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Utilizing idea outline to impart and exhibit information University of Oulu, Finland EDTECH A41857 (1 credit) – Challenges, Problems, & Future of EdTech Wednesday March 30, 2005 Dr. Roy Clariana Penn State University email: RClariana@psu.edu home: www.personal.psu.edu/rbc4 "First we fabricate the apparatuses, then they construct us!" - Marshall McLuhan

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objectives Your take aways: Some encounters with community oriented idea mapping, mindmapping Some comprehension of how/why it functions Some cases that you could execute on Monday morning in your classroom or in you inquire about Your Digital Portfolio for future reference and for sharing

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1 credit alternative Digital portfolio – Formulate as a gathering a  digital arrangement of mindmapping, which you may use later on in your studies or work. For educators, give particular cases to utilizing mind mapping as a part of your classroom For specialists, give particular cases to utilizing mind mapping as a part of your exploration

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2 credit choice? Computerized Portfolio in addition to a White paper – a 5-10 page (twofold separated) powerful audit of some part of mind mapping, i.e., scripting MM in CSCL, MM as an ancient rarity, and so forth. [Based on your instinct, depict how a MM can work, this is your first cycle of an "answer". The White papers is a "delicate offer" for your "answer" that portrays the issue (90% of the record) and after that states obviously how your answer tackles the issue (10%). Maintain a strategic distance from straw man arguments.]

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If you are intrigued… Manuscript for presentation – I trust that we can distribute this experience, i.e., in view of a few activities we will do, together we plan inquiries, gather and dissect information, compose… (this will probably go past the workshop time allotment and is additionally more open-finished) For instance: How does connection create/develop in online communitarian mind mapping? What scripts can bolster online shared personality mapping?

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Agenda for now Welcome and presentations all around Q&A Brief diagram of idea maps Intro to Cmap devices programming Brainstorm action (aggregate parts) Set up Project 1 (see freebee) Set up Project 2 (see gift) Does anybody have any understudy papers that we can use in Project 3 on Monday? Click here for undertakings freebee

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Some establishment stuff some wording Concept outline charts showing interrelationships among ideas and speaking to calculated structures inside a particular space of information (vanBoxtel) Concept delineate a visual arrangement of hubs and circular segments (a system representation) that exemplifies the connections among the arrangement of ideas. Additionally called learning maps, mindmaps, semantic maps (Turns, et al.). Hubs – terms/buildings/ideas (normally things, things, cases, thoughts, classes, individuals, areas… ) Links (circular segments) – lines interfacing hubs, generally named with a relationship term (typically verbs) Propositions – hub connect hub blends, likewise called "soup" (ketti) by IHMC differentiate Vygotsky Turns, Atman, & Adams, 2000

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Mindmaps versus idea maps Bahr (2004) utilizing idea maps to instruct English to German understudies

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vaihto kyllin usein demot, konkreettiset esimerkit sama työtapa liian pitkään pelkkä kuunteleminen tekeminen versus pelkkä kalvoshow työtavat vältä ! oppilaiden erot oppettajan vaikutus-mahdollisuudet muista huumori ! huomaa erot hitaat nopeat tukiopetus. apu lisätehtäviä konkretisoi ! luokkakohtaiset erot yllätä ! kikkoja opettajan oma tarina haasta, kysele ! ikäluokka vaikuttaa vilkas luokka elävöittää kytke oppilaan arkeen ! perustele ! erityisen paljon kikkoja hiljainen luokka huiputa ! liikuta oppilas ylös penkistä istumajärjestys ! ei palautetta opettajalle näennäinen keskittyminen ? Mindmap of "gathering" information (Anni, Anna, Paula, Esa, ja Herkko), source is the second floor corridor

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Mindmaps versus idea maps My question is, do idea maps or improve the Finnish dialect?

