Vocation Planning and Development

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Profession Arranging and Advancement . Arkansas Dept of Workforce Instruction Office of Vocation Direction, Investigation, and Readiness. Arkansas Act 730. The Arkansas School and Vocation Availability Arranging Program

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Profession Planning and Development Arkansas Dept of Workforce Education Office of Career Guidance, Exploration, and Preparation

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Arkansas Act 730 The Arkansas College and Career Readiness Planning Program Requires "reliable precollege status evaluations to increment effective understudy moves into postsecondary instruction" And, Measure understudy availability for future learning without remediation to enhance school and workforce preparation

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Consistent vocation status brings about fruitful work from: Consistent profession direction and investigation Consistent vocation employability preparing Consistent Career Portfolio Development Consistent training in the SMART Core Curriculum (school arrangement) Consistent vocation arranging with profession arrangement

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The 2010 Meltdown Solving the Impending Job Crisis 47% of occupation candidates did not have the perusing, composing and math abilities for the employments they looked for 73% of US managers refered to "exceptionally" or "to some degree" trouble contracting qualified specialists 40% said candidates have poor or no business aptitudes

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U.S. Proficiency Woes half of current specialists had genuine perusing, composing, and math abilities 5% of every single American grown-up communicate in English so ineffectively they can't hold a lucrative occupation 90 million Americans confront higher wellbeing dangers in light of the fact that their low education prompts to inconvenience understanding medicinal terms $60 billion every year is lost in efficiency

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Assessing the Pipeline to America's Workforce More than half of managers couldn't discover qualified candidates for section level employments Over half of grown-ups are troubled in their occupations A 2004 Gallup survey shown that over 55% of individuals in the workforce were not occupied with their work An expected 80% are underemployed

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Where are the understudies? Arkansas has a 69% balanced graduation rate from the individuals who started the 9 th grade Between the 8 th grade and the 11 th - 12 th grades (where most school and profession arranging is being done) numerous understudies have as of now dropped out Highest number of GED beneficiaries are in the 16-17 age go

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Increasing the secondary school and school graduation rate of male understudies in Arkansas by just five percent could prompt to a consolidated investment funds and income of practically $77 million every year by diminishing wrongdoing related costs (Alliance for Excellent Education, June 2007).

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Where are the Boys According to Arkansas' Kuder information There are 12% more young ladies in the 11 th and 12 th grades contrasted with a 50/50 proportion in the 8 th grade. As indicated by Ark Dept of Higher Ed There are around 10% a larger number of young ladies graduating than young men from 4-year colleges.

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Arkansas DWE White Papers If Arkansas' secondary schools and universities raise the graduation rates of Hispanic, African-American, and Native-American understudies to the levels of white understudies by 2020, the potential increment in individual pay would add more than $785 million to the state economy.

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If Arkansas' feasible dropouts from the class of 2006 graduated rather, the state could spare more than $94 million in Medicaid and uses for uninsured care through the span of those youngsters' lifetimes.

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1/3 of understudies leave after their first year in school Almost half of undergrads never graduate 30% of understudies leave school toward the finish of their first year and another 30% take five or six years to acquire their degree Dropouts from the class of 2006 cost the state more than $2.7 billion in lost wages, expenses, and profitability over their lifetimes

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The Institute of Education and the Economy Concluded: Many distinctive sorts of profession direction mediations are powerful Career advancement exercises emphatically impact school participation and fruition Simple arranging will help understudies interface their objectives and ventures to contact them

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Results from Lapan, Gysbers, and Sun closed understudies in Missouri: Make better evaluations Have more school and vocation data Believe their school has a constructive atmosphere Feel center school is more secure Have a superior association with their instructors Are more happy with their training

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A HSTW concentrate closed: Students who finished a 4-year secondary school arrange expanded math test scores Students invested more energy chatting with advocates Math, science and perusing scores enhanced Career direction expanded school prep math and science classes

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Information is Vital 2010 Meltdown by Edward Gordon Schools can help understudies by helping their folks Career inclination and individual premium appraisals should be given in center schools Future specialists require higher quality instruction which incorporates expressions and sciences with rising innovation

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Improve the nature of vocation arranging intercessions gave to understudies To assist understudies meet individual objectives With helping understudies effectively move through the instructive framework easily and productively To help understudies graduate effectively To help understudies get to be distinctly employable with employability abilities and industry affirmations To help understudies effectively achieve profession objectives

