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Disallowance. The eighteenth Amendment. What was

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Prohibition The 18 th Amendment

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What was 'Preclusion'? A law called the Volstead Act presented in the USA in January 1920. It restricted the make, deal and transport of liquor. The government had the ability to uphold this law. It hypothesis the USA got to be 'dry'. It has since turned out to be known as the " honorable investigation'.

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Why was restriction presented? It as of now existed in many states Moral reasons Campaigners like the Anti-Saloon League of America The First World War

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What is the message of this toon? (6)

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What is the message of this toon? (6)

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What is the message of this toon? (6)

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What is the message of this toon? (6)

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What were the impacts of preclusion? Speakeasies Moonshine Smuggling Organized wrongdoing

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Speakeasies Secret cantina bars opened up in basements and private cabins. They had names like the 'Mixed up Club' and consumers needed to give a watchword or thump at the entryway in code to be let in. Speakeasies sold "contraband" liquor, carried into America from abroad. Before Prohibition there were 15,000 bars in New York. By 1926 there were 30,000 speakeasies!

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Moonshine A soul made subtly in home made stills. A few hundred individuals a year kicked the bucket from this amid the 1920s. In 1929 it is evaluated that 700 million gallons of brew were created in American homes.

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"Peddlers" Smugglers called "Racketeers" made a large number of dollars acquiring unlawful liquor to America. America has a great many miles of boondocks so it demonstrated simple. Popular bootleggers like William McCoy made fortunes by bringing liquor from the West Indies and Canada.

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Organized Crime The colossal benefits to b made pulled in hoodlums who began to take control of numerous urban communities. They paid off the police, judges and government officials. They controlled the speakeasies and the refineries, and savagely killed their opponents.

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Al Capone By 1927 he was winning some $60 million a year from bootlegging. His group resembled a private armed force. He had 700 men under his control. He was in charge of more than 500 homicides. On 14 th February 1929, Capone's men dressed as cops killed 7 individuals from an adversary pack. This got to be distinctly known as the 'Valentine's Day Massacre.'