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Software engineering Department New Student Briefing CDR Duane Davis, USN CS/MOVES Program Officer GE-309, x7980

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Outline Departmental Organization and Roles Graduation Requirements Course Scheduling Student Expectations Final Thoughts

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Why are You Here? Win a Sub-Specialty Code Educational Skill Requirements (ESRs) Earn Master of Science Degree Learn to think basically, take care of complex specialized issues

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Why are We Here? Give scholarly support to understudies Ensure scholastic accomplishment of understudies Academic/proficient advising Represent support needs at NPS

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Program Office Program Officer: CDR Duane Davis, GE-309, x7980 Ed Tech: Mrs. Maricel Eddington, GE-308, x7981 Academic advising Academic probation Degree assignments Laptop PCs for TAD or other fleeting use as accessible Curriculum usage Course framework improvement Class enlistment Schedule changes

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Academic Associates Computer Science Prof. Tom Otani ~ Glasgow East 307 Software Engineering Prof. Bret Michael ~ Glasgow East 335 MOVES Prof. Mathias Kolsch ~ Watkins Annex 279

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Section Leaders Senior US Military officer Information spread Attendance and cooperation in compulsory occasions and projects far reaching issues

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CS Department Facilities Student Interface Area & Academic Computer Lab/Learning Resource Center – GE-B11 Lounge/interface region, committed to understudy utilize 26 work stations for understudy utilize Study range (64 lockers) Copier with laser printer, FAX capacity CS (GE-103) and MOVES (WA 2 nd floor relax) Coffee Mess – GE-103 Coffee/Soda Mess – Honor System Microwave Limited study region

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Computer Science and MOVES sites… Computer Science Website MOVES Website wellspring of data on… Program Officer rules Curriculum prerequisites & graduation necessities agendas Thesis assets Faculty foundations

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Student Services Student registration/out Student FITREPs Navy required preparing Student direct, train and Honor Code issues/examinations Housing issues Review/print approaching requests Maintain locator cards/find understudies as required Student registration/declaration site page Student leave Student PRT Student military administrator (reward/uncommon pay, horizontal exchange, exceptional bundles) Family Service/Family Advocacy Student Affairs, Orientation, Awards, graduation, functions Overseas screening Mail confirmations/transcripts Hermann Hall, Room 033, x3812/3813

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Graduation Requirements Use the Requirements Checklist on our site! Credit and Class prerequisites Overall credit hours Graduate credit hours Core educational modules Track (CS) or Concentration Block (MOVES) Service particular necessities Thesis fulfillment Minimum review point normal (QPR)

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MS Curriculum: Computer Science (368) Two-year program: 19 center courses took after by one of five specialization tracks Each track envelops extra eight courses Typically four track center courses, and a four-course specialization arrangement CS Tracks: Networks & Mobility Information Security and Assurance Software Engineering and Architecture Autonomous Systems CS-MOVES Option Subspecialty Code: 6203-P

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MS Curriculum: MOVES (399) Two-year program: 20 center courses and finishing of 3 fixation hinders Each focus square comprises of 3 courses Typically 2 required piece courses and 1 square elective MOVES Concentration Blocks: Combat Modeling ● Visual Simulation Training Systems and Human Factors ● Systems Eng. & Acquisition Agents and Cognitive Modeling ● JPME Discrete Event Modeling and Analysis Subspecialty Code: 6202-P

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MS Curriculum: Software Engineering (369) 18-month program: 10 center courses and 6 SwE electives Typically taken as a Distance Learning educational programs Classes instructed at NPS and communicate No Subspecialty Code

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Service Specific Requirements NW3230 – Strategy and Policy SECNAV INST – Required for all USN and USMC understudies Applies towards JPME Phase 1 Marines can approve with Command & Staff JPME Phase 1 (three extra courses) Required for all USN URL, IP and IW Officers Systems Engineering and Acquisition Concentration square required for all USA MOVES understudies MN3331 – Acquisition and Program Management Required for all USMC and USA understudies Marines additionally urged to take EO4011 (discretionary) International Students must take IT1500, IT1600, and IT1700 (as coordinated by the International Office)