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Tools to bolster mapping Yellow stickies!! Pencil and paper might be best for your classroom Software – PowerPoint is quite great Inspiration is great however costly CMAP instrument is free, yet your tech individual will need to consent to bolster it At minimum 22 different apparatuses are accessible, some free some not

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Other idea outline scoring approaches CMap devices (IHMC) that we will utilize today C-TOOLS – Luckie (PI), University of Michigan NSF allow accessible: http://ctools.msu.edu/ctools/index.html TPL-KATS – University of Central Florida (e.g., Hoeft, Jentsch, Harper, Evans, Bowers, & Salas, 1990). TPL-KATS: idea delineate: modernized learning appraisal apparatus. PCs in Human Behavior , 19 (6), 653-657. SEMNET – http://www.semanticresearch.com/about/CMAT – Arneson & Lagowski, University of Texas, http://chemed.cm.utexas.edu Plus 22 other non-scoring map apparatuses, Inspiration , Kidspiration

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Some past employments of mapping Usually include people working alone, and include message somehow Some community oriented methodologies have been utilized Lets take a gander at a couple…

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Using an understudy mindmap to "catch" a content (note taking) Mindmap notes Textbook Text content reminder content Examples? understudy

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Using an understudy mindmap to "catch" inquire about on a point content Text content tex Text content textt Mindmap notes content Text content tex Text content textt notice content www content Examples? video understudy video

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Then utilizing the mindmap to compose an article Mindmap notes paper Text content notice content Examples? understudy

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Using a scientist attracted mindmap to "catch" a meeting transcript property hypothesis note issue Interview 1 Interview 1 Text content reminder content The capacity and experience of the individual coding the content is basic… coder

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Using a gathering attracted mindmap to "catch" a meeting Interview 1 content Qs The ability and experience of the individual coding the content is basic… questioner

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Example of dyad coordinated effort (not on the web) Note the attentional impacts of the curio Mindmap ancient rarity Verbal discourse (taped) Observations: On errand Abstract talk 3-recommendations/min Question Answer Criticize Conflict Elaboration Co-development Analyze the examination Blah yakkity yak Blah yakkity yak yakkity yak blah The inconceivable estimation of talk! Hannah Inferred: Active utilization of earlier learning Acknowledged issues Look for significant relations Negotiation Yergin Problem: Sometimes informal thoughts are imbued Shared items assume an essential part in arrangement and co-development van Boxtel, van der Linden, Roelofs, & Erkens (2002)

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Chiu et al. case of an online cooperation Mindmap antiquity Mindmap session kept going 80 minutes. 3 x 12 online gatherings, impart by visit, 745 messages were traded (avg. of 62 for each gathering). makes Online visit H: WE ought to … J: Did you see… Y: Yeah, yet … Etc. And so forth. Just the lead could adjust the mindmap Jari Hannah (lead) The 'other 2 individuals utilized talk to "exhort" Researchers Analyzed the visit content And the mindmap Yergin p.22, Chiu, Huang, & Chang (2000)

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Project 1 and 2 We will try different things with two online joint effort approaches Project 1 is a synchronous idea outline utilizing Cmap devices programming Project 2 is an offbeat idea delineate utilizing PowerPoint programming and email But next, we will take a stab at conceptualizing with Cmap apparatuses to get comfortable with the devices and process before setting up Project 1 Click here for tasks present

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First Mind outline parts… Mindmap action… Starter : You function as a discourse arbitrator. Your task is to draw in your gathering individuals to the dialog by making inquiries and remarking. Furthermore, if the wrapper makes little rundowns amid dialog you can use his or her work to bring up new issues. Dynamic support in the discourses is key. Wrapper : Your task is to aggregate up the examination. In the event that you think it is less demanding you can compress regularly and weave thoughts together. For instance, if five members of your gathering are having an exchange about collective and co-agent learning you can outline their primary focuses amid the discourse. An option route is to total up the discourses toward the end of article-videoclip errand (and the last course task). Please outline your gathering's exchanges and make a brief rundown of the fundamental points. Dynamic support in the talks is fundamental. Amass part : Your task is to take an interest effectively into discourses by making inquiries making remarks and expressing contentions. You are required to be a basic inquirer. Evaluator (a discretionary part): You are required to assess your gathering's work amid the course. It would be ideal if you concentrate on the gathering connection and gathering elements, for instance how the starters, wrappers and gathering individuals performed amid the examinations and last course task. The coaches advise you when to perform assessments. See that you are likewise an agent starter and a representative wrapper if the initially named people are not accessible. In the event that you are called to function as a starter or wrapper please observe the guidelines given above. The part of evaluators are utilized just in the event that you have not had a part of starter or wrapper amid this course.

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Cluster investigation enter Brainstorming (corpus list) Sorting (draw like terms nearer) Build accord! Naming Clusters (name the classes/subjects ) Merging & Pruning (consolidate like terms, erase or move not at all like terms, orchestrate terms) and if fundamental Sorting