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Handicap PROGRAM NAVIGATOR TRAINING The SSA Perspective on the Role of the Navigator November 3, 2003

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SSA Administers Two Programs Paying Benefits to People with Disabilities 1. Government managed savings Disability Insurance –SSDI (Title II) 2. Supplemental Security Income Program –SSI (Title XVI)

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SSDI Eligibility Covered laborers - up to age 65 Who have a restorative condition that will keep going for no less than one year or will bring about death Who can't take every necessary step they beforehand did, and Who can't do whatever other work that exists in the National economy (considering age, instruction, exp.)

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SSI Disability Eligibility Needs-based program Same handicap definition as SSDI Income and assets must be beneath determined points of confinement

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Characteristics of Disability Beneficiaries

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Adult Disability Beneficiaries Under Age 60* Disabled Workers and Adult SSI by Age Groups *as of July 2002 1,989,000 1,315,000 703,000 678,000 532,000 570,000 480,000 136,000 AGE

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Disability Beneficiary Population Data as of December 2001 DI* SSI* BLIND AND DISABLED CHILDREN ADULT CHILDREN WIDOW(ER)S BLIND ADULTS *Beneficiaries with simultaneous qualifications are in both gatherings. Incapacitated ADULTS WORKERS

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Adult Disability Beneficiaries Disabled Workers and Adult SSI Only DI & DI/SSI MEN WOMEN MEN WOMEN 56% 44% 41% 59% Avg. Ben. $405 Average Monthly Benefit Women $688 $531 Federal advantage rate Men $913

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Adult Disability Beneficiaries Under Age 60 Disabled Workers and Adult SSI 26+ 3.7% 21 - 25 4.0% Time on the Rolls DI & SSI DI/SSI Only 16 - 20 8.5% Years 0-5 39% 29% 6-10 30% 29% 11-15 17% 21% 16-20 7% 10% 21-25 3% 5% 26+ 3% 5% 0 - 5 35.6% 11 - 15 18.7% 6 - 10 29.5% DI & SSI Combined

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Adult Disability Beneficiaries Under Age 60* Primary Impairment Data 48% of recipients have a mental incapacity 40% of DI & DI/SSI 60% of SSI Only Groupings for the most widely recognized hindrances change by age and program *as of July 2002

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Adult Disability Beneficiaries Under Age 60 Top 7 Primary Impairments 56% of Beneficiaries Affective Disorders Mental Retardation Schizo-phrenia Organic Mental Osteo joint pain Back Anxiety

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Adult Disability Beneficiaries Under Age 60 Summary Profiles DI & DI/SSI half are 50-59 More men (56 %) Most 12 yrs or more 66% above negligible 18% have income 39% on 5 yrs or less Age Gender Education Prior profit Current profit Time on moves Impairments Mental - 40% Musculoskeletal >15% Heart & circulatory >4% - Most continuous

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Adult Disability Beneficiaries Under Age 60 Summary Profiles SSI Only 71% under 50 More ladies (59%) Most under 12 yrs 99% minimal 17% have income 29% on 5 yrs or less Age Gender Education Prior income Current income Time on moves Impairment Mental - 60% Musculoskeletal > 6% - Most incessant

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SSDI & SSI Beneficiaries In States with Navigators

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SSA Return to Work Efforts Historical rate of come back to-work achievement is ½ of 1% of the incapacitated recipient populace

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Ticket to Work and Self Sufficiency Program Created by the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 Offers more decisions to individuals in getting the administrations they have to go to work and move toward more prominent independence Services are given by Employment Networks (ENs), private associations and government organizations, at no cost to the individual Program investment funds acknowledged from advantage end takes care of the expense of the procedure (installments to ENs)

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New Freedom Initiative Announced by President Bush on Feb.1, 2001 A thorough program to advance the full cooperation of individuals with handicaps in every aspect of society.

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New Freedom Initiative (proceeded) Requires Federal organizations to team up in ways not beforehand done to make their projects more viable The joint DOL-SSA Navigator exertion has been attempted in the soul of the New Freedom Initiative

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New Freedom Initiative SSA Demonstration Projects The Ticket Program works and is working for some recipients Some individuals require extra backings SSA is directing a progression of Demonstration Project to figure out what else is expected to expand RTW and enhance independence for individuals with inabilities

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SSA Demonstration Projects Early Intervention Demonstration Project Youth Transition Process Demonstration Benefit Offset Process Demonstration Mental Health Treatment Study

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Navigators Provide the Critical Linkage with Employers Disability Program Navigators

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Barriers to Employment for People with Disabilities Lack of Medical help Lack of information about projects, administrations and backings Housing needs Transportation needs Child mind needs Lack of aptitudes Employer states of mind

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Keys to Employment for People with Disabilities Medical advantages Skills improvement Housing and transportation underpins Child mind Assistive innovations and settlement Employer mindfulness