Pacific International Science Center for Exploration Systems PISCES Conference Nov 12, 2008 Commercial Lunar Business

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Periods of Global Lunar Investment. *Astrobotic evaluation based upon national projections/gauges. Development market for lunar mechanical frameworks. 2004 through 2018. 2015 through 2030. 2025 and past. Offices building human transportation frameworks. Emplace living spaces with force, comms; test asset recuperation.

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Pacific International Science Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES) Conference – Nov 12, 2008 Commercial Lunar Business Perspectives John Kohut Chief Executive Officer Astrobotic Technology, Inc.

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Phases of Global Lunar Investment Near Term Need Long Term Market Emerging Market Lunar information for landing site geography and condition Engineering information for frameworks plan and creation Robotic experimentation with asset use Fabrication and emplacement of frameworks preceding people Robotic duplication of human work Autonomous investigation, mining, operations Conceptual In Development 2015 through 2030 2004 through 2018 2025 and past Agencies building human transportation frameworks Develop assets for use on Moon and on Earth Emplace natural surroundings with power, comms; test asset recuperation $500B Globally** $90B+ Globally* $200B Globally** Growth showcase for lunar mechanical frameworks *Astrobotic appraise based upon national projections/gauges **Astrobotic evaluate based upon undifferentiated from occasions/businesses

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Wednesday May 19, 2010 95 ¢ ************** ************* EXTRA BACK TO MOON Astrobotic Lands a $20M First! Pittsburgh drives Return to Moon Red Whittaker Wins another Two viewpoints to Astrobotic Technology Race to the Moon Media Content Multiple Missions Conventional Data Sales Model Diversified Revenue Sources High Growth Lunar Business Corporate Sponsorships

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Prize principles: Land on the Moon Travel 500 meters Send HD symbolism Carry X Prize logo Complete mission by 2012 Collect $20 million Bonus prizes: Travel 5 km Heritage site Survive night Diverse group Astrobotic Plans: Win GLXP with 2010 arriving close Apollo 11 memorable site Prove ability to gather lunar information, convey payloads and perform automated administrations

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Astrobotic Lunar Missions Collect information Deliver payloads Conduct tests Build Infrastructure Astrobotic secures information, produces media content, conveys payloads and administrations on the Moon through self-characterized and executed missions utilizing demonstrated mechanical and aviation advances and frameworks Multi-Client Data Sales Contract Data Sales Customers Space Agencies Aerospace Companies Lunar information, payloads and operation prerequisites Process and Archive Data Results Astrobotic Lunar Library Non-aviation organizations with lunar interests Academia Creative Media

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Series of Commercial Lunar Robotic Missions Evolving lunar automated frameworks will require consistent field testing

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Robotic Testing Requirements Test Facility: Terrain devotion Regolith loyalty Operational adaptability and accessibility Ease of get to Economic esteem Lander Testing Surface Rover Testing Landing attributes Plume impacts Obstacle acknowledgment and shirking Rover get off operations Mobility Navigation Obstacle acknowledgment and evasion Sensor framework execution Regolith development ISRU tests Field battles for practical administrator preparing and unwavering quality testing

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Potential Products/Services for Test Facilities Landing/station topology Regolith properties Illumination qualities Communications lines Benefits to PISCES : Improve general test site constancy Recreate particular landing territory attributes Grade and snags Illumination Detailed regolith structure and physical properties Mutually useful relationship over long haul

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Preliminary perceptions from November 2008 Site authenticity for lunar automated missions Size – Limited at ebb and flow site, better at Pala Valley (Moon Crater) Topography – Interesting elements, sensible soil attributes Vegetation – Excessive at ebb and flow site, great at Pala Valley Access Local – streets require change at both destinations, political issues require assist refinement to empower more extensive territory utilize Global – equivalent to different destinations Infrastructure Technical support – Excellent, brought together electrical and mechanical shops at UHH offices Lodging and offices – Very great on location and access to numerous offices, cost might be an issue Media get to – Very great Environment – Very long test season, Pala Valley elevation and temperature B A Further improvement required however PISCES is set for a decent begin

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