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YPA/ADM WEBINAR December 15, 2009

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Thank You! YPA/ADM 2009 Regional Meeting Sponsors! 2

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Agenda Welcome Remarks and Merger Update Overview of New National Marketing Division of YPA Environmental Update Research Update Communications Update Products and Services 3

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Merger Update Neg Norton , President, YPA 4

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Key Elements of the Merger with YPA as surviving substance Restrictions of utilization of ADM assets Effective 1/1/2010 Creation of National Marketing Division NMD Charter regulates capacities and administration (mirrors momentum ADM) Amended and Restated YPA Bylaws Significant administration changes 5

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Merger Agreement Effective Date: 1/1/2010 YPA and ADM Boards affirmed YPA and ADM Memberships endorsed NMD Membership requires YPA Membership Requires isolation of ADM assets Separate records Use confined to National Marketing Division exercises YPA to contract ADM workers 6

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National Marketing Division Performs ADM capacities Detailed inner administration arrangements Mirrors ebb and flow ADM structure Charter builds up 7 - 16 man "Consultative Council" to oversee Financed by particular intentional contribution YPA gives Accounting/HR bolster Membership open to YPA individuals, yet just CMRs vote 7

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Restated YPA Bylaws Board Composition 3 $1B+ Domestic Publishers 1 $300M+ Domestic Publisher 4 CMRs 1 Independent Publisher 1 International Publisher 1 Associate (Supplier) Member - Nonvoting President - Nonvoting 8

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Restated YPA Bylaws Board Nominations/Elections Domestic Publisher Members Nominated by Board, chose by class CMR Members Nominated by NMD Advisory Council, chose by CMRs Associate and International Publisher Appointed by Board 9

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Restated YPA Bylaws Changes to Board Composition Board may include individuals Automatic rebalancing with further industry combination Board Action requires 2/3 vote 1 vote for each Director (aside from non-voting) 10

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Restated YPA Bylaws Member Voting 1 vote in addition to 1 vote in favor of each $1K in paid duty Directors chose by Member Class Members vote on local law changes, mergers, disintegration by 2/3 vote Class endorsement required for standing rule changes focused at particular class of individuals Members (25% of Class) can designate option possibility for Board Reduced majority prerequisites (25% versus 65%) 11

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National Marketing Division Overview Nancy Augustine , Senior Vice President, ADM 12

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National Marketing Division Structure Objectives Dues Initiatives 13

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Benefits of ADM/YPA Merger Reduced costs Reduced levy for National Division Reduced affiliation costs Fewer gatherings United push to protect medium Research to bolster PYP and IYP esteem 14

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Benefits of ADM/YPA Merger United exertion on ecological and other open approach issues Joint special endeavors National division inside YPA - CMR advocate Four CMR situates on YPA Board 15

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National Marketing Division Structure YPA center association ADM gets to be National Marketing Division (NMD) of YPA Advisory Council regulates Division 4 CMR YPA Board seats 16

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National Marketing Division Objectives Continue to advocate for national channel — CMRs, distributers, providers Defend national income 17

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National Marketing Division Dues 20-half lower than ADM CMRs: $10MM+: $300 per million Less than $10MM: $1,000 least Publishers: Minimum $1,500 Suppliers: $1,500 18

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National Marketing Division Initiatives PAYS* database and entryway MAP** call following project National channel promotion Sales bolster Research asks for *PAYS: P rooftop that A dvertising in Y ellow Pages S ells **MAP: M easurement and A ccountability P artnership 19

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National Marketing Division Initiatives (cont'd) Interactive Roundtable National introduction for CMRs and distributers Communications Liaison to industry panels 20

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NMD Initiatives PAYS Database Purely national test information used to arrange yp projects and tests Maintained by NMD Over 26,000 call estimation lines for 10,000 sponsor tests 300+ new tests included every month 124 bars and CMRs have contributed information Endorsed by Association of National Advertisers YP Committee 21 P rooftop that A dvertising in Y ellow Pages S ells

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NMD Initiatives PAYS Database Electronic information exchange with call estimation suppliers Available to CMRs and bars in MAP or giving results Expanding to incorporate IYP 22

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NMD Initiatives PAYS Sales Aids 57 business classes, covering 86 headings 20 PAYS deals helps issued yearly; e.g., Security Systems, Lawn Maintenance, Home Health Services 4 white papers: Display Ad Analysis Companion Directories Display + TM versus TM Value of TM Over 700 CMR and distributer staff get deals helps 23

