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Prepare Mapping John R. Grout Berry College Campbell School of Business Mount Berry, Georgia 30149-5024 Voice: (706) 238-7877 Fax: (706) 238-7854

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Outline Processes Intro to process mapping Why handle mapping? Prepare Attributes Design accentuation Process FMEA essential Complexity or trouble Who deals with the procedure? Admonitions More on process mapping

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A meaning of "process" "A gathering of interrelated work undertakings, Initiated because of an occasion Achieving a particular result for the client and different partners of the procedure." Source: Sharp and Mc Dermott Workflow Modeling 2001

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Processes Customer = beneficiary or recipient of result created by the procedure. Interrelated = the fruition of one errand starts the following assignment all the while. An activating occasion, which includes the client, denote the begin of the procedure. Accomplishing the particular result for the client denote the end of the procedure.

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Processes are upheld by empowering agents Workflow plan Information innovation Motivation and estimation Human assets Policies and standards Facilities

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Sub-forms A procedure can be comprised of procedures, frequently called sub-forms Defining "the procedure" and its limits relies on upon your point of view The occasion that starts a procedure could be a piece of a bigger procedure.

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Process versus Errand Everyday use: no all inclusive qualification For our motivations: Processes include more than one individual, facilitated exertion is required. Errands include one individual Theory of ones : Every procedure must be supported - why can't the outcome be accomplished in one movement, by one individual, at one time? Source: Harrington, Business Process Improvement Workbook

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Process maps A graphical presentation that archive the assignments and different parts of procedures Familiar rendition know as stream outlining Numerous configurations or methodologies exist 2 variants of a procedure guide are regular: As-is: the present condition of the procedure To-be: the objective condition of the procedure Widely utilized. Not broadly explored.

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Process Mapping Basics Arrows and Icons Lots of methodologies Best for Medicine? counsel appt Mammo gram Phys-ical Patient General Practitioner appt Phys-ical counsel Rec'v Radiology send Mammo gram Dev-elop appt Consult Sched/orders Surgeon Sched/orders Hospital Error #1 Pathology Radiological Oncologist Consult Medical Oncologist Consult Physical specialist

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Likely aftereffects of process mapping Increased comprehension of process, Increase agreement about the procedure, Increased perceivability into the procedure. The individuals who accept they know the procedure, without having mapped it, will most likely discover shocks when they delineate process.

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Dimensions of process mapping approaches Level of detail Multi layered (Nested or Hierarchical?) Multiple sorts of streams Shows hand-offs (authoritative structure) Icons Logical administrators Flow time User bolster data

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Identifying dangers and perils: Caveats "now and again, it is less demanding for clients to characterize the business procedure since they are the special case who see it all." (Sharp & McDermott) From client's point of view, the procedure may frequently include different sub-forms. Ideal sub-procedures won't bring about ideal client forms

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Identifying dangers and risks: Caveats Optimization of sub-procedures more often than not prompts to suboptimization of processes* Sub-procedures ought to be intended to add to worldwide optimality. Precisely made imperfect ("wasteful") sub-procedures will be required for ideal client results *Goldratt, The Goal, North River Press 1984

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Process Mapping Flowchart Books on the subject: Galloway, Dianne (1994) Mapping Work Processes , Milwaukee, Wisconsin: ASQ Quality Press. Harrington, H. James, Esseling, Erik K. C., and Van Nimwegen, Harm (1997) Business Process Improvement Workbook New York: McGraw-Hill. Damelio, Robert (1996) The Basics of Process Mapping , Portland, Oregon: Productivity Inc

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Process Mapping: Top-Down Process Map Sub-procedures are recorded under every real procedure Minimal illustrations – could be content just indenting sub-forms in a layout design Books on the subject: Wilson, Ray W. what's more, Harsin, Paul (1998) Process Mastering: How to Establish and Document the Best Known Way to Do a Job . Portland, Oregon: Productivity Inc.

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Process Mapping: Top-Down Flow Chart 5 4 2 3 1 PSA test requested PSA test requested PSA test requested PSA test requested PSA test requested Subprocesses Telephone Visit setup Result Subprocesses Report Received Subprocesses ID persistent Select legitimate prepare Draw blood Label Subprocesses Review Centrifuge Verify adjustment Run QC Run test Report comes about Enter in CPRS Subprocesses Order Written Entered in CPRS Received in lab DeRosier et al. joint commission Journal on Quality Improvement (28)5: 248-267.

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(data) Process # Sub-prepare reference # (instruments & gear) Process Mapping IDEF0 Pronounced "eye-def zero" Meaning boxes and bolts: Source:

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General Detailed Process Mapping IDEF0 Nested or Hierarchical Diagrams Source: FIPS 183 accessible at

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Web-based illustration Process Mapping IDEF0 Books on the subject: Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)183: Integration Definition for Function Modeling (IDEF0) Hunt, Daniel V. (1996) Process Mapping: How to Reengineer Your Business Processes , New York: John Wiley & Sons.

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Process Mapping Swimlanes Books on the subject: Sharp, Alec, and McDermott, Patrick (2001) Workflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development , Boston: Artech House. Frazier, Jane C. (2001) Swimlane Process Mapping , Walnut Creek, CA: Frazier Technologies, Inc. ( Jacka, J. Mike and Keller, Paulette J. (2001) Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction New York: John Wiley & Sons. Flowchart superimposed on a matrix Grid lines are associations, divisions, capacities, or people Grid sections are sequential Team or joint exercises showed by boxes

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Process Mapping Swimlanes: Susan's Lumpectomy counsel appt Mammo gram Phys-ical Patient General Practitioner appt Phys-ical counsel Rec'v Radiology send Mammo gram Dev-elop appt Consult Sched orders Surgeon Sched orders Hospital Error #1 Pathology Radiological Oncologist Consult Medical Oncologist Consult Physical specialist

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Process Mapping Swimlanes: Susan's Lumpectomy treat Pre-concede Surg-ery Consult treat Consult Request report Study report Patient General Practitioner Radiology Surg-ery Surgeon Error #1 got by patient Pre-concede Surg-ery Hospital send Pathology Rec'v samp Anal-yze Type up Radiological Oncologist … Error #2 Consult treat Plan treat Medical Oncologist Plan treat Consult Physical advisor … Error #2 got By patient Consult treat

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Process Mapping Value Stream Mapping Rother, Mike and Shook, John (1999) Learning to See , Brookline, MA: Lean Enterprises Institute Inc. Tapping, Don, Shuker, Tom and Luyster, Tom (2002) Value Stream Management Productivity Press.

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As assignments are connected into "one-piece stream" they are joined on the guide Process Mapping Value Stream Mapping Ordering and Scheduling data Production undertaking & Inventory data Includes data On slipped by time

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Process Mapping Value Stream Mapping 24 symbol set for incline fabricating

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