NBWA Projects Update November ,2009

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NBWA Projects Update November ,2009. I Ongoing Projects-ProgressII New-Adapting to Climate Change:

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NBWA Projects Update November ,2009 I Ongoing Projects-Progress II New-Adapting to Climate Change: "Condition of the Science" for North Bay Watersheds III Other Updates/Accomplishments

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Ongoing 1) High School Pollution Prevention Pilot program 2) Laterals-Marin WWT administrators 3) Fish Monitoring-CEMAR 4) Performance Measures/Indicators-SFEI, SEC, TBI 5) Water Conservation-SCWA 6) Fact Sheet-TBI, SEC

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High School Pollution Prevention Pilot Expansion *Original proposition in 2006-2007 spending plan -$10k for Napa $3,126 spent(Napa-$1,987,CMSA-$1,139) *Expansion put in 2008-2009 spending plan -$10k for Marin, Napa, and Sonoma County NBWA Board Briefing - July 10, 2009 -Sonoma and Marin have dropped out Napa– anticipating SOW –estimate-$3005 *Lessons Learned ??

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Laterals-Marin WWT administrators *Original endorsement of $12.5 k NBWA supports in 2007-2008 spending plan as 10% of $125 K Remainder-Marin WWT directors assemble Contracts marked March 2008 Larson - $20k, Rauch-$70k * NBWA Board Briefing - September 11, 2009 -On NBWA site *Contract Amendments-October 2009 Larson-+15,134, Rauch-+$46,730 Extension to February 28, 2010

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Fish Monitoring-CEMAR *Originally in 2007-2008 spending plan - $50k for Watershed mindfulness *CEMAR proposition affirmed by Board in December 2007 for $35k Contract marked –March 2008 Scoping record –November 2008 NBWA Board instructions – January 2009 Contract expansion –Sep. 09( to June 2010) Waiting for Draft Report (spent ~ $23k) NBWA Board Briefing-December 2009

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Performance Measures/Indicators Approved by Board in May 2008-$43k Lead-SFEI, with SEC, TBI - Contract marked with SFEI in November 2008 1 st workgroup meeting-December 2008 NBWA Board preparation April 2009 Habitat/Floodplain Updates Watershed Council June 25-approach October 7-Draft Report Final report-November 2009

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Water Conservation Approved by NBWA Board in May 2008 $25k-SCWA lead Contract marked January 2009 June 3, 2009-Progress exhibited at Integrated Water Resources Technical Committee Meeting

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Fact Sheet *Approved by NBWA Board in May 2008 Lead-TBI, SEC -$12.5 k *SOW created at Habitat/Floodplain gatherings May 18 and August 11,2008, January 6, 2009, February 24 (affirmed) Contract marked May 2009 Progress looked into at Habitat/Floodplain gatherings May 26, June 30, Sep. 28, Draft-??

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Other Updates/Accomplishments "Signs" Project STRAW Project Video-"Sparing the Bay" SW and WWT Workshop Policy EPA-SFEP Funding?

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Completed Projects "Signs" Project - $15k – ($5k to Marin Napa , Sonoma) Update at October 7, Watershed Council meeting-$ utilized, some press scope STRAW Project-Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed - Approved by NBWA Board in September 2008 for $15k -Contract marked January 2009 with TBI -Project finished mid 2009 -Press discharge drafted

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Other Video-"Sparing the Bay" - First preparation December 2005 Funded at $5 k add up to from NBWA in June 2007 MMWD-$5k and SCWA $10k Shown on PBS October 1 and 8, 2009 Credit in opening SW and WWT Workshop $2k to bolster June 23 , 2009 Workshop Funded $1,800 Follow up through Water Quality Technical Committee

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Other Policy NBWA Board Briefing on-Promoting Multi-Benefit Water Projects in the North Bay Watershed Association Region –SEC-July 2007 - NBWA "embraced" Policy on Integrated Projects on October , 2008 -NMWD received strategy Integrated/Multi-Benefit Water Resource Projects - 11/4/2008 -?? EPA-SFEP Funding??? NBWA asked for $1.5 million for Marin, Napa, and Sonoma

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NBWA 2010 Conference Date and Location Theme Speakers Cost Sponsors

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Date-April 9, 2010 Location - Sheraton, Petaluma-contract marked Theme - " Greening Our Water Infrastructure " 3 Panels - Watersheds and Green Infrastructure Recycling Advancements Water Supply Innovations Keynotes * Jared Huffman *Frances Spivy-Weber, Vice Chair, SWRCB

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Watersheds and Green Infrastructure Alexis Strauss, EPA Water Division Director Green to Blue: how EPA projects, approaches and subsidizing drive framework and watershed change Brock Dolman-OAEC Basins of Relations: How would you Think Like a Watershed? Josiah Cain-Design Ecology ??Ecological Designs and Site Technology Rosey Jencks, SFPUC Urban Watershed Management * San Francisco's Stormwater Program Kit Crump-NOAA ??What is the part of water in salmonid recuperation

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Recycling Advancements Chuck Weir-NBWRA Are there Advantages to a Regional Approach to Recycling? Mike Ban-Petaluma ?? Contextual investigation on Recycling Heather Shepherd, ??Permitted Greywater Systems Christina Bertea, Greywater Action ??Grassroots Greywater (unpermitted)

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Water Supply Innovations Paul Helliker – MMWD Is Desalination in our Future? Pam Jeane, SCWA ?? Natural surroundings Restoration and Water Delivery Jay Jasperse, SCWA ?? Groundwater Management Chris Brown, CUWCC ??What is the Cutting edge for Conservation?

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Costs $80 $70 before January 31, 2010 Watershed Council-$40 Wine Tasting-3:15-4:15 pm Benziger Family Winery

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Sponsors DWR-$2500 SCWA-$2500 Winzler & Kelly-$2500 County of Marin-$1500 SCC-$1000 SFEP-$500

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Saving The Bay