Isoline Mapping and Oklahoma Elevation

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Isoline Mapping and Oklahoma Elevation Teacher Guide This movement is intended to acclimate understudies with isoline maps. Understudies will build a form guide of Oklahoma rise. Understudies work on attracting and altering Microsoft PowerPoint. Information introduction is an extra key topic. Diagram National Geography Standards The World in Spatial Terms : STANDARD 1: How to utilize maps and other geographic representations, instruments, and advances to secure, process, and report data. Spots and Regions : STANDARD 3: How to dissect the spatial association of individuals, spots, and situations on Earth's surface. Physical Systems : STANDARD 7: The physical procedures that shape the examples of Earth's surface. PASS Objectives High School Physical Science : PROCESS STANDARD 2: Classify - Classifying sets up request. Items and occasions are characterized in view of similitudes, contrasts, and interrelationships. Handle STANDARD 4: Interpret and Communicate - Interpreting is the way toward perceiving designs in gathered information by making inductions, forecasts, or conclusions. Imparting is the way toward portraying, recording, and reporting test systems and results to others. Correspondence might be oral, composed, or numerical and incorporates arranging thoughts, utilizing fitting vocabulary, charts, other visual representations, and scientific conditions. Secondary School World Geography : STANDARD 1: The understudy will utilize maps and other geographic representations, instruments and advancements to get, process, and report data from a spatial viewpoint. STANDARD 3: The understudy will analyze earth's physical procedures (e.g., atmosphere and landforms) and compose them into biological systems. STANDARD 6: The understudy will examine issues and issues from a geographic point of view utilizing the instruments and aptitudes of topography. Center School or High School Grade Level No GIS information is important GIS Skill Level Two 50-minute class periods for finishing of action and going with address and exchange. Time Materials: This action requires PCs with Microsoft PowerPoint and an Oklahoma outline (accessible in Oklahoma History course readings or web). Sources: Web Atlas of Oklahoma Isoline Mapping and Oklahoma Elevation Teacher Guide

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Isoline Mapping and Oklahoma Elevation ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: This movement will acquaint you with isoline mapping. We will realize what an isoline guide is, the means by which to peruse and decipher an isoline outline, additionally how to develop your own particular isoline guide of Oklahoma height. Isoline maps show lines of equivalent esteem. A few cases of isoline maps incorporate equivalent precipitation (isohyets), rise/height (shape lines), temperature (isotherms), barometric weight (isobars), wind speed (isotachs), wind course (isogon), and wind shear (isoshear). When we make an isoline delineate associate equivalent qualities/focuses. For instance we could draw a line through all urban communities with a temperature of 80 on the off chance that we were building an isotherm outline. Regularly, in any case, we will be required to introduce. Interjection is the estimation of qualities between known qualities. Take a gander at this case: KEYS OF ISOLINE MAPPING Lines interface focuses with hypothetically break even with qualities Line situation in view of addition Intervals ought to dependably be equivalent Often times, the interim space is shaded or hued Isolines never branch or split; they just close upon themselves. City A Temp = 90 City C Temp = ? City B Temp = 70 A C B What is a sensible addition for the temperature in City C? ______ With our exceptionally constrained data, a great figure would be 80 degrees, since City C is somewhere between the two urban communities with known temperature values. Isoline Mapping and Oklahoma Elevation 1

