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Educational cost Grant Program (TGP) Overview of Program April, 2009

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TGP Overview Table of Contents Program Explanation Pages 3-10 TGP Description Annual Process Annual Benefit Annual Benefit Examples Expenses Not Covered Length of Payments Eligibility Pages 11-18 Eligible Employees Breaks in Service Eligible Institutions Eligible Children Child's College/University Attendance Additional Factors Pages 19-25 Taxability Financial Aid How and When to Apply Pages 26-28 For More Information Page 29-30 TGP Overview: April 2009

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Program Explanation TGP Overview: April 2009

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TGP Description Stanford's Tuition Grant Program helps workers by paying for their reliant youngsters' undergrad school training TGP gives assess excluded installments straightforwardly to licensed schools and colleges toward the cost of the child(ren's) educational cost Please observe far reaching program rules, Frequently Asked Questions, and download the application frame at: The most extreme advantage is the lesser of: The cost of educational cost (or charges) for your tyke's school, less any pertinent awards or grants or Up to one-portion of Stanford University's educational cost (Half of the current (2009/2010) Stanford educational cost is $18,690.00) The advantage payable for your sake will be ascertained every semester, quarter, or every time you apply for TGP advantages and look for an approval letter TGP Overview: April 2009

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TGP Description (cont'd) The greatest full-time advantage for the 2009-2010 scholarly year – including summer term – is: $ 18,690 for the full scholastic year $ 9,345 for every semester $ 6,230 for every quarter Payments are made for the present scholastic year after an application has been submitted and affirmed. You may not have any significant bearing for advantages retroactively. TGP Overview: April 2009

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Annual TGP Process TGP Overview: April 2009

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Annual Benefit TGP will pay a few or the majority of the real educational cost (or required expenses rather than educational cost, for example, introduction, enrollment, or application charges) charged by a qualified instructive organization to registered understudies. The sum TGP will pay depends on: the percent of full-time equivalency (FTE) of the qualified worker's arrangement; e.g., 100%, 85%, 72%, half If you work somewhere around half and 99% FTE at the season of installment, your advantage will be master evaluated by the percent of your FTE. This is alluded to as the "low maintenance advantage." the measure of half of the present Stanford University undergrad educational cost (half of the current 2009/2010 Stanford educational cost is $18,690) This sum changes each scholastic year the measure of educational cost, less any relevant awards or grants, your tyke is being charged by the school or college he/she/they are going to If the kid's establishment solicitations more than the most extreme advantage, TGP will pay up to the greatest amount* If the youngster's foundation solicitations not exactly the greatest advantage, TGP will pay up to everything of the invoice* *Based on full time qualified representative; allocated if not full time See the following page for cases of the TGP yearly advantage TGP Overview: April 2009

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TGP Annual Benefit Examples * Annual advantage up to ½ of Stanford's present educational cost rate, in view of worker's FTE and the most extreme admissible per semester or quarter. The above situations have educational cost rates that contrast from Stanford's present educational cost rate ($18,690 for 2009/2010). TGP Overview: April 2009

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Excluded Expenses TGP is to be utilized toward educational cost and required charges. A few cases of costs that are not covered* are: Room and board Books and course materials Laboratory charges Expenses at any United States or remote establishment that are not typically incorporated into the essential educational cost and expenses by Stanford University, the University of California, or the California State Universities *See the thorough TGP rules for a total posting of costs not secured by the TGP advantage TGP Overview: April 2009

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Length of Payments The Program will make installments toward up to four years of work required for a baccalaureate degree at the qualified organization went to by the qualified kid Benefits will be paid for a most extreme of: 12 quarters or 8 semesters of qualified participation Taxable TGP benefits for a kid won't be paid over a time of more than 4 successive years. On the off chance that advantages for a kid get to be assessable part path through the tyke's school training, the rest of the advantages for which the tyke is qualified must be taken in back to back frequently planned quarters or semesters for all advantages to be accessible. Benefits for developed low maintenance participation may not surpass the sum that would be paid for full-time participation in a four-year term, or the secured segment of such period. No TGP benefits proceed past your qualified kid's accomplishment of the baccalaureate degree. TGP Overview: April 2009

