ALMA Update: October 2004-October 2005

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ALMA Update: October 2004-October 2005 Bob Dickman ALMA Staff Associate Division of Astronomical Sciences

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Events Reviewed Antenna obtainment Rebaselining Cost Review Near Future

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Rebaselining Fall 2004: Rebaselining starts March 2002 venture standard predates formal venture assentions and Japanese investment September 2005: "Last" re-pattern cost appraise (JAO) Assumptions Common radio wire sort, ESO keeps up acquisition calendar, and 50-component exhibit beginning stage Increase in cost: Antennas Other territories List of conceivable changes/descopes/scours NSF striving to support overwhelms: descopes, considering deferrable work, extra organizations November 2005 objective: New Project Baseline (Scope, Cost and Schedule) set up

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Rebaselining: Cost Escalation Sources Antennas Delay for facilitated acquirement Commodity cost expands: oil, steel, nickel Site Booming Chilean economy Dollar/peso trade rates Management Joint ALMA Office, including Project Management & Control System (PMCS) Costs of association Systems Engineering and Integration Complexity of venture Other ( e.g., missing extension, and so on.)

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Cost Review Lehman-style cost audit Review asked for by ALMA Board Report will be passed on to NSF and ESO Council 4 days: October 13-16, 2005 Detailed evaluation of Cost Schedule Management Initial appraisal of i ntegrating Japan Enhanced ALMA; early operations; operations Panel: Chair: Steve Beckwith Vice-Chair: Thijs de Graauw 20-part board 7 individuals each named by NA and ESO 4 individuals selected by Japan 2 individuals named by Chile Report planned to fit needs of ALMA Board, NSF

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Antenna Procurement: I Parallel acquisition required by various lawful administrations and practices of accomplices Each accomplice gives a large portion of the aggregate number of recieving wires Highly planned, in light of procurement of two models Goal is produce of a solitary outline Start: December 2003. Obstructions: Prototype execution: Late inquiries regarding (for the most part) one model emerged Summer-Fall 2004 Extended testing program given to JAO; settled in mid 2005 (both models are fabulous) Coordinated acquisition separated in June 2005 with the intrusion of the ESO obtainment

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Antenna Procurement: II In June 2005, ALMA Board asked NSF/AUI/NRAO to continue with a one-sided NA acquirement This approach was upheld by ESO Council NRAO marked reception apparatus contract July 11, 2005 Significantly higher expenses than even 1 year prior: Commodity cost expands Assume all NRE (recoverable) Loss of amount rebate (recoverable)

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Antenna Procurement: III ESO gaining fast ground on obtainment NSF activity has quickened prepare On timetable to finish by end of October ESO Council supported a 50-component cluster Both model plans still in the running in Europe

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Immediate Future: Milestones ALMA Cost audit: October 13-16 ALMA Board follows up on ESO recieving wire decision: November 1 NSF-USG choice procedure to choose and approve new standard: October 2005 - March 2006 New Baseline set up

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Challenges Operations Costs U.S. Fetched increment  Non-Defense optional budgetary atmosphere