Indiana Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Plan

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Indiana Sexual Savagery Essential Counteractive action Arrangement. The Arranging Process: Acquiring Information from Indiana Nationals. PeopleWork Partners L.L.C .

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´╗┐Indiana Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Plan The Planning Process: Obtaining Input from Indiana Citizens PeopleWork Associates L.L.C .

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"I am aware of no protected store of a definitive forces of the general public however the general population themselves; and on the off chance that we think them not sufficiently illuminated to practice their control with a wholesome watchfulness, the cure is not to take it from them but rather to advise their circumspection." Thomas Jefferson

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Importance of Citizen Input Democracy implies actually political power practiced by the general population. Comprehended in lobbyist terms, popular government is a circle of open life in which standard individuals practice control. Open work builds up individuals' feeling of themselves as donors on a bigger stage can create new certainty and vital limit. Most critical, it likewise recharges trust that the world is our own to make over once more. Building America: the Democratic Promise of Public Work. Harry C. Boyte and Nancy N. Kari

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Regional Meetings 10 Regional Meetings facilitated & welcomed by Local Health Departments held November 12 th through December 11 th , 2008 THANKS to the Hosts and Participants of the Forums

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Community Forums Meetings were 2 ┬Ż hours and held morning, evening and night Team: IN Department of Public Health Abby Kelly-Smith as well as Emily Lynch PeopleWork Associates L.L.C. Pam Robbins and Juanita Russell

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Ft. Wayne Elkhart Greencastle Lawrenceburg Bloomington Gary Muncie Danville Evansville Lafayette Sites of Community Forums

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Adams Allen Bartholomew Benton Cass Clay Dearborn Delaware Dubois Elkhart Franklin Greene Grant Hamilton Hendricks Jasper Kosciusko Lawrence Lake Marion Madison Monroe Montgomery Morgan Ohio Putnam Posey Porter Ripley Spencer St. Joseph Tippecanoe Vanderburgh Wabash Warrick Washington Henderson County, KY Jefferson County, KY Cook County, Ohio 36 IN Counties Represented

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Demographics Attendance 225 Gender Female: 189 Male: 34 NA: 2 Age of Participants Range: 20 to 70 RED FLAG NO members in 16-19 years old gathering

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College Forums 4 College Forums facilitated by: Ivy Tech Sellersburg Goshen College Ivy Tech Bloomington Indiana University-St. Paul's Newman Center Held: September 2009

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Additional IN Counties Represented by means of College Forums Clark Floyd Jackson Jay Johnson Martin Scott Shelby

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Demographics of College Forums Attendance: 65 Gender Female: 57 Male: 8 Age 18-19 years old: 32 20-28 years old: 17 29-39 years old: 3 39 and more than: 9 NA: 4

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Process for Forums (Streamlined for College Forums) Welcome by Host Remarks Focusing on Sexual Assault and Primary Prevention Large gathering separated into little gatherings Participants were made a request to react to 5 (3 for school) questions, by composing their considerations on post it notes. At the point when individuals wrapped up, all thoughts were put on a blurb sheet. After all thoughts were up and if there was time a short examination was held.

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Questions Why do you think sexual brutality happens? What might help stop sexual viciousness in your group? What should be possible to counteract sexual brutality on these levels? Individual Community Societal Policy

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Questions 4. In times of affliction, sexual savagery increments. What should be possible to address this: As a person As a family As a group As a state 5. What is required in a state essential sexual savagery avoidance arrange?

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Bonus Question What did we not inquire?

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Additional Sources of Input Survey: Individual and on-line review Other Populations (directed by Council Members): Homeless Native Americans Hispanic

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Categories of Responses Community Programs Community Collaborations Education Individual Family Media Law and Policy Treatment Miscellaneous

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What We Learned Breadth of reaction Depth of Response Disparity between the ages

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"The individual who evacuates a mountain starts via diverting little stones." Anonymous