You have two minutes to draw a guide of Birmingham.

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Land profiling. An arrangement of strategies for making deductions about wrongdoing and offenders from the area and timing of offenses.. Wrongdoing mapping. Plot the wrongdoings on the guide then decide...How numerous guilty parties do you believe are dependable and why?What different recommendations would you be able to make about the offender(s)?.

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´╗┐You have two minutes to draw a guide of Birmingham.

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Geographical profiling An arrangement of systems for making inductions about wrongdoing and culprits from the area and timing of offenses.

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Crime mapping Plot the wrongdoings on the guide then choose... What number of wrongdoers do you believe are capable and why? What different proposals would you be able to make about the offender(s)?

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Crime mapping Source:

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Crime mapping Source:

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Offense bunches

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Crime mapping Source:

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Routine movement hypothesis Crimes happen when three conditions match: A roused wrongdoer A reasonable (and defenseless) casualty Absence of a fit gatekeeper Criminal offenses are an expansion of the guilty party's ordinary exercises, so will happen in spots the guilty party makes consistent utilization of

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Circle hypothesis of natural range A hover attracted to envelop every one of the violations in an arrangement is probably going to contain the guilty party's base (Canter & Larkin, 1993). Where ought to the police search for the guilty party in charge of the group between the underground line and Durnsford street?

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Dragnet investigation

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Timing of offenses Information about topographical area of violations turns out to be more valuable when consolidated with data about when offenses happened.

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Crimes around Manchester University Street theft Burglary How would we be able to clarify the vacillations in various wrongdoings throughout the year? J F M A M J A S O N D

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Mental maps How precise is your guide of Birmingham? How does your guide mirror your encounters and point of view?

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Mental maps Individuals build mental maps of the zones they know. These are not completely precise. They exemplify the individual's understanding and viewpoint on the territory. The appropriation of connected offenses may mirror the guilty party's mental guide of the range

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what number distinctive ways may topographical profiling add to police work? What issues may make topographical profiling troublesome or potentially deceptive?