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Institutional Research Websites: A Beginner's Approach Presented by the accompanying individuals from the Wake Forest University Office of Institutional Research: Adam Shick, Assistant Director of Institutional Research Sara Gravitt, Research Assistant Joel Campbell, Graduate Student Assistant North Carolina Association for Institutional Research Annual Conference, Elon University, March 26, 2003.

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Overview Things to do before you begin Training Available assets Preparation and outline Creating and keeping up a site Six criteria Miscellaneous recommendations Demonstration of Wake Forest IR site

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The Best Way to Create Your Site Have somebody with experience make the webpage Campus Webmaster Student specialist Pro: proficient employment Con: reliant on designer on the off chance that you can't assume control over the website after creation

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Doing It Yourself Training On grounds staff preparing openings if accessible Classes offered by your school Attend web presentations at IR meetings

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Design It Before You Build It Determine what you wish to achieve with your site E-Fact Book Common Data Set Survey Results Faculty Handbook (WFU) Faculty Professional Activity frames (WFU)

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Design It Before You Build It (proceeded with) Look at other sites (not simply IR locales) for thoughts Make notes of preferences and aversions What's disappointing? Broken connections Hard to discover data Getting lost What causes a client to leave a site rashly?

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Some Criteria (Presented by International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences) Content Structure and Navigation Visual Design Functionality Interactivity Overall Experience

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Criteria – Content - all data gave on site Clear Concise Appropriately passed on by means of electronic medium

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Criteria – Structure and Navigation Structure and Navigation - system, association, prioritization, how client travels through webpage Structure and Navigation ought to be straightforward and instinctive Should permit client to shape a mental guide of the website Easy access to expansiveness and profundity of webpage

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Criteria – Visual Design Visual Design - appearance of webpage Does not need to cut edge or conspicuous Should be suitable and significant

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Criteria – Functionality Does the webpage function admirably? Are there any broken connections? Do representation stack legitimately? Program autonomous?

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Criteria – Interactivity - the way the site permits the client to accomplish something, to partake Input/yield: seeks, information mining, peer gather examination instruments User is no more extended simply "perusing a magazine"

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Criteria – Overall Experience Encompasses all above criteria Does client return, bookmark your page?

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Assessment of Site's Usage Hit Counters Surprisingly little html code required Free counters accessible on web Avoid unattractive hit counters Hide by utilizing same shading content as foundation Counter from WFU IR webpage <!- - Counter introduced 2/12/2002- - > </Font></Font><Font size="1" color="#FFFFFF"> <!- - #exec cmd="/bar/gopher-information/cgi-receptacle/access_count ir02122002_factbook " - > </Font> <!- - FOOTER - >

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Alias Your real URL might be restrictively long Request Webmaster give an "assumed name."

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Templates You most likely don't need to begin without any preparation Templates Available from your Webmaster? Consistency required with rest of grounds? "Duplicate" from another office on your grounds Ensure layout is finished and redress before making different pages from it

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Scrolling Minimize looking over – particularly on landing page Users are even less inclined to scroll on a level plane Have the most imperative connections noticeable when page opens

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Breadcrumbs User ought to dependably know about where they are in the webpage Example: Home > Fact Books > 2001-02 Does not need to be "unequivocal" (WFU website)

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