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Creator: Shelley Ardis Resource Materials & Technology Center: Deaf/Hard of Hearing (RMTC), St. Augustine, FL Date submitted to – February 13, 2006 To contact the creator for authorization to utilize this PowerPoint, please email: To utilize this PowerPoint presentation completely, please offer credit to the creator.

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Writing with Technology Supports: Writing Embedded in Content Areas Shelley Popson Ardis Technology Specialist Resource Materials & Technology Center: Deaf/Hard of Hearing

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Using Technologies Technology is a device , generally as a pencil and paper, and ought to wind up a consistent part of the learning procedure At first , educators and understudies do require time to work on utilizing the innovation to end up familiar clients of the innovation

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Later , when the utilization of innovation is consistent, the attention is only on learning and instructional practices

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Using Technologies Assistive Technology versus Instructional Technology Assistive Technologies are projects and gadgets understudies join forces with amid the learning procedure Instructional Technologies are projects and gadgets instructors band together with amid the educating/learning process Many of the advancements talked about in this presentation could be both Assistive and Instructional relying upon how and when the innovations are utilized A.T. versus I.T.

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Writing Support: Word Grids Wordbar by Crick Software is a product program that keeps running alongside a word preparing program (ex., Microsoft Word) Custom networks can be created Students explore between lattices to distinguish the terms or expressions they need to utilize Ex. Matrix for a Science Unit

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Wordbar sits under a client's oath handling program Wordbar Online Guide Example: Grids containing expressions and vocabulary for a movement Grids with vocabulary particular to a unit of study or course This is conceivably a win making convenience for mainstreamed understudies, not yet examined with hard of hearing/in need of a hearing aide learners.

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Vocabulary Development: Word Prediction Word Prediction programming offers word prompts for understudies to browsed while writing: Specific to the branch of knowledge Specific to the unit or title being perused Specific to the understudy's perusing level and composing needs Allows understudies to concentrate on their thoughts (getting them down on the PC) and not be restricted by spelling capacities, particularly in substance ranges with particular vocabulary This is a more regular Assistive Technology and can be utilized on PCs and "Alphasmart-sorts" of versatile gadgets (ex. Alphasmart or Neo)

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Word Prediction Programs Adaptive Technology Resource Center The above site clarifies the meaning of word expectation programming, records numerous items, examine and different assets National Center to Improve Practice (NCIP's) Word Prediction Collection The above site has an abundance of assets, connections to various organization's items, explore reports, and client profiles A couple programs not solely utilized for word forecast have fused this element (ex. IntelliTools Classroom Suite)

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Word Prediction Programs Co:Writer by Don Johnston

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Portable Word Processing Dana (or Neo) by Alphasmart help when understudies require amplified time perusing and composing The ioPen by Logitech records everything that is composed and afterward a client will match up the pen with their PC to download every one of the documents Both magnificent for documentation of understudy work for computerized portfolios

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Vocabulary Development: Image-to-Text Support Many Image-to-Text Programs give backings to understudies who may have thoughts regarding what they need to compose however who have critical perusing or composing constraints These projects give message along picture/image bolsters, as a rule in matrices underneath a word handling part of the screen Some projects take into account enlivened pictures, marked and activity livelinesss Ex. Picture It/Pix Writer, Writing with Symbols, Clicker 5, Boardmaker Plus and Signing Exact English Interactive

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Picture It and Pix Writer by Slater Software (left) Picture It - Type and have pictures connected with content. (right) Pix Writer - Fill the lattice with words (with or without pictures) for understudies to choose from when composing.

