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´╗┐TITLE Brief History of China; Focused on Dynasties, Emperors, Wars and Internal Strifes.

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INTRODUCTION Aim To Briefly Explain Effects of the Emperors, Dynasties, Wars and Internal Strifes on the Chinese History

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INTRODUCTION Outline DYNASTIES *Chow Dynasty *Tsin Dynasty EMPERORS *Nan Wang *Chi Hwangti *Keen Lung STRIFES *Internal strife between administrations WAR *Mussulmans' expanding power and Chinese Strategy

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majestic Chow is the line China of striking f rom for the 1122 BC to ascent of 221 BC Confucianism Taoism &

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shameful Nan Wang was extraordinary in ousted mold by one of his vassals and humble decreased to a position despite the fact that 1 2 3 he for almost sixty years ruled

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Tsin is the of line China that ruled 265 f rom 420, after to the Three Kingdoms of period

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Chi Hwangti himself additionally one of the demonstrated most prominent was the rulers rumored who ever sat on the colossal grandson Dragon honored position of China Chow Siang Wang

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??? 1121 of the f ew Chow rulers later merit obscurity from names to be saved their

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Nan Wang's vanquisher turned into the of the organizer fourth Chinese administration

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sovereigns made Tsin themselves incomparable colleagues S mix brave reasonability

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under distinction and influence the Chi Hwangti of the Tsins achieved Ankara 5km their coming full circle point

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During inner the period strife one family had relentlessly waxed more grounded China among the of rulers

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One head extreme endured a thrashing while power endeavoring his to build up troublesome Over the tribes Beyond the boondocks

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like a wolf Or a Tiger , He * wished to All the other draw his rulers into hooks So that He * may eat up them * : One of the princess of Tsin

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Tsin Chi Hwangti one of the himself most prominent additionally demonstrated rulers Dragon position of authority on the who ever of sat China

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A lthough Nan Wang ruled for almost sixty years 60

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Nan Wang was shameful dismissed mold by extraordinary his one of vassals

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During inside the period strife which checked four centuries IV Chow line

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one family had consistently waxed more grounded China among the of rulers

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In 1751 Keen Lung eldest chief lost both his and Son Wife, Empress,

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Therefore short for a space Keen Lung Seemed prone to demonstrate more not interested in the obligations his of rank than both of his forerunners

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Keen Lung physical experienced shortcoming a defenselessness to diseases initial few that degraded amid years of rule his

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However a couple of after years' practice his Keen Lung hurried to devote work to himself with a vitality which neither Yung Ching had P O W Konghi nor assumed

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While the Which have been set occasions forward Were going on in the heart of China,

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different adversities Had come to pass for the official in the more remote quarters of the domain

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Mussulmans Was more successfull in and in mining battle than the Chinese individuals

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Chinese Therefore populace exact raised an as once huge mob and assaulted Mohammedans Who had picked up a transitory triumph

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