The Diploma Program Seminole High School for rising seniors

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The Diploma Program Seminole High School for rising seniors

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"Senior year is not less demanding it could be said that you have less work yet rather that you have the experience of the IB work-stack and (ideally) useful work propensities that you created amid Junior year.  If you take an AP class as an elective, ensure you are truly inspired by the substance; school applications, the EE, TOK, and different assignments will devour additional time than you would might suspect."

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"Stock up on hostile to senioritis drug ahead of schedule in the year. You'll require it second semester! (particularly when you're pummeled with orals and IAs)"

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"Begin investigating grants early. There's nothing more regrettable than a lost open door for cash. Exhortation from my mom: don't disregard a grant since it requires an exposition or long resume; on the off chance that you burn through 2 hours on a $500 grant, you simply made $250 60 minutes."

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"With every one of these courses, essentially be set up to learn time administration. The most helpful perspective that a man will learn in IB is the manner by which to chip away at a tad bit of everything every day."

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Agenda The IB Diploma Program Core program parts The IB Diploma The State of Florida High School Diploma High school transcripts SHS IB program principles 2010-2011 asked for courses Schedule change handle Stress and the IB understudy Communication

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The International Baccalaureate Internationally perceived, thorough, pre-college course of study Extensive aesthetic sciences educational programs Prepares understudy to acquire a globally perceived certificate Honored by schools and colleges through the world Curriculum in view of universal gauges and examinations that are assessed by worldwide instructors

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Diploma hopefuls: Complete one course from every branch of knowledge Complete the Theory of Knowledge course Complete the Creative, Action, Service program Complete an Extended Essay IB Diploma Program

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IB Diploma Program Options

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Extended Essay Compulsory for Diploma applicants Begin junior year, due October of senior year 40 hours Independent research Up to 4,000 words Externally evaluated It furnishes understudies with a chance to participate in individual research in their very own theme decision, under the direction of an administrator (an educator in the school). Understudies are relied upon to: Plan an exploration extend Formulate an exact research address Gather and decipher suitable material Structure a contemplated contention Use a fitting organization & phrasing Apply investigative and evaluative abilities

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"Pick a point you are to a great degree intrigued by in light of the fact that this will be your labor of love for the following 5 months, trust me you would prefer not to despise what you are making and do a terrible showing with regards to. Gracious, and don't tarry, it never works out well and the end of your late spring is super unpleasant when it ought to be pretty chill. Good fortunes folks!"

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"Use your EE counselor, they are there to help you sort out the master plan and amplify your time efficiency.  A HUGE cause is to take a gander at the UCF library book postings online before you ever go to the library.  Write down the area of the books in the library and utilize it as a bouncing off point as different books identified with your subject will be found close-by. (the library is much greater than you might suspect)"

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"Pick something they are honest to goodness intrigued by for your EE. You need to invest a considerable measure of energy looking into and composing; the experience is much, substantially more pleasant in the event that you are doing a theme that you really need to think about and are amped up for."

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"I for one had left the composition parcel till later in the mid year. I had my reasons, yet they and the EE bit my posterior the most recent week before school. Folks, in spite of the fact that tarrying is in the IB blood, leak it out before this late spring. It's not a troublesome assignment, it's exclusive tedious. We know you're all depleted after junior year, however overcome all the weariness without a moment's delay so you haven't anything to stress over toward the end of the late spring! Complete your EE when you can."

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Theory of Knowledge Compulsory for Diploma hopefuls Critical deduction and coordination of information What we know in different fields of learning and how we know it Make associations among classroom and non-classroom learning and experience Examine the morals, esteem judgments, and conviction frameworks of the different controls Taken senior year

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Creative, Action, Service 150 hours in three classifications Creative (50 hours) Product made, planned, created Artistic attempts Problem comprehending Action (50 hours) Physical effort Service (50 hours) Traditional idea of group administration Organization must be on district endorsed list CAS satisfies Bright Futures people group benefit necessity Begin junior year and reach out through senior year One movement stretches out all through the 18 month time span Satisfy eight learning results Meet with CAS consultant before action to guarantee endorsement First 75 hours are expected April 23

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"Holding up until the last moment to finish CAS is truly not a smart thought."

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"Get the greater part of your CAS hours done amid the late spring so you don't need to stress over them amid school application season."

