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Guaranteed Research Administrator (CRA): Is It for You? Elizabeth Adams + Frank Cutting WCAS Research Administration meeting December 16, 2010

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Research Administration as a Profession Nationally Research is a national need, and a foundation to our economy Many various types of establishments do inquire about, in a wide range of spots Sponsor prerequisites are developing (especially on the authoritative side) At NU Unprecedented $557M explore grants in FY10 Approximately 100 Research Administrator and Research Coordinator positions on grounds Vibrant, dynamic group of RAs

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Credential offered by autonomous expert association Organized collection of learning; proficient and useful It looks great on your resume Mark of individual responsibility to the field It's what's accessible on the off chance that you need top to bottom comprehension of research organization Great expert objective/challenge for yourself Study and system inside a partner with comparable expert objectives Information is power Why the CRA?

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Why Not the CRA? Time duty Cost Eligibility CRA is as yet picking up perceivability, believability Research organization preparing at NU may enhance throughout the following 2-3 years

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Structure NURAP will buy "Manual for Managing Federal Grants for Colleges and Universities" Follow UT survey arrange 15 Weekly gatherings covering particular points Same day, time and place every week Tuesdays 4 – 5:30pm Norris? Utilizing Googlegroups for talk discussion? Every meeting has maybe a couple facilitators Hope to enroll OSR/ASRSP for support particular session CRA Local Mentor is at IIT

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Timeline December-Early January Info sessions January 24-28 Classes begin Feb 11 Review at UIC March 15 Test enlistment due date May 2-6 Classes end May 7-21 Take Test!

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Sample Exam Questions! Government law by and large requires allow monetary records to be kept for a MINIMUM of how long? A. 1 B. 3 C. 5 D. 10

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Sample Exam Questions! The Bayh-Dole Act addresses: A. distribution rights to all licensed innovation B. settled value contracts for governmentally supported research C. expansion of synergistic business openings D. responsibility for property coming about because of government supported research

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Sample Exam Questions! As per government controls, Institutional Review Boards must incorporate? A. An ethicist B. A lawyer C. An individual from the church D. A part not generally partnered with the establishment

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Questions? Much obliged to You!