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NMD Initiatives 24

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NMD Initiatives PAYS Sales Collateral 57 Product/Service Categories: Covers 86 Headings Attorneys Garage Doors Nurses Auto Dealers Glass-Auto-Plate Optical Auto Renting HVAC Paint – Retail Auto Renting – Canada HVAC – Canada Paper Shredding Auto Repair Home Health Services Pest Control Auto Repair – Canada Hotels & Motels Pizza Brake Service Hotels – Extended Stay Plumbing Contractors Carpet & Rug Cleaning House Cleaning Printers Cellular & Wireless Industrial Equipment Rental Service Stores Check Cashing Services Insurance Restaurants Child Care Insurance (Canada) Schools – Colleges & Universities Contractors Eq. R&L Internet Services Security/Burglar Alarms Copy Services Lawn Maintenance Senior Living Copy Machines Loans Signs Dentists Loans – Cash Advance Storage – HH & Comm. Work Agencies Mortgages Tire Dealers Employment Agencies – Canada Movers Truck Renting & Leasing Fence Contractors Moving Eq. Rental Veterinarians/Veterinary Hosp. Budgetary Services Mufflers Windows White Papers Display Ad Analysis Value of Companion Directories Display + Trademark versus Trademark Value of Trademark Ads 25

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NMD Initiatives PAYS Data Access PAYS Portal: www.admpaysportal.org ADM Home Page: www.admworks.org 26

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NMD Initiatives MAP Call Tracking Program National Marketing Division will proceed to: Administer program Develop applicant list Design tests Track & investigate comes about Report income utilizing bar figures Issue administration reports Populate PAYS with test outcomes 28 M easurement and A ccountability P artnership

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NMD Initiatives Support Sales Efforts Fulfill inquire about solicitations: Simmons Secondary research (YP utilization, intermedia) TNS/Competitive Media Reporting PAYS information Call objective components for call following studies Value of client to publicist % calls changing over to deal Profit edge Demographics/Census information 29

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NMD Initiatives Support Sales Efforts Conduct studies Pay-per-call Input on industry examine Advocate for national station Directory augmentations Local/national issues Compensation 30

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NMD Initiatives Support Sales Efforts Issue records: Companion registries Split-run indexes Call estimation administrations framework Prototype catalogs 31

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NMD Initiatives National Orientation CMRs and distributers Over 150 gatherings 32

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NMD Initiatives Communications Flash Newsletter "I appreciate the pamphlet in particular and pass it around my office." Susan Randall, HomeTeam Pest Defense "I do appreciate getting this month to month… adore that it touches all enterprises." Patty DeMarco, Yellow Pages Group 33

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NMD Initiatives Liaison to Industry Committees ANA Telephone Directory Committee 4A's Directory Committee 34

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NMD Initiatives Interactive Roundtable CMR and distributer individuals Address issues imperative to IYP/nearby hunt. Cases: Listings precision IYP inquire about 35

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Environmental Update Amy Healy, Director of Public Policy, YPA 36

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A Look at 2009 The most difficult year the Yellow Pages industry has confronted on the administrative front Increased weight to give capacity to buyers to quit accepting a few or even the greater part of the indexes conveyed to them The business' position keeps on being that an arrangement of self-control is the best arrangement Implementation must be opportune and compelling 37 © 2009 Yellow Pages Association - No utilization without earlier composed approval

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DELIVERING A DIRECTORY TO SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T WANT IT, SERVES NO ONE WELL. NOT THE PUBLISHER, THE ADVERTISER OR THE CONSUMER. 38 © 2009 Yellow Pages Association - No utilization without earlier composed approval

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Directory Legislation Proliferates 2007 North Carolina & New Mexico 2008 Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, New York & Washington 2009 Connecticut, Minnesota , New York, Oregon, Massachusetts Bold means listening to © 2009 Yellow Pages Association - No utilization without earlier composed approval

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Key Opt-Out Elements Place the quit warning plainly and obviously in all print books and on sites. Guarantee quit instruments work at the purpose of conveyance. Work with conveyance sellers to address circulation in zones with multi-unit structures, vacant structures or dispossessed homes. Usage must be auspicious and successful. 40 © 2009 Yellow Pages Association - No utilization without earlier composed approval

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YellowPagesOptOut.com 41 © 2009 Yellow Pages Association - No utilization without earlier composed approval

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Unique Visitors to YellowPagesOptOut.com

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2010 Opportunities Continue to assemble partners in those states, work, business bunch, publicists, representatives, providers, and so forth. Advance the businesses advance on quit and customer decision programs. Build up "Consultative Group" to proceed with exchange with repr