela for unitization of shared stores Pursuing strategy of substantial industrialization in light of hydrocarbon utilize (shabby gas) Economy overheating, genuinely under danger

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US viewpoints Concern for vitality security at "third Border" Rising medication trans shipment US advancing long haul arrangements e.g. Biofuels creation Problem is viewed as prompt in islands - blend of activities/intercessions might be required More immaculate AID is unmistakably not the appropriate response Six Congressmen in Trinidad today DOE advancing "vitality and intensity" arrangements

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A Private Sector Solution ENMAN Group are engineers of a huge hydroelectric influence plant in Guyana 1100MW And Submarine influence transmission framework to the Caribbean islands and overland to Northern Brazil Value $2Bn Power to Puerto Rico at 8 c/kWh versus 17c paid now Clean, solid, free of oil cost

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Guyana English speaking South American nation CARICOM part Presidential vote based system Size of Britain, Population 700K HIPC - Highly Indebted Poor Country Vulnerable to South American narco movement Rich in Gold, Diamonds, Bauxite, Forestry And HYDROPOWER Guyana has 7000MW Hydropower, sufficiently potential to influence the whole Caribbean

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The Team ENMAN Services of Trinidad Hardy Stevenson & Associates Canadian - Hydro specialists Manitoba Hydro International - Technical bolster GE Team Associates - Project Managers Boundless Energy - HVDC specialists Ernst & Young - Financial Venable LLP - Legal

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Technology review Hydropower innovation attempted and demonstrated 75,000 MW HVDC transmission limit introduced in 92 extends far and wide HVDC in a perfect world suited for whole deal high voltage prerequisites No release of air or water outflows Monopolar transmission utilizing ground as return way Lower Line Loss than AC

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Status Interim License with Guyana and fullest bolster Concluded Prefeasibility consider - exceptionally positive Markets distinguished up to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands toward the North, and Brazil in the South Looking at joined Wind/Hydro in Guyana And Gas era in Trinidad Institute for supportable hydropower advancement Forestry Concession included Business Plan finished Carbon Credits recognized Bathymetric Study done

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Next Steps Full Feasibility evaluation Engineering Design Financing Plan and Prospectus Power Purchase Agreements Subsea Cable Route Surveys and Permits Training – Guyana Institute for Sustainable Hydroelectric Development Build Project

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Policy & Technology Challenges Major conviction-based action for individual nation islands to consent to import power Lack ability to create/survey arrangements Looking for quick arrangements Negotiations with many gatherings vital Labor issues Trinidad concentrated on new gas expending plants and on keeping up vitality impact in the Caribbean Significant building exertion required Funding for the above

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Conclusion Policy and Technology issues can be extremely confused for creating nations that do not have the ability to deal with Sustainability for some creating nations implies surviving the ebb and flow year Need to connect with in light of ebb and flow challenges Custom arrangements vital Role for ASME in this