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SCAPPOOSE HIGH SCHOOL Credit by Proficiency Standards Based Assessment Michelle Parsons, Rebecca Steinke

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BEC: CBP Workshop 2006 Team of Teachers Created a Pilot Program for Summer 2006 Had three understudies effectively total the experience. Illustration Experiences OMSI Salmon Camp Med Stars Boston

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Evolution of Credit by Proficiency Timeline of Events (2006-2007) Michelle Parson Social Studies/English American Studies, American Literature Rebecca Steinke Science Biology, Oceanography

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Success is infectious… … 2007-2008 School Year Math (Pre-Algebra/Algebra) Anderson & Erickson Social Studies (American Studies) Parsons Science (Biology) Steinke & Downie

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Biology Students get to be in charge of what they are realizing. Guidelines Progress Report

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Step 1 Hand Out: Identify the Standard

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Step 2 Practice the Standard Breakdown Vocab Greek and Latin Roots PowerPoint Direct Instruction Microscope Inquiry Lab Demonstrate Project

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Step 3 Demonstrate Standard Project

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Step 3 Demonstrate Standard Quiz Written or Oral

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The Gradebook Biology half Demonstrating Standards 10% Participation in labs and discourse. 10% Quizzes 10% Midterm 20% Final

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Step 4 The Gradebook Low Stakes: Daily Work Quizzes High Stakes Standards Midterm, Final

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Benefits of Standards Based Assessment Focused Curriculum Doesn't punish the learning procedure. Changes the discussion from amassing of focuses to capability of the standard. Separation is incorporated with principles for TAG and IEP understudies. Rubric is outlined with authority at three capability levels.

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Old Model Identify a learning objective Teach: Direct Instruction Create assignments/worksheets for practice and support Test/Quiz This framework can punish the learning procedure.

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Standards Based Assessment Introduce Standard Identify how to show the standard (Skill) Practice the standard Lessons and assignments are still legitimate. Work is "rehearsing for the standard". Verbal and composed criticism is given day by day and as required. Various Opportunities to Demonstrate the Standard Quiz, exam, explore paper, midterm, or last

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New Options at SHS Board of Education is amped up for the capability of CBP and Standards Based Assessment: Core and Elective Classes—Standards Based Assessment Experiences outside of the Classroom (Traditional CBP) Credit Recovery—Standards Based Assessment Senior Seminar—Career Related Learning Experiences