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Eligibility for TGP Overview: April 2009

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Eligibility—Employees To take an interest in the TGP: For Staff: An advantages qualified University position that is six months or more (four months or more, or to the degree gave in the aggregate dealing assention for bartering unit workers) and half FTE or more noteworthy. Notwithstanding your qualification, you probably finished five years of proceeding with advantages qualified administration keeping in mind the end goal to get TGP benefits. For Faculty and Senior Administrative Staff: A University arrangement of six months or longer [1] Faculty and senior regulatory staff are qualified for TGP when your arrangement starts If both guardians of a qualified kid are Stanford representatives, one and only four-year advantage period is considered each qualified kid paying little heed to which parent applies. Similar cutoff points and conditions apply as though Stanford utilized stand out parent Employees of associations subsidiary with the University are not qualified for advantages under this Program, for example, Carnegie Mellon [1] Effective January 1, 2004, personnel of the School of Medicine who have a 7/8 or more task at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Medical Center will be dealt with as advantages qualified for this reason. TGP Overview: April 2009

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Eligibility—Breaks in Service TGP Overview: April 2009

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Eligibility—Breaks in Service (cont'd) TGP Overview: April 2009

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Eligibility—Institutions Accredited U.S. Foundations TGP installments will be made to authorize United States schools and colleges recorded in the most current release of "Licensed Institutions of Postsecondary Education" distributed by the American Council on Education (ACE). The Benefits office has a duplicate of this book for your reference. In the event that a foundation is not recorded in the ACE distribution, the parent must give documentation that the units from the organization are transferable to Stanford University. Send the documentation to the TGP Administrator so the foundation's qualification can be resolved. Remote Institutions TGP installments might be made to outside schools and colleges if Stanford University decides, at its attentiveness, that the outside foundation's scholastic principles are proportionate to those of licensed United States establishments. For a clarification on how installments are made to remote organizations, please observe the TGP rules posted on TGP Overview: April 2009

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Eligibility—Children A tyke is viewed as qualified on the off chance that he/she meets both of the accompanying necessities: The kid is: A natural or lawfully received tyke, OR A stepchild who has lived with you for no less than 12 months instantly before you ask for advantages under the Program, OR A cultivate kid who has lived with you for no less than 24 months quickly before you ask for advantages under the Program, OR An offspring of your household accomplice (as characterized by the Domestic Partner Benefits Policy, accessible through Benefits) who has lived with you for in any event the 12 months promptly before you ask for advantages under the Program, OR Your ward under a court-affirmed legitimate guardianship and has been your ward for no less than 60 months and at least one of the accompanying articulations are valid: The kid is asserted as your reliant on your government wage assessment forms, OR Your tyke gives under half of their monetary support, OR The youngster lives fundamentally with you when he/she is not away at school. TGP Overview: April 2009

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Eligibility—Children (cont'd) You should prompt the TGP office instantly if your qualified kid in the Program pulls back from school amid a scholarly year, exchanges to another school, or is no more drawn out qualified. You are likewise in charge of prompting the TGP office if your business status changes amid the period secured by the endorsed application. In the event that you or your kid gets to be ineligible for the Program, Stanford maintains whatever authority is needed to recuperate from you the Program benefits it paid for your sake. On the off chance that your kid pulls back before winning any units, and the kid's foundation discounts to Stanford the whole measure of educational cost paid by Stanford, the understudy loses no qualification. In the event that the organization discounts more than half, yet not as much as all, of the add up to Stanford, the tyke loses one portion of a quarter or semester. On the off chance that the organization discounts half or not as much as half of the sum, the tyke loses a full quarter or semester of qualification. You may issue a check made payable to Stanford University for the sum not discounted by the kid's foundation. TGP Overview: April 2009

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Child's College/University Attendance Full-time Summer Attendance If your qualified tyke goes to summer session and the Program pays for summer participation, a term of qualification will be deducted from your outstanding qualification. Low maintenance Attendance (Including Part-time Summer Attendance) If your qualified