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Diploma competitors: Complete one course from every teach Complete the Theory of Knowledge course Complete the Creative, Action, Service program Complete an Extended Essay IB Diploma Program

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Point Requirements Minimum focuses required for IB Diploma - 24 IB score scale 1 - 7 Passing score 4, 5, 6, 7 Add subject scores together Highest certificate score conceivable = 45 6 subjects x 7 conceivable focuses = 42 focuses 3 extra focuses for TOK & EE SHS Average – 30 to 32 in the course of the most recent 5 years World Average – 29.5 European schools searching for 32 Oxford searching for 39

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Bonus Points Matrix F* - 28 focuses generally will be required to be qualified for the confirmation if an understudy accomplishes an "E" review in either the developed paper or hypothesis of information. Accomplishing a review "E" in both the broadened exposition and hypothesis of information keeps on speaking to a programmed disappointment.

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Don't think little of the estimation of EE & TOK IB Diploma Results – Class of 2009 Out of 93 hopefuls, five did not gain the certificate: Two of those five earned 23 focuses and earned no extra focuses for EE/TOK. Of those 88 who earned the confirmation: Four understudies earned 23 focuses and got a reward point for EE/TOK, raising score to 24.

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Sample IB Transcript International Baccalaureate Organization Results Summary This is a synopsis of competitors results in the session May 2007 Personal Details Candidate: May 2007 001147 299 Name: Sammy Nole Category: DIPLOMA Birth Date: 03 APR 1989 Subject Details Grade Subject 4 May 2007 - English A1 HL in English 6 May 2007 – Spanish B SL in Spanish C May 2007 – History EE in English 4 May 2007 – Hist.Americas HL in English 4 May 2006 – Psychology SL in English 5 May 2007 - Chemistry HL in English 6 May 2007 – Mathematics SL in English B May 2007 – Theory Know. TK in English EE/TOK points: 1 Total Points: 30 Result: Diploma granted

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State of Florida Diploma

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Transcripts Cumulative record of accomplishment Grades prescribed to proceed IB Colleges use as reason for confirmation Rigor Grades Test scores Extra-curriculars Recommendations

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Transcripts By semester Course code H/A Course title Grade Attendance Credit Audit Credit Denial Semester GPA Dist Wt GPA FL St. Unwt GPA Percentile Rank

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SHS IB Program Standards IB understudies will keep up the accompanying benchmarks: Minimum total weighted gpa of 3.0 and higher Passing evaluation in all required PreIB, AP, and IB courses Recommended that understudies have no review lower than "C" Adhere to the respect code policy* Adhere to the SHS Code of Conduct Good participation One semester trial period if norms are not kept up.

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Standards particular to seniors Pass the principal year of any HL course English Individuals & Societies (HOA, Econ, Psych) Experimental Sciences (Biology, Chemistry) Arts & Electives (Music) Pass Spanish or French III PreIB Pass review 11 arithmetic course Hold a base 3.0 total weighted GPA Complete 75 hours of CAS/18 mos extend Complete all allocated Internal Assessments Sit for your IB exams Meet any due dates set by EE Advisor Annotated Bibliography Meeting with guide Draft

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Making up credits Student Incentive Program (SIP) First semester "F" No more than three unexcused nonappearances second semester Pass semester two Pass semester two exam with a "C" or higher Grades of D and F Florida Virtual School Courses for quickening – Florida Virtual School Summer School at SHS Courses for absolution ( D or F grades), credit foreswearing, drivers training Registration frames due April 23 Semester 1 June 14 - July 1 Semester 2 July 6-22

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Summer Opportunities For headway: Florida Virtual School Create understudy and parent accounts Add asked for course Notify Mrs. Make Seminole State College 3.0 unweighted aggregate gpa Register by April 23 Pass CPT or have least SAT/ACT scores University of Central Florida Contact Jeff Knizatko at Collegiate summer programs Low cost, high selectivity High cost, low selectivity

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2010-2011 course asks for Please audit asked for courses Schedule change: For any reason up to the most recent day of school this year (June 9, 2010) Email, call, or submit note in composing After that, school strategy applies: IB School Counselor doesn't work amid the mid year Courses might be dropped or potentially included amid the initial five days of school ONLY in the event that one of these conditions is met: 1) you have