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152,500 vehicles out and consistently, 238 planes, 384-contracted ... 1,333 residential flights. 1,301 global flights. 1,748 offices with 368,000 ...

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´╗┐Joined Parcel Service Prepared by BC Inc. Michelle Gluss Kristin Korzekwa Janae Sickmeier Benjamin Ziska

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Introduction Company Information Competitive Advantage UPS Delivery Process Recommendations

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$29.8 billion in income (2000) 15.8 million day by day bundle conveyances 152,500 vehicles out and consistently, 238 planes, 384-contracted air ships 1,333 household flights 1,301 global flights 1,748 offices with 368,000 representatives Serving 265 nations Since 1984, have served each address in U.S. UPS site Receiving 40 m hits for every day Company Information

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MAXI Code Honey brush image containing following data Hand Scanner Increases productivity Move and Scan at the same time Competitive Advantage

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Delivery Interactive Acquisition Device Cellular/advanced keypad Used by drivers On-line Tracking www.ups.com Spoke and Hub Strategic Location of Distribution Centers Market Watchers Fuel and Real Estate Competitive Advantage, Cont'd

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Pickup Just-in-Time Call 1-800 number Dispatch data to driver in region Businesses Large volume exchangers have a tractor trailer on location Low volume exchangers' bundles got/dropped off by driver Customer drop off Convenient people group area Process and Technology

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Unloading 10,000 every hour at Columbus office Maxi Code examined by hand scanner Packages sorted by size and goal

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Small Packages Automated System Package allocated to cell on pivoting belt Cell Corresponds to Chute Manual System Large Packages Immediately handled Belts exchange to "push/pull" specialists Loaded onto trucks Process and Technology

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Local Packages Separated to box-line sort path, prepared physically Workers sort bundles by road name Placed in hued canisters Package Delivery Local Loaded from hued receptacles Non-neighborhood Sent to center, talked, air terminal, or prepare Process and Technology

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Recommendations Increase Automation High speed camera 33% diminishment in process time Computerized nearby sort Save work hours and cash

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Question & Answer We will now open the floor to any inquiries