The Healthy Small Church Diagnosis and Treatment for the Big Issues by Dennis Bickers

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The Healthy Small Church Diagnosis and Treatment for the Big Issues by Dennis Bickers [your church name here]

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Welcome Prayer Discussion Guidelines Throughout these sessions we will take a gander at every section and examining some crucial inquiries regarding our congregation as they identify with the part subject. In spite of the fact that we will attempt to remain on the current point, please don't hesitate to share your contemplations. As pioneers of the congregation, my supplication is that this book and our dialogs will help us manage our group to getting to be more beneficial and more engaged in the days and months ahead. A debt of gratitude is in order for coming!

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Many houses of worship are stuck in an unfortunate situation today since they've surrendered their religious and doctrinal roots . . . (p. 27) Let's Talk About Our . . . Religious philosophy What is the religious philosophy and principle of our congregation? Scripturally, what are our foundational convictions? Is that religious philosophy and convention introduced in a dialect that can be comprehended by the unchurched? What number of grown-ups do we have included in Bible study and confidence improvement? Little holy places that need to be sound need to figure out how to fortify their Sunday School program or find different approaches to include [people] in a consistent investigation of the Bible (pp. 30-31).

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A congregation without a reasonable comprehension of God's vision . . . resemble an octopus on roller skates ( p. 32). How about we Talk about Our . . . Vision What is our congregation's vision? What number of individuals in this room or in our assembly can clarify that vision and how we actualize that vision on a week by week, month to month, and yearly premise? Is the vision and mission straightforward or convoluted? What amount of our congregation's service and spending plan is devoted to satisfying that vision?

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The motivation behind love is to express our acclaim and gratefulness to God ( p. 44). We should Talk about Our . . . Adore How might you depict our congregation's love benefit? What particular parts of our love benefit individuals encounter God? Is it true that we will put resources into a few changes concerning our love to end up more advantageous as a congregation? What are a few changes that need to or could be made in the love benefit?

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Let's Talk About . . . Change Discuss what rings a bell when you hear "change." Are these sentiments/musings established on specific feelings of dread or the straightforward aversion of progress? How did our kin (we) react to the last significant change in our congregation? What was the last proposed change that was dismisses by the assembly? Why was it rejected?

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Personalities or Principles? How about we Talk About . . . Struggle How might you portray the way our congregation handles strife? What are some ways we could deal with strife better? In the event that we anticipate some inescapable change for our congregation happening as an aftereffect of this wellbeing examination, by what means would we be able to as pioneers get ready to handle and react to any contention delivered by this change? (see pp. 70-71) Prayer

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God is constantly more keen on our getting to be than He is in our doing (p. 74). How about we Talk About . . . Otherworldly Leadership Do we as pioneers display the capabilities Gene Getz depicted in section 8? How are we getting along as a congregation in creating future otherworldly pioneers in our gathering? How might you rate the otherworldly development of your congregation initiative?

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"The fate of the congregation relies on upon whether it grows genuine group." – Larry Crabb (p. 83). How about we Talk About Our . . . Group How well do you feel our congregation welcomes its visitors? Is there a certified feeling of effortlessness in our congregation appeared toward others? By what means would we be able to keep on strengthening associations with those in our group?

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People provide for a dream . . . We should Talk About . . . Stewardship Let's take a gander at our congregation's budgetary giving examples throughout the previous five years. Is the pattern up or down? Why? Would it be a good idea for us to consider stewardship preparing? Sunday night? Wednesday night? A sermon arrangement? Is our initiative demonstrating tithing in their giving? Do you think individuals comprehend the scriptural guideline of tithing? By what means can our authority advance giving decidedly?

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Let's Talk About . . . Missions Is the essential concentration of our congregation internal or outward? For whom does this congregation exist? In what capacity would we be able to start to accomplish an adjust of neighborhood consideration and missional reason, and in addition bolster world missions and the more prominent motivation behind the worldwide church?

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Let's Talk About . . . Long Pastoral Tenure What's the normal peaceful residency in our congregation? What actions is our minister and church taking to make a long pastorate conceivable? The normal residency of ministers who viably reach unchurched individuals for Christ is 11.8 years ( p.107).

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Let's Talk About . . . Effort Do you see our gathering as a congregation or mission station? How is the postmodern period in which we live influencing the service of our congregation? Dialog – minister's dedication to outreach. Dialog – lay pioneers duty to outreach. Is it true that we are focused on achieving others?

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"Individuals expect fabulousness from their vehicles, lodgings, telephone utility – pretty much everything. Consequently, they expect it in the congregation." –Leith Anderson ( p. 120) Let's Talk About Doing Things with . . . Greatness Let's survey the auxiliary association of our congregation. How about we recognize the qualities of our congregation. In what manner would we be able to enhance them? Physical appearance of our congregation? Program structure? Is it great? Love changes for perfection?

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"A standout amongst the most noteworthy—and imperative—components of authority in the profoundly viable temples is that the majority of the administration originates from the common people." – George Barna ( p.128) Let's Talk About . . . Lay Ministry what number individuals are included in service outside council or board assignments? Do our individuals know their otherworldly blessings? What particular things is our initiative/minister doing to prepare the general population of our congregation for service? Ephesians 4:11-13

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Based on this determination . . . Where do you think we ought to start to center our petitions and vitality for positive change?