African Universities and Their Role in Development

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´╗┐African Universities and Their Role in Development Mohamed H.A. Hassan President, African Academy of Sciences (AAS) Executive Director, TWAS University Leaders Forum Cape Town, 18-21 November 2006

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Questions What are the present difficulties confronting Africa's monetary improvement? What part can African colleges play in creating and applying information for financial development?

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Challenges Democracy and great administration Introducing political changes in view of equitable standards, openness, straightforwardness and responsibility Build strong political and budgetary organizations to draw in remote venture and association Examples of promising changes: Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda

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Challenges Democracy and great administration Mo Ibrahim Prize for accomplishment in African Leadership (US$ 5 million to African heads of state for conveying security, wellbeing, instruction and financial improvement to their countries and fairly exchanging energy to their successors)

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Challenges Quality instruction and research Revitalize and change key colleges and move up to world-class inquire about colleges Promote culture of greatness in instruction Provide quick track preparing to best understudies Reduce cerebrum deplete Establish investigate units and focuses of magnificence inside college divisions and resources to strengthen connects amongst instruction and research

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Challenges Linking examination to activity Build nearby and territorial ability to address basic issues (WEHAB) Strategy to connection forefront S&T to Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and construct limits in rising advances Participate in worldwide review to distinguish late advances in ICTs, biotechnologies and nanotechnologies that can possibly add to achieving the MDGs (Open University, Toronto University)

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Challenges Funds for research and development Secure sufficient and managed subsidizing component to bolster quality training, research and advancement and to pull in, prepare and hold best and brightest youthful analysts Establish self-ruling, self-representing national and provincial research establishments (South Africa, Nigeria; AFRAND? ASIF?)

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Challenges Implementation of suggestions/choices of political pioneers Vienna Program of Action (1979) Lagos Plan of Action (1980) G8 Summit (2005) EC/AU Declaration (2006) AU Summit on S&T: January 2007, Addis Abeba G8/UNESCO World Forum on Education, Innovation and Research: March 2007, Trieste

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Questions What are the flow challenges confronting Africa's financial improvement? What part can African colleges play in producing and applying learning for monetary development?

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African Universities Training new eras of researchers Curriculum changes and ICT-based creative instructing strategies to deliver critical thinking researchers, technologists and trend-setters Regional undergrad cooperations (AU/AAU?) South-South postgraduate associations (TWAS/TWOWS)

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African Universities Contributing to critical thinking research Collaboration between capable research groups inside colleges to address basic local issues (AAU) Links amongst colleges and research establishments/para-statals inside government services Partnership between resources of agribusiness and national and global farming examination focuses (CGIAR) Links between college look into units and NEPAD's systems of fabulousness Participation in late joint activities amongst Africa and creating nations somewhere else (Brazil, India & South Africa; Brazil, India & Senegal; Brazil, Angola & Mozambique; China & Africa; COSTIS)

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African Universities Developing nearer organization with foundations of science 13 justify based institutes of science in Africa (NASAC). 6 are in nations spoke to in this Forum. Dominant part of individuals are educators at African colleges Academies can give colleges logical authority and exhortation on educational modules improvement and quality training and research Universities can quicken changes of foundations, changing them into more dynamic associations by connecting them to youthful specialists

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African Universities Developing nearer organization with institutes of science IAC reports S&T limit building: Revitalization of African colleges African horticulture: Strengthening of resources of farming Role of African college examine in national frameworks of advancement: Request by NASAC Proposal: Compile, distribute and spread creative encounters in different African colleges where inquire about has been effectively connected to invigorate financial development (TWAS/AAU?)

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Conclusions Africa needs another era of home-developed, critical thinking, world-class researchers to lead science-based improvement in the mainland. This must be accomplished through building up a viable STI arrangement of world-class inquire about colleges.

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Conclusions Success stories highlighting accomplishments of colleges in adding to monetary development should be distinguished, distributed and broadly disseminated.

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Conclusions Increased money related distributions for advanced education and STI improvement in Africa ought to above all else originate from African governments. Outer support from G8 nations, substantial creating nations (Brazil, China, India) and establishments is basic in creating fabulousness and pertinence in STI.

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Conclusions African pioneers are progressively perceiving that science, innovation and advancement are vital to lead and actualize techniques to accomplish the UN Millennium Goals. The world's rich countries (G8) communicated solid support for fortifying colleges and for building STI limits in Africa.

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Conclusions 2006 has been a year of high trusts and political will to spare Africa through expanded interest in STI. Give 2007 a chance to be the year of unequivocal responsibility, execution and activity.

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Conclusions World-class investigate colleges alone won't quicken financial development in Africa. Be that as it may, without a reasonable arrangement of world-class inquire about colleges Africa's monetary development can't be quickened.

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Thank you for your consideration Mohamed H.A. Hassan President, African Academy of Sciences (AAS) Executive Director, TWAS