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Career Exploration and Planning Interventions in Middle and Junior High Schools Kuder Galaxy (gave to 50 primary schools) Career Orientation (8 th level necessity to investigate the universe of work and survey self) Kuder Navigator with appraisals - Interests, Skills & Values with a Person Match ACT Explore (Interest and fitness for learning bringing about the World of Work Map with bunches and pathways) Career Development Portfolio (state required 4-year+ arranging with parental contribution )

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Assessing The Whole Person

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High School Interventions Keystone (9 th level move elective) Kuder (10 th level re-evaluation after investigation) ACT Plan (Improved scholarly accomplishment, vocation planning, and post-secondary school arranging) Or PSAT (Individual qualities and shortcoming on school status skills)**Arkansas State Law 2010-2011** Workplace Readiness (11 th - 12 th level elective utilizing KeyTrain to get ready understudies for WorkKeys ) Work-based Learning (JAG, Internship & Youth Apprenticeship electives)

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KeyTrain in Secondary Schools Students in Workplace Readiness will be required to utilize KeyTrain to get ready for the ACT WorkKeys Assessments. Work-based learning programs including Internship and JAG will permit understudies to utilize KeyTrain in schools where Workplace Readiness is not being advertised.

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WorkKeys Implementation Dept of Workforce Services contracted with Thinking Media to give KeyTrain to separated laborers and secondary school understudies in evaluations 11 and 12. ACT WorkKeys appraisals were bought to give work searchers the CRC certification.

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Where do we start? Survey current information with KeyTrain pretests Identify word related requirements for vocation objective Assign KeyTrain lessons so the understudy can work at their own particular pace to the level they have to accomplish Bridge the hole between being unemployable and being hirable.

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WorkKeys Identifies Skill Gaps By looking at the occupation profile and individual appraisal comes about, aptitudes crevices can be recognized 6 Skills Gap 5 Skills Gap 4 Individual Results 3 Job Profile Applied Mathematics Reading for Information Locating Information

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Job Seekers Must score no less than a level 4 on the KeyTrain in Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. Should likewise enlist with the Arkansas Job Links Instructor alludes KeyTrain completers to a two-year junior college for the WorkKeys appraisal Career Readiness Certificates are then granted to understudies getting the Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificate.

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Arkansas Career Readiness Certificates The state has granted a sum of 10,912 declarations marked by the Governor of Arkansas and the Department of Workforce Services 2,907   Gold      (27%) 5,886   Silver    (54%) 2,119   Bronze  (19%)

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ArkansasAtWork.org Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate Governor's Initiative Video Spot http://www.dws.arkansas.gov/CRC/Governor.htm "We should have a profession prepared workforce" Radio Spot http://www.dws.arkansas.gov/CRC/sound/DWS%20CRC%20(Employers)%20e.mp3 Brochure http://www.dws.arkansas.gov/CRC/PDF/CRC%20Employer%27s%20Guide%20Brochure.pdf

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Sum of the considerable number of Parts for a Career Ready Workforce Career Guidance, Exploration & Preparation Career Development Facilitator Career Development Portfolios Kuder ( ArkansasWorks ) ACT Explore, Plan and WorkKeys Placement and consummation in CTE projects of study KeyTrain ( ArkansasAtWork ) Arkansas Career Readiness Certificate

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Career Development Facilitators A (CDF) is a man who has been uniquely prepared to work with understudies or separated specialists to help with professional and instructive arranging, appraisals, and workforce arrangement from center school through postsecondary training and the grown-up workforce.

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Positions for which CDF's could be prepared for Student Career Development Coach Career Action Plan Program Facilitator School Career Guidance Counselor Job Search Trainer Co-operation and Tech Center Coordinators Employment/Placement Specialists College Counselor/Recruiter

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Network of CDF's working close by experts with more broad preparing Dept of Workforce Education Staff Secondary School Counselors and Career Tech Program of Study Teachers Two-year Community College Counselors and enrollment specialists Career Pathways Administrators Workforce Services Center Staff

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Career Development Portfolio Collection of evaluations Record of achievements Contains resumes & Application Examples Education and preparing Plan of Action Opportunity for inventive self-expression Process for caree