Get ready for Vocations in Business-IT: CIS Major and IT Minor

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Data innovation is the motor of each advanced business ... Occupations: Business examiner, frameworks investigator, data modeler, application planner, programming designer, IT ...

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Planning for Careers in Business-IT: CIS Major and IT Minor CIS Presents Prof. Jennifer Xu November 6, 2007

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Myths about IT Jobs IT experts work alone They don't – a noteworthy part of a data framework authority's occupation is to comprehend what others do in business and how data frameworks can help them carry out their employments better Most IT work is collaboration nowadays – notwithstanding programming IT experts just converse with PCs Good relational abilities are a basically vital necessity for IT experts All IT occupations are moving abroad Only the most exhausting and tedious assignments are methodicallly being moved to lower-cost areas – you wouldn't need these occupations, in any case

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Myths about IT Jobs I'm keen on business – why would it be a good idea for me to think about innovation Information innovation is the motor of each present day business There will be other people who comprehend innovation and will deal with it – I don't have to IT choices are excessively basic, making it impossible to be altogether appointed to innovation specialists – as a business pioneer, you have to comprehend what you need to accomplish with innovation IT is exhausting As an IT proficient, you take care of fundamentally vital business issues – do you truly think this is exhausting?

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Ten Best Jobs in America Software Engineer College Professor Financial Adviser Human Resource Manager Physician Assistant Market Research Analyst Computer IT Analyst Real Estate Appraiser Pharmacist Psychologist Source: Money Magazine and

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Software Engineer "Why it's awesome: Software architects are required in for all intents and purposes all aspects of the economy, making this one of the quickest developing occupation titles in the U.S." 10-year development: 46% Average yearly new employment opportunities: 44,800 Source: Money Magazine and

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Computer IT Analyst "Why it's extraordinary: Seems like the whole world is helpless before data innovation people, because of the fast spread of PCs and swell of the Internet. And these employments pay well, from desktop bolster specialist to Webmaster to database wonk." 10-year development: 36% Average yearly new employment opportunities: 67,300 Source: Money Magazine and

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Number of Computing Jobs Is Going Up Fast

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An Interesting Fact 7 out of 10 quickest developing callings in 2004-14 (as indicated by the U.S. Division of Labor) are in IT

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And the Jobs are Paying Well…

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Bentley Fact In 2006, the CIS major had the second most noteworthy normal beginning pay: $51,500 What around 2007?

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Bentley Fact in 2007

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Business-IT Programs at Bentley CIS Major This major sets you up for an effective business vocation as an innovation master Allows you to give quick esteem to your boss by incorporating business and innovation into business arrangements Focuses on application advancement, IT framework, information administration, and displaying with the purpose to make high-esteem including business arrangements

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Business-IT Programs at Bentley CIS Major Jobs: Business investigator, frameworks examiner, data designer, application modeler, programming engineer, IT specialist, IT chance examiner Forms a brilliant establishment for a flexible long haul business profession

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Start the CIS Major With These CS150 Introduction to Data and Information Management CS180 Programming Fundamentals CS240 Business Processing and Communications Infrastructure Take these as right on time as could reasonably be expected – CS150 and one of the others can be utilized toward the minor on the off chance that you choose not to proceed with the major The whole significant comprises of eight courses

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Two Additional Required Courses in the CIS Major Data administration: CS350 Systems examination & outline: CS360

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Electives for CIS Majors: Select Three Object-situated frameworks advancement: CS280 Software improvement for the Web: CS380 IT foundation: CS440 Software extend administration: CS460 Infrastructure administration/Linux: CS420 Internship: CS421

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CIS Major

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Business-IT Programs at Bentley IT Minor An incredible mix with any major Strengthens your esteem for planned managers in any calling Improves your aptitudes in information and frameworks investigation and business critical thinking Helps you see how innovation can be utilized as a part of your area(s) of skill

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The Minor Has These Courses CS150 Introduction to Data and Information Management CS213 World Wide Web CS359 Business Information Systems Analysis & Design CS476 E-Business Infrastructure and Policy

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IT Minor CS150 Intro to Data and Information Mgmt A&S CS476 E-business Infrastructure and Policy CS213 World Wide Web A&S Bus CS359 Bus Info Systems Analysis & Design Bus

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Another Excellent Business-IT Opportunity Our graduate MSIT program as a five-year program Combine profundity in IT with any major and procure a Master's in a year after your college degree

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As a CIS proficient, you can work anyplace on the planet for any sort of an association. You can browse an assortment of fields, for example, Consulting Public bookkeeping Information innovation Aerospace Insurance Energy Security Finance

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Graduates manufacture effective vocations as: Consultants Business experts Financial examiners Systems investigators I/S investigators Technology and hazard confirmation evaluators Network manager Software quality certification build

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To Sign Up for CIS For the major or minor See Prof. Doug Robertson in SMI 415 ( ) Visit to join through the web Unofficially – Enroll in a course, perceive how you like it

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Welcome to CIS! It constructs an incredible establishment for a long haul business profession It will help you comprehend the center of advanced business It's fun, fascinating, and energizing! The occupations pay well