How graphology has been dealt with by the media

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Motivation. AimTelevisionRadioMagazinesNewspapersOverview. Point of this Presentation. To report appearances of graphology in the

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How graphology has been dealt with by the media By Nigel Bradley

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Agenda Aim Television Radio Magazines Newspapers Overview

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Aim of this Presentation To report appearances of graphology in the "Broad communications" To distinguish normal topics or patterns in the utilization of graphology in the media To give thoughts that may help graphologists to work with media proprietors

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Method Inspection of media things in =Graphology Bulletin= Television, Radio & print were analyzed Coverage is from 1997 to 2006 and limited to the UK

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Scope Selected things are demonstrative, however not thorough Related branches of knowledge were barred (e.g. criminal cases with penmanship, paid adverts by graphologists and so forth.) Exhibitions, webcasts, sites and so on are excluded.

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To survey, note if … Local or national? Front page or inside ? (odd page = affect) An imperative month? (August = less news) Popular channel/program/title? Prime time transmission? Huge news or filler?

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Television 1997 Margaret White dissected gathering pioneers on Sky TV News for 3 minutes (15 April) This Morning (Yorks TV 2 June) broke down famous people's examples.

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Television 1998 Television 1999 Elaine Quigley showed up on BBC1 Breakfast Morning News (19 Feb) Duncan McIntosh (Granada Satellite June). Adrien Stringer was on the Livetime Program (Granada Satellite 13 August ).

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Television 2000 Television 2001 Diana Simpson was played by an on-screen character in a TV dramatization on the Yorkshire Ripper (ITV 2 Feb 21.00 ) Olivia Graham was met ( Newsnight BBC2 TV 5 April). Anna Koren and Reed Hayes investigated works for a Jack the Ripper Documentary (7 Feb Channel 5).

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Television 2002 Graphology was highlighted every day for 7 weeks in a program that contrasted graphology and different orders with Diane Simpson (ITV Sept 1-2pm Mon to Frid) Emma Bache on Big Brother's Little Brother ( Channel 4 July) Elaine Quigley on Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 4, Nov 28), the Watchdog Consumer program (BBC1 Oct 1 and 23 ) and on Crime Team (Channel 4 Oct)

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Television 2003 John Beck showed up on 'The government' (Channel 4 July) Elaine Quigley was on CBBC (July 30) and furthermore on a program comprehending a murder of the past. (Station 4 14 Sept - 18.30) Emma Bache was on Bill Oddie's History Hunt ( BBC1), the Terry and Gaby Show ( Channel 5 - July 2003) and "Textecution" ( Channel 4 "Rise" Breakfast Television)

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Television 2004 Emma Bache was on Strictly Come Dancing (BBC3, May) and furthermore in The Interrogators – experts test their aptitudes against individuals from general society. ( BBC3 and BBC2 May) Big Brother 5 on Channel 4 had penmanship investigations of competitors by Allan Conway with a great offering point for graphology: "I'm substantially less expensive than a divorce". (11 June)

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Television 2006 ITV News had the Brown story. Allan Conway did a TV examination of the principle lawmakers. It came over well. (Nov 11pm) Bill Nighey, Sophie Dahl and others had their doodles examined by Emma Bache on National Doodle Day to help bring issues to light for the Epilepsy Foundation. ( This Morning, ITV March)

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Big Brother Over 20 nations have a rendition of Big Brother, a TV program from Endemol Entertainment BV, that components 'genuine individuals' instead of on-screen characters. Graphologists have been made a request to help in the determination procedure and furthermore to give excitement by investigation on TV, in magazines, on the radio or on the Internet. Here are a few graphologists who have helped: Mirka Cesari (Italy), Elaine Quigley, John Beck, Emma Bache, Allan Conway (United Kingdom) and Yossi Vissoker (South Africa).

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2. TV Game shows News/narrative Programs Reality TV

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Radio 1997 Radio 1998 Radio Leicester highlighted Duncan McIntosh (Feb) BBC Local Radio included John Beck (26 Feb 11.20pm) BBC World Service/Radio 4 (John Beck , Eric Rees) Century 106 Nottingham (McIntosh).

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Radio 2000 Radio 2001 Elaine Quigley on BBC Radio 5 Live (22 Nov 8.50) Jean Elliot examined a photo graphologically (BBC Radio Sheffield 28 Feb). BBC Radio 4 (24 August 16.55) talked about a graphology on-line site

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Radio 2003 Radio 2002 Alex Tulloch on Radio Kent (March) Jean Elliot on Radio Sheffield (16 Sept) Barbara Harding on Woman's Hour BBC R4 Diane Simpson on BBC Radio Leeds (3 Feb 10am) E. Quigley on Penny Smith (LBC 10 June 15.45) Emma Bache on Libby Purves. ( BBC Radio 4 "Midweek" Apr), BBC LDN - Vanessa Feltz Show (Sat 27th Dec)

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Radio 2004 BBC Radio 4 had Erik Rees on Questions, Questions (6 May 3pm) and Ruth Rostron on 'Stories From the Stave', which inspected compositions by Beethoven (11 May), and Handel (18 May). Eric Smith investigated Britney Spears (The Sun 9 Nov pg.21).This drove DJ Johnny Vaughan to state that his mom is a graphologist on Capital Radio.