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Thesis Use the proposition assets on our site! Autonomous research Thesis Proposal submitted amid 4 th Quarter Thesis Advisor ~ scholarly meticulousness/profundity/scope 2 nd Reader or Co-Advisor ~ meaningful/once-over to verify everything seems ok Department Chairman ~ aces Level Program Officer ~ military/support significance Extensions MUST be defended Candidacy "slips" without green card or expansion ask for

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Grades Minimum QPR 3.00 for 3000-4000 level classes required in educational programs Overall QPR 2.75 Typical CS normal ~ 3.5 Retakes – introductory review stays on transcript Most late review utilized for QPR Academic probation

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Course Enrollment For the flow quarter … Add/drops are "free" inside the initial two weeks Will NOT show up on transcript WILL appear in Python Withdrawals are acknowledged through the eighth week Will show up as a "W" on transcript No withdrawals after the eighth week Drops & withdrawals are solicitations … make no presumptions until demand has last endorsement! Poor execution or educator inclination WILL NOT be the sole basis for a drop or withdrawal Students will keep on attending class until the drop demand is affirmed through the Program Officer

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Course Enrollment For the following quarter … Course enlistment is led through the initial two weeks of the present quarter Python is "bolted" for the following quarter after the second week of the present quarter Maricel can help with "real changes" Specialization track distinguishing proof Internship

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Validations Take favorable position of approvals! Start with course organizer Will not get a review Satisfies course necessity Does not fulfill hours prerequisite An awesome instrument to give adaptability amid 2 nd year lattice Get them done quickly!

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Student Opinion Forms (SOFs) Be useful! Concentrate on course substance, structure, and educator viability just… different issues ought to be raised straightforwardly with program officer as well as seat. Intended to give input to enhance… The course substance and structure The teacher viability Fully Confidential Instructor can't see the SOFs until the evaluations have been submitted Student can't see their evaluations until their SOFs have been submitted Routing… Numerical imprints are seen by Chair, Dean, Provost Comments are seen by the educator just

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What we expect of you… Know and hold fast to the Program Officer SOP Complete duplicate accessible on the site:

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What we expect of you… Attend class! Enlistment is a request to go to Communicate special cases with: Professor Section Leader Classmates Fulfill all other scholarly necessities Homework, exams, ventures, presentations…

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What we expect of you… YOU are in charge of meeting the graduation prerequisites. Scholarly arranging … deal with your network Four courses least for every quarter – does exclude classes Identify track/focus pieces and electives early No more than two proposal openings in a quarter, other than in excellent circumstances – NEVER more than three Verify Python initial 2 weeks of every quarter

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What we expect of you… Muster day by day through understudy registration page General declarations and correspondences Fail to summon (FTM) – win visit to DOS to clarify Must check email no less than 2x day by day Specific Comms/Urinalysis SECNAV Guest Lectures Attendance is required Section Leader Physical work out schedule 3x week after week PFA ~ October/April

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What we expect of you… Students are required to peruse and be in charge of the accompanying: Student Online Handbook Academic Council Policy Handbook Academic Honor Code Instruction (Links are accessible from the Program Officer page)

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The NPS Honor Code The guideline refers to cases of unsatisfactory conduct (NAVPGSCOLINST 5370.1C) Includes all course fill in and in addition theory and other research endeavors Academic uprightness at the Naval Postgraduate School depends on a regard for individual accomplishment that lies at the heart of scholastic culture. Each employee and understudy has a place with a group of researchers where scholastic trustworthiness is a principal duty. Scholarly deceptive nature is not endured. Unless generally expressed by the educator: all in-class work submitted for a review will be the understudy's own, performed without reference to materials or different people. Reviewed work alloted for culmination outside the classroom permits the utilization of reference material, however should be performed without the help of different people. All composed work ought to properly recognize referenced material.

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Some last considerations… Stay educated and included with your group Read people group productions (wardroom) Regularly speak with your detailer: Promotion zones Follow-on requests En course schools/preparing Consider this a joint visit See the Central Coast !

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Monterey & the Central Coast Enjoy the excellence of the landmass… Bike/run/stroll along the waterfront Spend an evening on the shoreline in Carmel Hike Big Sur or go mountain biking in Toro Park or Fort Ord Take the children to "Dennis