Media Construction Of Social Justice

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PowerPoint Slide Show, Unit 5, Lesson 1 Women's Liberation Media Construction Of Social Justice

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Gross-Bettelheim Home Front

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U.S. secondary school history reading material extract from " The Equal Rights Amendment, " page 915 in Call To Freedom by Sterling Stuckey and Linda Kerrigan Salvucci, 2000 During the 1970s activists battled for an alteration to the Constitution to ensure ladies " s rights. They proposed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to fugitive separation in light of sex. The National Woman " s Party had proposed a comparable revision in 1923 yet it never got much of anywhere. Be that as it may, in 1972 Congress endorsed the ERA, and many states sanctioned it through the span of the decade. Numerous adversaries approached to battle the ERA. Preservationist lobbyist Phyllis Schlafly established STOP ERA to obstruct the change " s sanction. Schlafly and her supporters contended that the ERA would separate families by urging ladies to concentrate on professions as opposed to on parenthood. Bit by bit, these sort of contentions debilitated support for the correction. In June 1982 it fell three states shy of endorsement.

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U.S. secondary school history reading material extract from " The Women " s Movement Gains Momentum, " page 953 in The American Nation by Paul Boyer, 2001 The battle about the ERA uncovered that numerous ladies trusted that the ladies " s development principally serve well off white ladies. Numerous non-white ladies and common laborers ladies got a handle on left. These ladies felt that the pioneers of NOW and other women's activist gatherings basically did not comprehend the issues they confronted each day. Alluding to Gloria Steinem, Cathy Tuley expressed, " I feel she " s battling for ladies like herself, expert ladies, and that she " s not considering ladies in the entire sense, simply some portion of them " . The development likewise affronted many white collar class ladies. They felt that it limited the significance of the family and sentenced ladies who was full time homemakers. These ladies saw Roe versus Swim and the ERA as dangers to conventional family life. Faultfinders cautioned that the ERA " would invalidate (scratch off) any laws that make any refinement amongst men and ladies. " Eventually, they contended, men and ladies would even be compelled to share open restrooms!

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" An absolute necessity for young ladies of shading hunting down themselves inside contemporary women's activist/womanist talk, and any other individual who needs to get down with the furiousness of fly, scholarly divas of shading. " Rebecca Walker Edited by Daisy Hernandez and Bushra Rehman, Foreword by Cherrie Moraga

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