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Why an Aquarium? Makes a quieting, unwinding and welcoming air Adds renown and style to your partnership or foundation through the superb development of fish Generates a constructive effect on customers empowering return business Promotes a capable early introduction in your gathering or lobby Contributes to the general prosperity of staff by diminishing anxiety Provides calm stimulation while individuals are holding up Creates a beautiful water see

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Business Benefits We deal with everything! There are no concealed expenses, $10 a day incorporates an excellent tank, all fish, plants and aquaculture. Once per month we give cleaning and upkeep and in addition your 30 day supply of sustenance. We will incorporate any substitution fish or plants as required The prompt and progressing charge reasoning for your business is additionally very alluring

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Windsor 88 Technical Details Available Cabinet complete: Beech, Black Dimensions Tank:120W x 46D x 70H cm Dimensions Cabinet:120W x 46D x 76H cm Capacity:290 L Choice 1

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Choice 2 Corner Unit Available Cabinet Finish: Beech, Black Dimensions Tank:88D x 88D x 70H cm Dimensions Cabinet:88D x 88D x 76H cm Capacity:330 L

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Choice 3 Integrated Saltwater aquarium $15.00 every day with fortnightly support Available Cabinet complete: Beech, Black Dimensions Tank:90W x 60D x 61H cm Dimensions Cabinet:90W x 60D x 70H cm Capacity 330L

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Get your $10 a day Aquarium Now Contact us today for additional data Tank Aquariums 2/507-511 Pacific Highway Belmont NSW 2280 Ph: 02 4945 0644 Email: tracey@tankaquariums.com.au