Music Trade 2010

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Google Buzz. Gmail. Google Analytics. 3 Elements of Online Marketing ... Google. Post to Blog by sending an email, including appended picture. Wordpress pings Google ...

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Creating a financially savvy web nearness Utilizing free devices and stages to get your message and music out there. Music Exchange 2010 Brian Currin

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Adapt to Change

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Information Overload

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Last year Music Exchange had a site and a Facebook Group

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This year Music Exchange has:

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Website (with nourishes) Blog Twitter Facebook Page Facebook Group Soundcloud Fanbridge

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The Internet is loaded with Free and Freemium items to assemble your online notoriety. Free and Freemium

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YouTube Delicious Stumble Upon Digg Google Buzz Gmail Google Analytics Other Profiles and Tools

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Find You Trust You Engage with you 3 Elements of Online Marketing

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Content Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing 3 Pillars of Online Marketing - Jeff Bullas

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It's free Over 200 million sites Endorsed by Google Post to Blog by sending an email, including joined picture Wordpress pings Google everytime you post Wordpress Blog (est 2003)

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Subscribers can get messages YouTube, Soundcloud and can be inserted. Can consequently Tweet Can naturally upgrade profiles like Yahoo and LinkedIn Can consequently overhaul your site Wordpress Blog (cont.)

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It's free 80 million individuals can't not be right Headlines Engage with individuals Can redesign your Facebook, Website, MySpace, Reverbnation, and so on Creates inbound connections to your own Blog, Website, Facebook, and so forth Twitter (est 2006)

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Profile Group Page 3 sorts of Facebook nearness

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It's free 400 million individuals can't not be right (April 2009: 200 million) Wall can be upgraded by Blog posts and Tweets Statistics accessible for Pages Search Engine (banded together with Bing) Facebook (est 2008)

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It's free (up to 2 hours worth of music) Music Player can be installed in Blog, site, MySpace, Facebook divider, and so forth New melodies included, consequently redesigns every single implanted player. Gushing or Downloading Link tunes or gatherings of melodies to online store. Soundcloud (est 2007)

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It's free (up to 400 sends every month) Subscribe and unsubscribe dealt with Personalize messages Not Spam Easy to use with incredible bolster Fanbridge (est 2006)

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Not free – about R300 to R400 renewable yearly Can point anyplace: Facebook, Blog Twitter, and so on Sub spaces can be made. i.e. Email divert i.e. advances to Domain Name

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Embed Blog and Twitter Feeds Google Analytics Optimize for web crawlers Things to do on the off chance that you have a site

Slide 35 Digital Sales

Slide 36 (MWeb) Promotion – free giveaways

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Passion and Perseverence What do you require?