Promoting Sales Roundtable Beta Program Best Practices

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Showcasing & Sales Roundtable Beta Program Best Practices November 2004

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Agenda 11:30 – Introductions/Objectives 11:45 - Beta Program Best Practices: Presentation and Discussion 1:15 – Summary and Wrap-up

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What Do We Mean: "Beta Test"? Testing of a working item performed by genuine clients in a creation domain Last test before formal item dispatch, generation shipments start (GA) A trial of all components and process required for fruitful GA item The Beta program definition will be driven by item classification and kind of clients – HW, SW, Services

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Objectives for a Beta Program Product Gain further comprehension of how item functions in a 'certifiable' situation Stress items more totally and in various routes than in a lab setting Fine-tune item/benefit usefulness (change versus significant redesign) Test arrangement arranging, establishment and bolster systems and documentation (counting innovation and conveyance accomplices where material) Test determinations and measurements to guarantee quality levels of the particulars in a scope of situations (e.g. ease of use, unwavering quality, execution, and so on.) Marketing Test corporate and item situating stage, message design and plans for client fragment programs Develop a deliberate route for catching client data and info Build key early client connections, produce references and referrals Understand shortcomings in organization framework required to bolster every one of clients' necessities (add up to item)

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Beta Program Development Define beta testing process, members and objectives Produce coordinated utilitarian arrangement -Engineering -Marketing -Sales -Professional Services -Support -Partners Develop criteria for beta test clients Identify and Recruit beta clients and set desires Create beta program documentation Collect and break down client criticism Identify, organize issues to be determined Implement beta program -Product Distributed to Beta Users -Survey Vehicles in put -Reporting Process -Timelines, Milestones Develop incorporated useful reaction arrange Refine beta testing process Summary beta report doc

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Sample Criteria for Selecting Beta Customers

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Beta Program Best Practices: The Short List Don't mishandle the liberality of beta clients with non client commendable item – build up a "staged beta approach" to address dangers of putting beta item in huge compelling forthcoming client Choose and enroll your beta clients, clients to match advertise passage client segment(s) Drive for secrecy (NDAs, Beta assentions, and so on.) Manage the program and beta clients, convey (bi-directional) consistently (program chiefs in both your organization and clients) Provide a basic, simple technique for beta clients to give input, make them feel like part of the your group Encourage beta clients to speak with each other Respond rapidly to all solicitations and issues Document, record, archive

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What Motivates Beta Testers ? Early adopter innovation adopter cycle esteem profile Ability to add to item improvement process, be seen as master "Group" investment Exclusive access to new item/Head begin on determination of their business issue "Free" item/Incentives Career advancement Where do You Find Them? Deals Force/Executive Team connections Partners (Channel, reciprocal items, and so forth.) Internet bunches/Blogs/Bulletin Boards and Lists "Dead prospects" Customers' rivals Other? Client Groups/SIGs

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Elements of Beta Program Research Plan [Realistic] examining technique - # of clients - # of members - Functional representation Efficient client criticism (specialized and promoting) gathering devices (on-line, page) Third gathering apparatuses (e.g. web studies - Survey Monkey, Zoomerang) for straightforward, quantifiable information sources - inside and out, subjective (e.g. phone/face to face meets) for investigation of issues/prerequisites and situating methodology approval - Forum talks (open and facilitated: web gathering, telephone calls, WebEx) Surveys: outline for organized examination! - Topics to be secured by capacity - Technical and advertising measurements - Qualitative "talk" points

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Beta Test Plan Definition -Project parameters, objectives, exercises and members -Internal assets required, duties recognized -Foundation for beta report/synopsis Table of Contents -Product definition (in current state) -Target client segment(s) – "client spec" (time, HW, and so on.) -Parameters (# of members, course of events, and so on.) -Goals (UI, bolster prerequisites, tributes, and so on.) -Incentives (as suitable to circumstance) -Beta group activity things and obligations -Etc.

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Post-Beta Test Make client input open, institutional client insight (Analyze client criticism in organized way and report all issues) Prioritize issues (seriousness and redundancy) and build up a coordinated cross-practical activity arrange Incorporate beta client input into market-driven item guide Ensure all organization foundation necessities distinguished have been completely tended to Review beta program process and execution and create change arrange Send out impetuses (where proper) and thank singular Beta clients actually (telephone call, email, and so on.) in an auspicious manner

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Some Tips for Managing a Beta Program Establish very much coordinated cross-useful group with representation from all partners (official, showcasing, deals, designing, bolster, accomplices, and so forth) Assign program proprietor (by and large advertising) and characterize clear colleague parts and obligations Agree cross-practically on criteria for picking a Beta site Promote significance and estimation of beta test to every single utilitarian association and impart the beta data to all who require it

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Key Beta Test Mistakes "Wrong" beta analyzers acknowledged Recruiting family or companions skews viewpoint Poorly oversaw beta analyzers as well as test information Prohibitive time responsibility, bringing about drop-outs Viewing Beta program as income source Beta trial too short or too long Too few or excessively numerous beta clients (hard to oversee) "Picking the wrong beta analyzers is the most ideal way I know to give pointless results"

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Summary: A Successful Beta Program Product functions as publicized Benefits are recorded, approved and measured (generally speaking, highlight particular) Product setup, establishment and client bolster procedures and documentation meet client desires Unanticipated or un-tended to aggregate item prerequisites are recognized and organized with level of criticality decided

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Presenters Rosemary Remacle, Consultant Market Focus 408-244-0412