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Radio 2006 Margaret White was on the 'Charlie Crocker Show' for 15 minutes - Monday eighteenth September at 8.15p.m. Radio Kent/South East. Emma Bache examined penmanship of David Hasselhoff and The Sugar Babes. ( Jo Parkerson Show, LBC Radio November) Sarah Mooney gave her reaction to government official investigations ( PM BBC Radio 4 28 Nov)

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Radio Interviews Others Listeners broke down

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4. Magazines fall into numerous classifications: For Women Trade Press Educational Special intrigue Company

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Magazines 1997 People Management had a steady article saying Elaine Quigley, Erik Rees and Lawrence Warner, to 87,000 endorsers. (15 May pp.34-38) Article by Bernadette Keefe showed up in American in Britain Magazine (May p.29) Frits Cohen was in Print Week (5 Sept p.30)

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Magazines 1998 Diane Simpson began a week by week section in Marketing (26 March pg.22) to break down understood individuals in publicizing, input on exactness is given. As yet running. James Burke portrayed graphology as "accurate" in Scientific American (June)

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Magazines 1999 Magazines 2001 Office Angels enrollment experts included graphology and Elaine Quigley in their News Bulletin (Feb). Lorraine Herbert , Erik Rees and others ( Personnel Today 4 Dec pp.20-21)

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Magazines 2002 A constructive article by Raj Persaud in New Scientist (9 March pp.40-42). Diane Simpson dissected scripts of Coronation Street on-screen characters in Woman's Own (2 Sept pp.14-15) Elaine Quigley showed up in the new magazine 'Soul & Destiny' (Oct)

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Magazines 2002 Peter Marshall (b.3/2/1912) composed a month to month segment in Prediction from 1976 - 2002. He assumed control from Joan Cambridge. In 2002 the magazine conveyed news of his demise.

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Magazines 2003 Magazines 2006 Diane Simpson began another customary section in Legal week and an infrequent one in UNISON magazine. Emma Bache investigated written by hand Christmas welcome in a 3 page article 'Christmas Cards say you're Crackers!' (The Field November)

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Magazine scope Celebrity examination Others Reader investigations

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Newspapers fall into numerous classifications Daily Weekly Local National International

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Newspapers 1997 Boulevard Magazine (Sunday Express 23 Feb pp. 18-21 ) had 21 big name marks investigated by Mary Nicholson and Corinne Corre. Margaret White was highlighted in an article on surveying work hopefuls (Financial Mail on Sunday 30 March pg. 39 ). Tony Blair's written work was inspected on 3 April by Diane Simpson (Guardian) and Andrea Lyttleton (Daily Telegraph front page ) The Independent on Sunday Review (25 May pg. 45 ) talked about graphology in therapeutic determination.

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Newspapers 1997 Allan Conway has been included in nearby productions (Limited Edition May pg.11 and Times Group August ). Pg.2 of the Daily Telegraph's Connected (1 July) detailed the Handwriting Analyzer programming outlined by RI Software. The Sun 7 July p 7 asked whether Camilla Parker-Bowles would make a decent Queen. Erik Rees and Margaret White concurred that she would! Erik Rees was in the Evening Standard, 7 Oct.

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Newspapers 1998 Valentine Day examinations were made for Express Newspapers by Bernadette O'Keefe (13 Feb) and Pamela Brown (14 Feb). Gillette Stationery Product Group specified graphology in an enrollment advert. (Broadcast Appointments 19 Feb p.20) Frits Cohen showed up in Brainpower supplement (The Sunday Times 15 Feb p.20). Lawrence Warner and Jacqui Tew were highlighted in an article (Daily Telegraph 9 April p.A7).

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Newspapers 1998 The Derbyshire Times (16 April p21) Dr. Diminish Scott, a Direct Analysis Society Diploma-holder broke down four nearby inhabitants. The Express (21 May p68) highlighted Pamela Brown and Frits Cohen . Long haul pundit Adrian Furnham said graphology tests are hogwash however that non-verbal communication is important. (Broadcast 18 June p.A6). Eric Rees in The Daily Express (13 August ).

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Newspapers 1999 Erik Rees dissected a letter sent by the Bramley Family who vanished on Sept 98 with two kids they had encouraged. (Express 14 Jan) The Times (23 Jan) ran an examination by Lawrence Warner. The UK Times segment entomb//confront portrayed Bart Baggett's site pages (27 Jan p2).

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Newspapers 1999 Documents discharged by the Public Records Office demonstrate that the British Intelligence Service (MI5) utilized graphology as ahead of schedule as 1940 in their work. The records have a graphological examination of Vera Erikson, a German spy got in wartime Britain on 30 Sept 1940. (Transmit & Daily Mail 27 January)

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Newspapers 1999 Ruth Myers broke down the written work of "mass killer" Rose West. (The Sun 15 Feb pp1-5) Employment Agency H W Group say graphology is utilized by 6% of substantial and