As we all know, poop moves downhill. The accompanying outline delineates precisely how this procedure happens in an aff

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At the highest point of the slope is the Customer. For the most part, the Customer, in somehow, creates the poop.. . . . . Client. . Poop. . . . . VP. . The crap first achieves the VP. In any case, the VP is extremely capable at noticing crap coming, and says,

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´╗┐As we as a whole know, crap moves downhill. The accompanying graph outlines precisely how this procedure happens in an expert building organization.

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At the highest point of the slope is the Customer. By and large, the Customer, in somehow, creates the poo. Client Shit

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The poo first reaches the VP. Be that as it may, the VP is exceptionally capable at noticing poo coming, and says, "I'm a VP, I don't need to take this crap." And so the poop moves on by. VP

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Now the poo achieves the Manager. It's getting some speed at this point, and the Manager gets sprinkled. "Phew, this poo stinks," says the Manager, "better pass it down." Manager

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So the crap washes over the Project Leader, and he gets very much plunged in poo. Be that as it may, at this point, the crap has a great deal of force, and it continues moving down. Extend Leader

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And so the poo arrives on the Engineer. Furthermore, the Engineer gets shrouded in it, and spends the whole venture swimming in it. Design

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Sales is protected from the poop by the Crest of Ignorance, which shields poo from moving down on them, and guarantees that the Engineer stays submerged. Peak of Ignorance Sales

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Meanwhile, notwithstanding, Sales finds more poo as they continue with the venture. Not certain what to do with it, they hide it in the Cave of Unreported Requirements. Surrender of Unreported Requirements

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After a while, the give in gets loaded with crap, and it begins to mature. At that point the Engineer starts to smell shrouded crap, and ponders "Damn it, now who's been concealing poop?" Fermented poo

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So, next time you're the Engineer on a venture, and you ask why your life appears like poo, simply allude to the chart.