Welcome to Argentina

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Welcome to Argentina!

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Where is Argentina? Argentina is situated in South America While Argentina is only bigger than ¼ the span of the United States, it is the 2 nd biggest nation in South America. Argentina is the 8 th biggest nation on the planet!

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Fun certainties about Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere. Its seasons are the inverse of those in the United States. The school year is additionally extraordinary. Argentina has the most elevated mountain outside Asia, the Aconcagua which is 22,841 feet (6.962mt). Around 39 million individuals live in Argentina. 1/3 live in Buenos Aires , the capital city, and its rural areas. The coin is the Argentine peso. 3 pesos = $1 Some Argentine propensities are: -to have 4 suppers consistently (supper late); -to welcome each other with a kiss; -to chat with the hands; -to wear outfits to class (guardapolvo). - to utilize bidet

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Argentine nourishment and beverages What sort of sustenance do Argentines like? Hamburger! Asado, churrasco, bife a caballo, milanesa, empanadas. Italian nourishment Pizza, pasta Fruits and vegetables as side dishes and treats. Individuals cherish having milanesa con fathers fritas and italian style frozen yogurt for treat.

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To get ready mate you require: A mate (the pot where you put the yerba mate) A bombilla (the straw) Yerba (the dried and smashed mate leaves) Hot water How would you set it up? Warm up some water until it is going to bubble, fill the mate with yerba and place the bombilla inside, pour a tad bit of water in the mate … and drink it!!! Mate is an extremely prevalent drink It's a natural imbuement . Be that as it may, the loved and admired is dulce de leche

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You can drink mate at whatever time of the day. You can have it with a nibble (like treats, toast, or a sandwich) Mate is an impeccable reason for individuals to get together, share the drink, and appreciate each other's conversation. Everyone drinks from the same mate!!!!

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Let's danceTango! Tango music began in Buenos Aires numerous years prior. There are unique strides to move Tango. Men and ladies grasp and move extremely close to each other. The verses are composed in an extremely exceptional form of the Spanish dialect called lunfardo , an extraordinary slang. The bandone ó n is a standout amongst the most essential instruments in tango music. The tunes frequently recount dismal romantic tales.

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The most prominent game in Argentina is soccer, we call it fútbol . The diversion was presented in the 1860s by British troopers. Argentina's national group won the World Cup in 1978 and 1986. Maradona is one of Argentina's objects of worship. Boca and River are the two most vital groups.

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Have you caught wind of Pato?

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Buenos Aires The capital of the nation is an enormous city with a variety of neighborhoods

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There are likewise numerous chronicled structures in Buenos Aires

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The Atlantic Coast

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Iguazú waterfalls

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Patagonia: Argentina's South Usuahia

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Glaciar Perito Moreno: The Eighth Wonder of the World

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the place where I grew up… Leones (Province of Córdoba)

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My town is… right amidst the pampas brimming with gauchos the capital city of the Wheat National Party

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Some more photographs of Leones…

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Thank you ! Come and visit ARGENTINA!