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In this work out, we are going to concentrate on a specific sort of isoline mapping called shape mapping . Form mapping delineates the forms (profiles, shapes) of the land. When you make a form delineate are drawing lines that interface all spots of equivalent rise along an assigned interim. For instance, you may draw a line that delineates the 500-foot rise line. The space or interim between these lines is known as the form interim . The form interim is normally a considerably number, for example, 10 meters or 100 feet. The shape interim should dependably be expressed. Frequently there will likewise be list forms that are shown with a heavier line. These list lines help you monitor rise when you are perusing a shape delineate. For instance, a guide with a form interim of 100 feet may use a list shape of 500 feet. For this situation, each fifth line would be heavier/darker. Naming your form lines is imperative. Without names the guide is futile to the peruser. On the off chance that a shape closes upon itself (like in the case at right), break the line and embed the mark in the break. On the off chance that the line goes off the page, make certain to name every end of the line. Section 1: The Practice Map Draw the shapes on the practice delineate. Keep in mind to name the lines. To attract lines PowerPoint, left tap on "AutoShapes," then "Lines," then select "Freestyle." Holding the left conservative, move the cursor to draw your line. Double tap to end your line. It takes a while to get the vibe of it. You may likewise need to have a go at utilizing "Bend." With "Bend" you have to click each time your bend alters course. On the off chance that you don't care for your line, select it by tapping on it, and after that press erase. Make sure you include your name in the space gave. When you complete, print your guide, and let Mr. Esau or Mr. Doorman check it before proceeding onward to the Oklahoma outline. Isoline Mapping and Oklahoma Elevation 2

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PRACTICE MAP NAME: Isoline Mapping and Oklahoma Elevation 3

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PART 2: The Oklahoma Map - Use Microsoft Encarta Atlas to find urban areas. Mark their rises with content boxes. Draw and name the shapes as you did on the Practice Map. Utilize a 500-foot interim. Bear in mind your name. Print your guide when it is finished. Staple it to your Practice Map and turn them in together. NAME: CITY; COUNTY; ELEVATION ALVA; WOODS; 1362 ANADARKO; CADDO; 1178 ANTLERS; PUSHMATAHA; 470 ARDMORE; CARTER; 881 ARNETT; ELLIS; 2429 BARTLESVILLE; WASHINGTON; 715 BEAVER; BEAVER; 2504 BOISE CITY; CIMARRON; 4167 BOKHOMA; McCURTAIN; 320 CHICKASHA; GRADY; 1096 CLINTON; CUSTER; 1561 DUNCAN; STEPHENS; 1126 DURANT; BRYAN; 657 ELK CITY; BECKHAM; 1928 ENID; GARFIELD; 1246 FAIRVIEW; MAJOR; 1304 FREDERICK; TILLMAN; 1256 GUYMON; TEXAS; 3110 HOLLIS; HARMON; 1611 HUGO; CHOCTAW; 533 KENTON; CIMARRON; 4552 KINGFISHER; KINGFISHER; 1070 LAWTON; COMANCHE; 1109 McALESTER; PITTSBURG; 740 MIAMI; OTTAWA; 798 OKLA CITY; OKLAHOMA; 1243 OKMULGEE; OKMULGEE; 670 PONCA CITY; KAY; 1022 POTEAU; LEFLORE; 439 SALISAW; SEQUOYAH; 507 SEMINOLE; SEMINOLE; 862 STILLWATER; PAYNE; 883 TAHLEQUAH; CHEROKEE; 800 TULSA; TULSA; 711 WOODWARD; WOODWARD; 1910 Contour interim = 500 feet Isoline Mapping and Oklahoma Elevation 4

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NAME: KEY TERMS AND IDEAS PART 3: Quiz – Print this sheet and finish this short test. Staple your two printed maps and this sheet together and turn them in. Bear in mind your name. In your own particular words clarify the term addition : Give three cases of isolines with their definitions (case: isohyet = line of equivalent precipitation): 1. 2. 3. Fill in the clear: It is imperative to ___________ an isoline, especially on the off chance that it keeps running off the page. Genuine or False (circle one): Intervals between isolines on a similar guide can shift. Genuine or False (circle one): Isolines dependably branch or split. Genuine or False (circle one): A record shape is shaded darker or heavier than the other form lines. Genuine or False (circle one): When isolines are near each other it shows a lofty slope (For instance, quick temperature change). Isoline Mapping and Oklahoma Elevation 5