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´╗┐SOILS Most essential consequence of weathering and Erosion is soil Soils - soil science = PEDOLOGY Residual soil - soil produced using nearby bedrock (weathered material) Transport soil - soil that was moved by wind, water, ice, or gravity (weathered and dissolved material)

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SOIL Factors deciding soil cosmetics 1. Atmosphere - Rainfall sum and temperature (most imperative) 2. Parent Rock - Type and compound piece 3. Vegetation - Roots and Leaves 4. Geology - unevenness, and so forth 5. Time - to what extent to create

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MATURE VS. Juvenile SOIL Mature soil will be soil that is completely created! Has a recognized A,B, and C horizon.Forest soil, Grassland soil, and Tropical Soil Immature soil will be soil that is not completely created! Does not have a recognized A,B and C skyline. Ex. Betray soil, Arctic soil

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PEDALFERS VS. PEDOCALS Pedalfers - Found in eastern portion of U.S. where precipitation surpasses 25 inches/year a. Ped - soil/Al - aluminum/Fe - ferrum - press al from earth , fe from iron oxide 2. Pedocals -

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SOILS PROFILE Soil Profile - a cross response of soil down to the bedrock. All dirts demonstrate a "profile" of 3 unmistakable layers or zones (A,B,C) A. "A (skyline)" topsoil, dim or dark, has humus B. "B (skyline)" subsoil, more mud is washed down C. "C (skyline)" Rock sections and somewhat weathered bedrock Note: More nitty gritty portrayal in your bundle.

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SOIL TYPES AND CLIMATE Soil sorts and atmosphere 1.Most imperative element influencing soil is the atmosphere A. Tropical soil - Warm and wet, accelerate synthetic weathering. In this way soil frames all the more rapidly. Fruitless because of draining in light of rain (high temp. what's more, substantial precipitation). Note: 3 meters B. Meadow soil - enough rain for grass yet not trees. Thick A skyline and exceptionally fruitful. Note: 1 meter C. Timberland soil - Humid areas with cool season. All around created skylines. Under 1 meter. Not extremely fruitful. D. Ice soils - High height and scope. Not very many layers, shallow. Permafrost.

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SOIL CONSERVATION B. SOIL CONSERVATION 1. Soil Erosion - development of topsoil by water and wind 4 charge tons (water), 1 charge tons (wind) = loss of topsoil REDUCE IT!!!! 1. Windbreaks (level fields) 2. Shape cultivating (plant parallel to land forms 3. Porches (straightened inclines) 4. Strip trimming 5. No till

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RATES OF SOIL FORMATION Factors of Rates of Soil Formaiton 1. The stones themselves - Igneous and transformative most resistant, sedimentary slightest safe in light of pores. 2. Surface Area 3. Atmosphere - Warm and wet = concoction weathering Cold and Dry = mechanical weathering 4. Geology 5. Organic Factors