H1N1 Pandemic Update

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2. H1N1 Pandemic Update. . Current flu cases in U.S. surprisingly high for summer >43,000 affirmed/Estimated 1-2 million cases Only reporting hospitalizations/passings Children

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H1N1 Pandemic Update Presented by CAPT Mark Delowery, DO, MPH Director, Division of Clinical Services August 11, 2009

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H1N1 Pandemic Update Current flu cases in U.S. surprisingly high for summer >43,000 affirmed/Estimated 1-2 million cases Only announcing hospitalizations/passings Children & youthful grown-ups lopsidedly influenced Severely sick more prone to have medical problems (co dreariness) Virus strain not changing 3 instances of antiviral resistance Monitoring Southern Hemisphere H1N1 movement

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How is H1N1 spread?

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How is H1N1 spread? Close contact with tainted individual (3 - 6ft) Coughing or sniffling Kissing or grasping Sharing eating or drinking utensils Infectious beads Contagious for 7 days Young youngsters might be infectious longer Touching defiled items Virus experience a few hours NOT Spread by eating pork

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Symptom Allergy Cold Flu

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H1N1 Assumptions Continue through Summer Surge in September Seasonal flu to cover with H1N1 and hypersensitivities High assault rates Activity may shift by area

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Vaccine Assumptions Expected in Fall (mid-October) Limited sums in starting Provide to new target bunches (taking after CDC rules): School age kids Pregnant ladies Health mind/crisis responders Child mind laborers Disabled youthful grown-ups Adults with youthful kids or incessant medicinal conditions Two measurements (3-4 weeks separated) Unknown antagonistic impacts C ollaborating with CDC to acquire H1N1 immunization when accessible

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What Can Change? Infection change Severity Transmissibility Antiviral resistance Vaccine viability

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How would I secure myself? Hack Etiquette Cover your nose/mouth Use then arrange tissue Use sleeve if no tissue Hand Hygiene Wash with cleanser and water or Use hand sanitizer Alcohol-based (>60%)

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How would I secure myself? Remain at home when sick Avoid close contact with wiped out individuals Avoid touching face with unwashed hands Limit time in group Get inoculated Rest/work out/eating routine Treat restorative conditions

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FOH Support for H1N1 Preparedness Pandemic and H1N1 Training and Education Sessions Posting Informational Updates/FAQs Review of Agency Pandemic Plans Identify High Risk Occupations Providing therapeutic direction/meeting on H1N1 cases Respirator Protection Program Preparedness Online medicinal leeway Respirator fit testing and preparing Anti-viral Program Preparedness Medical freedom/Rx Distribution/administering H1N1 immunization (if accessible)