New Media Advancements: Online Legislative issues

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New Media Technologies: Online Politics COM 300 Kathy E. Gill 11 May 2006

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Agenda Review Monday Continue Lecture/Discussion Small Group Exercise

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Recap: Community Defined Dyson: the unit in which individuals live, work and play Esther's site, Release 1.0 Sardar: people group are formed by a feeling of having a place – to a place, normal battle, custom, and history, as such, it's more than simply having basic interests

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Technology As Block (1/2) SJMN - Feb : "It's known as the Great Firewall of China - a hindrance built with the assistance of Silicon Valley organizations to piece China's Internet clients from data about forbidden subjects, for example, human rights and popular government. The interest of U.S. innovation monsters Google, Yahoo, Cisco and Microsoft in the Chinese government's online control and reconnaissance projects is drawing expanding feedback. Authorities from the four organizations were planned to show up at a congressional hearing on Wednesday."

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Technology As Block (2/2) Thomas Paine - Feb : "Microsoft's commitment to Chinese political constraint takes after Yahoo's part in the sentencing of a dissenter columnist and Google's choice not to show indexed lists that are obstructed by what has gotten to be known as the "Incomparable Chinese Firewall." Indeed, China has built up the world's most complex arrangement of Internet blocking and oversight, subsequently concealing data unfavorable to China's rulers from everything except the most mechanically sharp."

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Technology As Enabler (1/2) WSJ - Feb (proquest) "Freegate [is] a product program that frustrates the Chinese government's incomprehensible framework to utmost what its subjects see. Freegate - by interfacing PCs within China to servers in the U.S. - empowers Zivn and others to continue perusing and composing to Wikipedia and endless other Web locales. Behind Freegate is a North Carolina-based Chinese programmer named Bill Xia. He calls it his red pill, a reference to the medication in the "Matrix" films that vaulted oblivious hostages of a totalitarian administration into this present reality."

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Technology As Enabler (2/2) "The assets behind Freegate and others hacktivists could increment if Congress restores a bill to make an Office of Global Internet Freedom." Other frameworks: Cicumventor "Embrace a-blog" Tor

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Exercise Read this applicant review from the Seattle Times Visit competitor sites: Cantwell and McGavick In a blog entry: Note initial introductions Detail open doors for communication with voters Pick an issue that is critical to you and discover hopeful position. How hard/simple was this assignment? Which hopeful gives the most careful clarification? Which competitor do you trust more? Why?

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Discussion Impressions? Usability? Cooperation? Trust?

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Lab Work on Friday's task or venture Podcast people to the front. :)