Going after the Top Grant Opportunities Past First Year

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Grants are dispersed basically on the premise of scholastic legitimacy (grades) ... On the off chance that the grant is lost one year it can be recaptured in future years. ...

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Going after the Top Scholarship Opportunities Beyond First Year Student Financial Services

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Overview Using the Web York Scholarships and Awards How Do I get a York Scholarship Requesting a Refund External Scholarships Creating a Winning Application Summary

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Current Students Web webpage One stop for understudy administrations Available day in and day out – complete things when it's advantageous for you… and maintain a strategic distance from line ups

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York Scholarships are appropriated fundamentally on the premise of scholastic legitimacy (grades). Some are granted naturally Others require an application Online Award Search Database: full posting of York University grants www.yorku.ca/osfs/award_search/Deadlines: Fall October 15 Winter January 31

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Renewable Entrance Scholarship Value continues as before for every one of the four years of college To restore: Maintain a 8.0 GPA Enroll in at least 24 credits every year If the grant is lost one year it can be recovered in future years.

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Continuing Student Scholarship York University Continuing Student Scholarship Automatic grant Awarded in August to college understudies who: Completed at least 24 credits Achieved a GPA of 8.0 in the past Summer and Fall/Winter sessions Did not get the York University Renewable Entrance Scholarship sum fluctuates every year

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Bursaries Need-based honors Some take a gander at additional curricular/group exercises Complete the Student Financial Profile www.yorku.ca/osfs/sfp.shtml Complete the extra documentation shape (for a few honors) All bursaries are recorded in the Awards Search Database www.yorku.ca/osfs/award_search/

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External Scholarships and Awards Student Financial Services Web webpage: www.yorku.ca/osfs/externalaw External honor internet searchers scholarshipscanada.com www.aucc.ca (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada) Studentawards.com

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Millennium In-Course Scholarship perceives scholastic perfection, authority and dynamic citizenship in upper-year understudies Eligibility Requirements Completion of second year Minimum combined GPA 7.0 No past receipt of a significant legitimacy grant to bolster post-auxiliary training close to $3,500 in any one year close to $5,000 aggregate to date

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Millennium In-Course Continued Focus is on Community Service Innovation Leadership Academics Value is $4,000 - $5,000 (might be renewable for extra year)

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How Do You Receive An Award All York University honors are credited to your understudy account You should pay your $450 enrolment store before honors will show up on your understudy account If you have a credit adjust after the charges on your understudy record are cleared, you can ask for a discount at www.yorku.ca/osfs/discounts/

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Create a Winning Application Read and comprehend the inquiries Answer inquiries being asked altogether Don " t hold up until the very late Don " t leave answers clear Write and re-compose - utilize spell check! Have your application edit by another person Consult with a companion, parent, TA, teacher Make a duplicate of your application for your records

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Create a Winning Application: Extra-Curricular Activities Emphasis on quality, not amount Long-term versus one-day occasions Meaningful and huge exercises Outstanding candidates: Are mindful of the place they are living in Choose exercises to address the issues of their group Use administration position to make positive commitments Display genuine activity and continuous duty Take dangers and move out of safe place

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Create a Winning Application: Extra-Curricular Activities How can authority and group exercises best be introduced in a grant application? Clarify position What is the association? Who does the position oversee/administer? Who does the position serve – York understudies? Club individuals? Group individuals?

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Create a Winning Application: Extra-Curricular Activities Explain exercises that the position was included in How regularly? For to what extent? How it profited target crowd? What part did position play in these exercises? Ensure your application is anything but difficult to peruse Use dynamic dialect – verbs!

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Create a Winning Application: Choosing References Choose your reference carefully Choose somebody who will give you the best letter Should verify your characteristics, brilliance, and bolster your application Cannot be from relative or flat mate/accomplice Get their authorization to go about as a source of perspective Prepare your reference Provide a duplicate of your finished application Thank them a short time later and prompt about result

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Tips for Seeking Financial Assistance Be ingenious - there are an assortment of subsidizing openings at York Don " t re-design the wheel – spare your responses to use for different applications Be mindful of due dates – frequently change from year to year Stay positive and remain centered – most rewards require diligent work

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Questions and Contacts Student Financial Services 416-487-6701 finance@glendon.yorku.ca ?