Advancing Lifelong Learning in Engineering through an One-Credit Information Literacy Course

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Advancing Lifelong Learning in Engineering through a One-Credit Information Literacy Course Edward Eckel, Engineering Librarian Western Michigan University

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GE103 at Aquinas College "Prologue to Information Literacy" One-credit, green bean level, general training 8 weeks in length (hour and a quarter/week) Required of all approaching rookies Originated in Fall 2002 by Shellie Jeffries Mandated by Aquinas organization (best down)

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Skill Set Taught - ACRL Determine the nature and degree of the data required Access required data viably and proficiently Evaluate data and its sources basically Use data adequately to finish a particular reason

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Lifelong Learning "Half-existence of a specialist's information is under five years." Leah Jamieson

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Measuring the Skill Set Pre/Post tests Weekly homework assignments Final venture – pathfinder (clarified book index)

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Pretest Freshmen offered chance to try out Pretest is given in the late spring before first year 45 minute pieces amid introduction exercises Test out score is >75% Fall 2005: 23 out of 418 tried out

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Pretest 25 different decision 15 short answer Short answer questions incorporate story issue Story issue intended to test the capacity to produce catchphrases and make online pursuit explanations or systems

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You've been given the task to compose a 7-10 page paper talking about this theory proclamation: "The central government ought to commit more cash to renewable vitality inquire about so society's reliance on remote oil is decreased."

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Write the fundamental watchwords for the proposal articulation above, in addition to a few equivalent words/choices for those catchphrases.

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A. Compose the principle watchwords for the theory proclamation above, in addition to a few equivalent words/options for those catchphrases.

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Grading Rubric – Part A Fair: Identifies watchwords (4 pts) Good: Identifies the most suitable catchphrases and a couple of equivalent words (5 pts) Excellent: Identifies the most fitting watchwords and the most significant equivalent words (6 pts)

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B. Compose the pursuit statement(s) you would sort in while seeking an online database; fuse the greatest number of devices in your hunt articulation as you can to make your inquiry proficient and compelling

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Sample answers Federal AND (oil OR petroleum) AND polic* (confine by date and to peer-explored diaries) "vitality strategy" AND (oil OR petroleum) AND government AND (opec OR remote)

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Grading Rubric – Part B Fair: at least two equivalent words/elective catchphrases, Boolean administrators (3 pts) Good: at least two equivalent words/elective watchwords, Boolean administrators, express looking, brackets (5 pts) Excellent: All of above in addition to truncation, restricting to peer-assessed articles; looking in particular field, and so forth (7 pts)

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Posttests Final Exam, taken in class 50 numerous decision questions 15 short answer Research point sentence is normally extraordinary for every class

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Engineering Education Examples of settings: Senior outline ventures or other capstone Background in insightful research for future graduate understudies Writing-escalated courses, (for example, at WMU) Can be incorporated into existing specialized interchanges courses

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Ethical Use of Information Not secured in GE103 – time requirements Avoiding copyright infringement Can be coordinated into building morals courses