The World Summit on the Data Society

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UNESCAP has started to plan for the WSIS in the Asia and Pacific Region ... Planning for the WSIS at Asia and the Pacific Region, Malaysia, June 9-12 2003; ...

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The World Summit on the Information Society The Workshop on WSIS: The Asian Response November 22, 2002 Bangkok, Thailand Eun-Ju Kim, Ph.D. Senior Advisor for Asia and the Pacific International Telecommunication Union

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Agenda Updates of Background & Progress Objectives with Expected Results Structures & Procedures Who ought to take an interest in ? Whenever & Where to take an interest in ? The most effective method to continue at districts ? What & How to get ready at areas ? What are the proposed topics ? Most recent Developments ITU's connected exercises in Asia & the Pacific Region

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Background & Progress ITU/PP-98 embraced Res. 73 to hold WSIS UN/GA-01 embraced Res. A/RES/56/183 embracing to hold the WSIS Executive Secretariat was set up at the ITU HQ, Geneva UNESCAP has started to get ready for the WSIS in the Asia and Pacific Region Japan proposed to have the AP Regional Meeting of WSIS in 13-15 Jan., 2003

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Objectives with Expected Results " To give a worldwide stage where key players from different partners will meet up to build up a typical vision & comprehension of the data society & to receive an assertion & an arrangement of activity"

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Preparatory Meetings (Prepcom) World Summit Geneva 10-12 Dec. 2003 Preparatory Meetings (Prepcom) World Summit Tunis 2005 Structure & Procedures ECOSOC ICT Task Force States ITU/WTDC ITU/PP-02 Regional Meetings G8 Dot Force High Level Summit Organizing advisory group (HLSOC) Heads of UN Agencies Private Sector Host Country Secretariat NGOs & Civil Society Executive Secretariat Government staff UN Agencies staff Private Sector staff NGO's & Civil Society staff

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Who ought to take an interest in ? Heads & agents of the States Heads & delegates of the UN Agencies CEO's & delegates from private ventures with little, medium and extensive sizes past the data & interchanges segments NGOs & scholastics, and Representatives from different common social orders and open intrigue bunches

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When & Where to partake in ? PrepCom 1, Geneva 1-5 Jul. 2002 Regional Preps e.g., Japan, Jan.2003 2002 - 2003 e.g, Thematic Prep PrepCom 2-3 17-19 Feb. 2002 1 st Ph. WSIS, Geneva 10-12 Dec. 2003 PrepComs 2004-2005 2 nd Ph. WSIS, Tunis 2005

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What are the proposed topics ? The 1 st PrepCom received subjects: 1.    Infrastructure: financing, sending and manageability 2.    Identifying and conquering hindrances to the accomplishment of the data society 3.    The part of government, the business area and common society in the advancement of ICTs for improvement 4.    Education, HR advancement and preparing 5.    Access to data and correspondence advances 6.    Information system security 7.    Development of a strategy and administrative structure, and 8.    ICT applications (e.g., instruction, wellbeing, culture, neediness annihilation, government, work, business and so forth.)

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How to continue at locales ? The activity to hold a provincial gathering may originate from any administration in the district; The host nation ought to convey welcome letters to alternate legislatures of the area, once settled; Host nations ought to base the subjects, which was chosen at the PrepCom-1 for exchange; Closer coordination among host nations, the Executive Secretariat and UN Regional Economic Commissions; and Inputs from the local meetings will be considered by the PrepCom and fused into the last archives of the Summit.

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What & How to get ready at districts ? Provincial Conferences for the PrepComs evaluate the key difficulties, openings and requirements coming from the data society in the district, build up a typical vision & understanding for the locale, recognize existing activities and systems in the areas & survey cases of best practices, consider new activities and responsibilities in the area, get ready for an arrangement to address the key issues and take care of the issues distinguished Regional Thematic Meetings characterize local needs on the theme(s) characterize content and recognize territorial positions on issues, if conceivable

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Latest Developments: ITU HQs Based in ITU HQs, Geneva; Started work in August 2001 Executive Director – Mr. P.Gagne With different central focuses & updateds: at ITU Council Working Group on WSIS : at

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Latest Developments: Preparatory Meetings Ministerial level Africa: Bamako, Mali, 28-30 May 2002 Europe: Bhucharest, Romania, 7-9 Nov. 2002 Asia: Tokyo, 13-15 Japan, 2003 Thematic Meeting Africa: Dakar, Senegal, 7-9 April 2002 Asia: ?? Preliminary Committee Meetings 1 st PrepCom: Geneva, July 1-5 2002 2 nd PrepCom: Geneva, Feb. 17-19 2003 3 rd PrepCom: Geneva, September 2003

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A Resolution embraced at the Plenipotentiary Conference, Marrakesh, October 2002 as " Guidelines for ITU's Inputs" To the WSIS

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Three expansive destinations for the Guidelines Providing access to ICTs for all ICTs as a device for financial and social advancement – and meeting the Millennium Development Goals Confidence and security in the utilization of ICTs

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ITU Development Sector's Global Activities & Programs The World Telecom Development Conference (WTDC) 2002, held in Istanbul, received 4-year programs: i.e., IsAP Development Programs

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IsAP Development Programs (2003-7) administrative change advances and media transmission/organize improvement e-procedures and e-administrations/applications financial matters and fund incl. expenses and duties human limit building extraordinary program for slightest created nations exceptional activities private area activities sexual orientation issues youth activities help to indigenous people groups

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ITU Development Sector's Regional Activities & Programs Related to TheWSIS Detailed projects/tasks to be executed at Asia & Pacific locale in 2003 & in addition to in light of the IsAP Development Programs

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Special Initiatives – ICT & Gender Preparing for the WSIS at Asia & the Pacific Region, Malaysia, June 9-12 2003; Inviting arrangement creators, controllers, industry, and different common society in Asia & the Pacific and in addition Commonwealth nations; Focusing particularly on the five topics: e.g., Education, HR improvement and preparing Access to data and correspondence advances Information organize security Development of a strategy and administrative system ICT applications (e.g., instruction, wellbeing, culture, destitution annihilation, government, work and business) Partnering among the ITU, UNESCAP, UNESCO, APT, APWIN, GKP, COL and so on

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Contact data: For the WSIS For the ITU exercises

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