Delegate Director, G8 Force Development BG Hahn Reset of the Force 9 September 2004

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Representative Director, G8 Force Development BG Hahn Reset of the Force 9 September 2004

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AGENDA Changing Environment CSA Intent Modularity Intent Setting the Force Goals Resourcing and Equipping Strategy Summary

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A Changing Environment Changing Nature of Threat A Strategic Pause Short span clashes Take chance in current compel past center crucial Priority is Future Force change Enable quickened, however ponder change POM 04-09 An Army at War Current drive completely drew in Meet squeezing current needs while suspecting future ones Priority is pressing need to sort out and prepare for struggle Achieve joint interdependency POM 06-11 2

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CSA's Intent A Joint and Expeditionary Army 77-82 measured detachment battle groups JTF-skilled strategic/operational HQs Reduced Echelons Joint-empowered particular coordinations Balanced AC-RC capacities Surge-able, settled, durable units Streamlined institutional base with BRAC More light infantry ability in the RC ROTATIONAL 71-76 Modular BCTs situated in CONUS ROTATIONAL LEGEND Airborne Brigade Light and more deployable Adaptive central station Flexible rotational basing Infantry Brigade Stryker Brigade Combat Team Armored Brigade Army Prepositioned Stocks Army Afloat Prepositioning Ships 5

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CSA's Intent No unit will be Reset to a similar setup. Reset hardware deserted while the unit is conveyed. Take an all encompassing perspective of Army upkeep capacities, not a nearby view. Move out on seclusion. Guarantee Obligation Authority level remains in front of execution - don't give Reset a chance to slow down.

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Modularity Active Component changes: 10 new Active Component BCTs. Transformation of existing BCTs to particular UA outline. Change of all Divisions to UEx plan. Bring about O&S costs for 10 new BCTs. SECDEF will settle on choice on 5 remaining BCTs in FY06. Endstate: 43 BCTs and 10 UEx. RC changes: Conversion of existing ARNG BCTs to particular UA outline. Transformation of existing ARNG Divisions to UEx plan. Endstate: 34 BCTs and 8 UEx. The Army will fulfill this through a mix of supplementals, POM financing, and reprioritization of gear, faculty, and so on officially supported in the Army program.

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The Army Campaign Plan: 3 rd Infantry Division Example BEFORE Division Centric 3 Brigades Enablers held at Division Inadequate Joint Connectivity Limited observation, insight, observation and target procurement AFTER Brigade Centric 4 Modular BCTs Enablers installed Joint Connectivity Robust surveillance, knowledge, reconnaissance and target obtaining (3X) Brigade Modular BCT Redeploy Training Combined Arms and Joint Training Deployed Deploy Force Stability Individual & Collective Available to Deploy Conversion E-Date: C3 E+90: Manned & Equipped to Standard E+180: Trained to Standard 12 Month Reset Model 7

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The Army Campaign Plan First Unit Equipped Increased Joint Combat Capability Globally Managed Deployments Improved Versatility Modular AC/RC Design Increased Readiness Increases Stability 6

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Setting the Force A Senior Leader Process. A gathering to incorporate and synchronize DOTLMPF to bolster the ACP. Center is system and arrangements to give answers for hardware necessities. Synchronized to bolster other senior initiative choice procedures. An association among the ARSTAFF, Reserve Components, and MACOMs.

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Transformation SETTING THE FORCE Mission Areas (OIPT) APS Theater C4 Infrastructure Theater Augmentation Sets AMC Depot Seeds FY05 Supplemental (FY05 Pres Bud/marks) Reconstitution Modularity Building Capabilities "The Army Campaign Plan" Iraqi Army Equipment Restationing OIF3/OEF6 "Savvy Reset" Planning ONS OIF & OEF Resourcing DRAFT Pre-decisional starting 11 Aug 04

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XX III X XX X V Infantry UA XX X III Standardizing the Force Current Units intended to give a particular capacity, new units will be wide range. Seven division outlines to a more skilled Unit of Employment: Armored (substantial) Mechanized Infantry (overwhelming) Cavalry (substantial) Light Infantry (light) Airborne Infantry (light) Air Assault Infantry (light) Medium (Composite) UE X Unit of Employment Eight detachment/regiment plans to three Unit of Action outlines: Armored (substantial) Mechanized Infantry (substantial) Cavalry (substantial) Cavalry (light) Light Infantry (light) Airborne Infantry (light) Air Assault Infantry (light) Stryker (Medium) Armored UA Stryker Brigade Units of Action

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Equipping Challenges Modernization to Current Program Level Maneuvering Resources to Reach S-1 at E+90 Competition of Resources (GWOT versus Measured quality)

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Equipping Challenges Competing Requirements Who gets the truck? Reset Stay back RECAP/SEED Modularity OEF OIF APS

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Resourcing and Equipping Strategy INFORMED BY *ASPB, FEASABILITY REVIEW, AND RESET THE FORCE GOSC DECISONS Resources reliable with HQDA needs GWOT/ONS TRADOC Modularity Reset The Force Overarching rules Cross level inside Use accessible overabundance gear outer to the changing units (counting pre-situated sets and warehouse stocks) Consider "in lieu of" hardware where the required ability can be met, either incidentally or forever Refurbish gear New acquisition Things we're buckling down: Trucks SINCGARS Crew served weapons * Army Strategic Planning Board

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Summary Our surroundings has changed so the Army is turning out to be more Expeditionary. Seclusion is the way we will change. Setting the Force covers a wide range of occasions to coordinate and synchronize the ACP. Deficiencies require falling all through the compel.

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CSA's Intent The Army Campaign Plan The overall arrangement to change the Army to: Build a battle quality Army with joint and expeditionary capacities in this decade Provide significant and prepared land energy to warrior officers and Joint Forces Sustain operational support to soldier authorities. Keep up the nature of the all-Volunteer Force By Regenerating battle control while expanding capacity: Regenerating Combat Power = Reconstitution = Reset Increase ability by: Reorganizing into particular arrangements Taking an all encompassing perspective of status: Soldiers – Force Stabilization; Recruiting and Retention; End Strength Equipment – Fix forward; influence warehouses, growth of temporary workers & establishment resources; reset and modernize frameworks; weapons & items Training – Training and guaranteeing new Units of Action and Units of Employment Leveraging spending plans, supplemental appointments and Army Program to reserve reset