Alabama Land Division Regulatory Update

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Alabama Land Division Regulatory Update Wm. Gerald Hardy Chief, Land Division 2010 Southern Section A&WMA Annual Conference August 2010

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Topics Land Division Organization RCRA 2020 Corrective Action Hazardous Waste Program Solid Waste Program Scrap Tire Program

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Land Division Organization Solid Waste Branch: Phil Davis Industrial Hazardous Waste Branch: Jeff Kitchens Governmental Hazardous Waste Branch: Stephen Cobb Environmental Services Branch: Larry Bryant Groundwater Branch: Sonja Massey

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Hazardous Waste Program GPRA 2020 Progress Human Exposures Controlled (CA725) 2011 Regional Goal – 71% 2011 State Projection – 73% Groundwater Migration Controlled (CA750) 2011 Regional Goal – 66% 2011 State Projection – 69% Site-Wide Remedy Decision (CA400) 2011 Regional Goal – 55% 2011 State Projection – 66% Site-Wide Remedy Constructed (CA550) 2011 Regional Goal – 48% 2011 State Projection – 52%

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Hazardous Waste Program Industrial & Governmental Compliance and Enforcement Compliance FY 2010 (through July) 205 Facility Inspections Enforcement FY 2010 (through July) 89 Warning Letters issued to Facilities 31 Notices of Violation issued to Facilities 11 Notices of Intent to Initiate Enforcement Actions 7 Orders issued for an aggregate punishment measure of $143,560

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Miscellaneous Issues EPA Enforcement Oversight - State Review Framework (SRF) Uniform Environmental Covenant Act (UECA) Implementation eFile

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Solid Waste Permitting Program Recent Issues Staffing expanded to 5 designs All FY10 reestablishments issued preceding lapse Current Issues Perry County Associates Landfill & coal fiery debris BP sleek waste transfer Future Issues Composting & Post-Closure Regulation

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Solid Waste Program Permitting Solid Waste Landfills Zero excess (down from 52 from FY 2008) Scrap Tire Facilities (to date) Receiver Registrations 2,525 Transporter Permits 176 Processor Permits 52

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Solid Waste Program Compliance and Enforcement Compliance FY 2010 (through June) 377 Landfill Inspections 904 Scrap Tire Facility Inspections Enforcement FY2010 (through June) 24 Notices of Violation issued to Landfills 49 Notices of Violation issued to Scrap Tire Facilities 42 Notices of Violation issued for Tire Dumps, Solid Waste Dumps, Combination Dump Sites 24 Orders issued for an aggregate punishment measure of $140,455

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Solid Waste Recycling Program 2009 8 Grants granted totaling over $1.1 Million 2010 15 Grants granted totaling over $1.7 Million Recycling Facility Regulations passed on June 25, 2010; compelling August 3, 2010 Recycling Registration Form will be accessible in the not so distant future Manufacturing and fuel utilize offices are not subject to reusing enrollment directions

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Solid Waste Remediation Program Solid Waste Fund Site Cleanup (FY2010) To date, 179 aggregate qualified destinations 42 locales finished with around 3,300 tons of strong waste arranged Approximately 60 locales in advance Over $1.6 Million focused on unapproved dump remediation ventures since program beginning in June 2009

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Scrap Tire Remediation Program Scrap Tire Fund Large Site Cleanup Removal exercises in Prichard finished (August 2009 – March 2010) ~13,500 huge amounts of scrap tires and tire materials evacuated Equivalent to more than 1.3 million traveler tire reciprocals $798,039.90 paid for tidy up Over 60% of scrap tires advantageously reused Remediation exercises in Samson, Geneva County to start soon (Approx. 1,000,000 Tires) Scrap Tire Fund Small Site Cleanup (FY2010) 17 locales finished—around 40,000 scrap tires arranged 9 destinations in advance $238,100 for cleanup of the 17 destinations

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Contacts Gerald Hardy, Chief - Land Division (334) 271-7732 Phil Davis, Chief – Solid Waste Branch (334) 271-7755 Jeff Kitchens, Chief – Industrial Hazardous Waste Branch (334) 270-5627 Stephen Cobb, Chief-Governmental HW Branch (334) 271-7739 Larry Bryant, Chief-Environmental Services Branch (334) 271-7771 Sonja Massey, Chief-Groundwater Branch (334) 271-7832