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´╗┐The Indiana Department of Correction introduces New Employee Orientation: Benefits

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Performance Objectives Identify the sorts of leave a representative acquires every year. Recognize the sorts of speculation alternatives accessible to IDOC workers. Perceive openings that are accessible through the Emergency Response Operations Division .

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Employee Benefits Employees of the Indiana Department of Correction are qualified for some advantages other than their compensation. The accompanying slides are an outline of the fundamental advantages you will get.

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Leave Benefits Vacation Leave Up to 90 hours earned every year. Reward get-away leave following 5, 10 and 20 years of administration . Debilitated Leave Up to 67.5 hours earned every year . Individual Leave Up to 22.5 hours earned every year.

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Holidays Twelve (12) paid occasions a year.

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Other Paid Leaves Funeral Leave, Jury Duty Leave, and Military Leave . Family and Medical Leave Up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave every year for family mind, individual care, appropriation, or labor. Group Service Leave Promotes the immediate association of State workers openly benefits in their groups through volunteer endeavors .

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Insurance For You And Your Family Medical Several health care coverage alternatives are accessible, including Traditional Health Plans, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's), and High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP ). Dental arrangements are accessible for state workers and their families. Vision A dream plan is accessible for state workers and their families .

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Life Insurance Group term protection is accessible up to 150% of compensation. Supplemental arrangements are accessible and additionally subordinate life scope.

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Disability and Retirement Benefits Short/Long Term Disability Benefits The state shares the cost for your support in the handicap arrange. Open Employees Retirement Fund Individual records are kept up for every worker. Different venture choices are accessible . Conceded Compensation Investment choices that permit pay suspension for retirement purposes. The State will coordinate up to $15.00 dollars per payroll interval .

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Additional Benefits Automatic Deposit Direct store of finance checks . Worker Assistance Services For You (Easy ) Provides representatives and relatives bolster amid troublesome times, either specifically by telephone or by referral to assets in the group . I.S.U. Acquire 6 Credit Hours From Indiana State endless supply of the whole Preservice Academy .

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Additional Benefits VA Benefits You might be qualified for advantages in the event that you are a Veteran of any branch of the military. This data will be talked about amid the Preservice Academy . Educational cost Reimbursement Up to 75% repayment for school courses (up to 6 credit hours a semester). Add up to repayment won't surpass $2,200 per monetary year. See Human Resource staff for extra data.

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Pay For Performance A worker who "meets norms" on their yearly Performance Appraisal will gain a raise. A representative who "surpasses benchmarks" on their yearly Performance Appraisal will procure a higher rate raise than those workers who "meet guidelines."

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Cash Spot Bonus Get found going well beyond what is normal and you could be compensated with a Cash Spot Bonus from $100.00 to $1,000.00. You could be qualified for one of these honors as fast as 6 months in the wake of being procured.

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Career Opportunities Each office resemble its own particular little city. IDOC gives vocations in care, training, examination, fire wellbeing, support, religious administrations, psych administrations, substance manhandle, amusement, therapeutic administrations, and some more!

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Emergency Response Operations (E.R.O.)

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Emergency Response Operations The Indiana Department of Correction might want to welcome you to join the Emergency Response Operations Team (ERO) and take your revisions profession to the following level. By joining ERO, you will pick up a feeling of pride, achievement and regard realizing that your kindred representatives are relying on you. We have extraordinary groups who have been utilized as a part of crisis circumstances inside the Department and all through the State. You have the chance to make Indiana jails more secure for staff and guilty parties, notwithstanding guaranteeing the wellbeing of open and groups encompassing our offices. Go along with us today!

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Who is ERO? K-9 Units Supplemental staff required in crisis control, inquiry, worry and stash control inside the Department . K-9 units are used alongside outside offices for missing people, hunts of schools and shows all through the state.

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Who is ERO? E-Squad ( Emergency Squad) Specially prepared staff arranged to act in a crisis under distressing conditions and conditions. E-Squad controls circumstances that start abruptly and spread quickly. They recapture arrange before harm to property and damage to staff and wrongdoers can happen.

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Who is ERO? SERT ( Special Emergency Response Team) Specially prepared and furnished staff with the mastery in section strategies, accuracy weapons, prisoner save, and high security transportation. These groups were produced to help and help other Emergency Control Units.

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Who is ERO? SITCON ( Situation Control) Specially prepared groups based at offices to direct transactions amid prisoner circumstances or those circumstances requiring the utilization of arrangement aptitudes.

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Who is ERO? CISM ( Critical Incident Stress Management ) Staff who give help to representatives required in a basic occurrence at work. CISM colleagues give staff a gathering to talking about quelled feelings coming about because of their association in a circumstance and give instruction in these matters.

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E.R.O. Reward Upon fulfillment of the qualification necessities , DOC Special Squadron workers will get the accompanying reward : 6 months benefit $ 500 12 months benefit $500 2 to 4 years benefit $1,000 5 + years benefit $1,500

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The Indiana Department of Correction is anticipating giving you a vocation that is appropriate for you!

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You have now finished the Benefits module . If it's not too much trouble proceed to the following preparing module by leaving this program to come back to the determination list .