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Image-to-Text Programs Print out materials Schedules Class Books Make PC based materials Picture It was utilized to create formula headings, which are imprinted on the load up before the instructor

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Image-to-Text Programs Signing Exact English Interactive Signing Exact English Interactive is a program that can be utilized to print out sign pictures with content

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Image-to-Text Programs Clicker & Cloze Pro Top two are Clicker exercises and base two Cloze Pro

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Digital Cameras Still and Video Activities can be reported for understudy portfolios Images or video can be utilized for extra understudy exercises ,, for example, subtitling pictures or video-cuts Video-clasps can be made into computerized word reference things

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Digital Image for Portfolio Image of an understudy finishing a Kidspiration action on the SMART Board

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Videocameras & Literacy Students can catch their thoughts preceding putting them down in print to concentrate on significance and imaginative thought Students can then audit their video and compose their substance in English, concentrating on their proposed importance and English vocabulary and syntax Students can record themselves perusing to self-assess or peer-assess perusing familiarity (additionally documentation for understudy portfolios)

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Multimedia Authoring Programs Students with low composition and perusing aptitudes advantage from utilizing sight and sound writing projects to help them in exhibiting their insight (ex. PowerPoint, iMovie, KidPix) Students can assemble the grouping of computerized pictures and supplement with not so much content but rather more through-the-air clarification Students can include more content substance after some time with direction and instructional bolster Students can exhibit their comprehension of substance without being punished for their lower English capacities

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Graphic Organizers There are numerous utilizations for realistic coordinators over the educational modules Templates are accessible for Planning and Thinking Skills and research-based methodologies including: Venn Diagrams Compare and Contrast Vocabulary Development and Book Reports Timelines Cause and Effect Experiment Design and more Teacher at a workshop on Inspiration

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Inspiration Software Above is the Template for Scientific Method The yellow note gives extra data, illustrations, assets or whatever is put into the note

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Graphic Organizers Computer-Based Study Strategies (CBSS) are research-based learning systems that use Graphic Organizer and Outlining programming Examples include: Chapter and Book Reviews Notetaking Summarizing and numerous others

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Graphic Organizers Graphic Organizers can be utilized amid conceptualizing and pre-perusing exercises Students can list forecasts or things thought about the point which are then composed and ordered Organization can be improved by shape and shading coding

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Checklists In Outline or Graphic frame agendas can be utilized as a part of Inspiration

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Graphic Organizers Custom formats can be made for note-taking or branch of knowledge exercises Graphic Organizers can be utilized on the PC or as printed advisers for help understudies recall procedures Diagrams of procedures can be printed out to guide understudies actualizing new techniques

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Classroom Presentation Digital White Boards (ex. Keen Boards) are having an enormous effect in classrooms There is an expansion in inspiration and interest There is an expansion in maintenance of substance realized There is an expansion in engagement and demonstrating by instructors and understudies There is an expansion in the assorted qualities of educational modules materials utilized

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Happy SMART Board User

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Digital White Boards Content can be exhibited to understudies in a way that permits the understudies to see both substance and communication via gestures as well as discourse in the meantime Content can be controlled Annotations over substance Use of highlighting over substance Hotlinks can be incorporated to quickly raise related substance as different records, projects, or sites Text-books now accompany CD-ROM or online Companions that can be utilized with understudy bunches Curriculum materials can be filtered into the PC for use with the advanced white load up

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Document Cameras (Ex. Elmo) Materials, print-based and 3D objects , can be exhibited to understudies through a projector taking into account both substance and sign or discourse to be seen at the same time

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Document Cameras Many consolidate amplification (zooming in on substance) Many take into account a "screen catch" of what's being anticipated to be spared onto the PC Related gadgets that associate with a PC to report content: Probes Microscopes

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What instruments do you utilize? Think about the advancements that intrigue you Which would you say you are utilizing? How are you actualizing them? What else might you be able to do? What branches of knowledge are being bolstered by these innovations? Is the utilization of the innovation consistent? How is the utilization influencing direction and learning? What more would you like to learn? Share your thoughts on the Technology Integration Bulletin Boards @

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If you have inquiries or remarks: Contact: Shelley Popson Ardis This presentation was made with support from a U.S. Branch of Education PT3 concede ("Join Together", P342A030098) and The Resource Materials and Technology Center for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (RMTC: D/HH - FDLRS) is financed by the State of Florida, Department of Education, Division of Public Schools and Commun