Internet searchers and the force they have over the data we get to

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Google touched base at hunt as the

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Web crawlers and the power they have over the data we get to

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Dan Firger Google Options

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Controlling the web: diverse systems

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AOL tried to control web associations. On the off chance that everybody sign on through AOL, the organization would (they be able to thought) direct clients towards AOL/Time Warner content

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Microsoft attempted to control web programs (Windows 95/arrival of Internet Explorer) If everybody uses Microsoft's program, The organization can guide individuals towards Microsoft's substance/standard publicizing

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Google touched base at hunt as the "executioner application" for making $$ on the web.

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History of web indexes?

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syndication Yahoo Google Teoma

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SEOs Search Engine Optimizers EX: Pepperjamsearch EX: iClimber EX: Websearch Specialists

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Google: Adwords (supported connections) + Adsense (logical connections) "Pick up Adwords Knowledge. Get Google Recognition. Profit."

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Yahoo/Yahoo SearchMarketing "Associating with clients hunting down what you offer."

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MSN LiveSearch/AdCenter "Your optimal gathering of people is among the millions. We discover them for you."

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Google's reasonable worth $ 157 billion

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Google Options

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Unity link WiMax

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Google server cultivate

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What precisely is so unsafe about a showcasing combination commanding our entrance to data? How about we think… .

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