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Who Are You? . Conduct a Self Assessment ~ V.I.P.S. ~Values: What\'s imperative to you?Interests: What do you appreciate doing?Personality: In what circumstances have you felt most agreeable

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Your Full Time Job Search Career Development Center DCC 209 518/276-6234 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY

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Who Are You? Lead a Self Assessment ~ V.I.P.S. ~ Values: What's critical to you? Interests: What do you appreciate doing? Identity: In what circumstances have you felt most agreeable & fruitful? Aptitudes: What abilities & capacities have you built up that you appreciate doing? Assess Your Career Readiness How would you learn best? What is your realizing style? Consider Your Decision-Making Style Career Objectives: If you knew you would succeed, what is the kind of work that you would do? Individual Objectives: Consider the five health measurements and decide the adjust you have to feel effective. Long lasting Learning: Commit to yourself to keep on growing professionally and by and by. Objective Setting: Learn to create S.M.A.R.T. objectives. (Particular, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely)

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Develop Skills to Last a Lifetime Organization & Planning Know your needs Create a week by week plan Develop a feeling of earnestness when leading a pursuit of employment ~ occupations don't regularly come to you! Build up a record-keeping framework & keep up exact records Evaluate your endeavors consistently Seek help when required and acknowledge valuable feedback Goal Setting (adjusted from "Objective Setting: Powerful Written Goals In 7 Easy Steps!" by Gene Donohue) Make beyond any doubt the objective you are working for is something you truly need, not simply something that sounds great. An objective can't repudiate any of your different objectives. Create objectives in the 6 zones of life: Family and Home               Financial and Career Spiritual and Ethical          Physical and Health Social and Cultural             Mental and Educational Write your objective in the positive rather than the negative. Compose your objective out in entire detail. Ensure your objective is sufficiently high. Record your objectives and convey them with you day by day. Relational abilities Excellent oral & composed aptitudes are both basic – enhance where required and approach others for criticism Select an expert and suitable email address ~ won't depict you in the best light with forthcoming bosses !! Make sure your phone message & voice-mail messages are proficient What is Networking? Systems administration is the specialty of building collusions. It's not reaching everybody you know when you are searching for another occupation and inquiring as to whether they are aware of any employment opportunities. Organizing begins much sooner than a pursuit of employment, and you presumably don't understand you are doing it. (adjusted from the Riley Guide) Social Networking & Video Sharing Web Sites Create a constructive picture online – utilize understood and regarded Social Networking and Business Sites ( ie LinkedIn) when looking for work Keep a position of safety on the web and screen yourself on the web frequently to make certain what shows up is not going to damage you in a pursuit of employment or at work Don't post any unflattering photographs online – you never know who might determine the status of you

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Develop Skills to Last a Lifetime, proceeded with Develop Your "60 Second Sell" Learn to depict your identity, accomplishments, aptitudes and work involvement in one moment Know what you need your message to finish Make it smart and vital Work out where you include an incentive in your part Adjust your message to the audience Don't barrage a business with detail Informational Interviewing An in-person chance to increase priceless, progressive learning about a particular business or industry from a "insider" Check out the CDC's Handout on Informational Interviewing Understanding the "Shrouded" Job Market Best wellspring of occupation leads Requires coordinate contact Less than 25% of employment searchers utilize this Develop individual contacts inside associations, family, companions, personnel What and who you know is vital in your pursuit of employment Know Your Value to an Employer Assess your abilities as they identify with profession prerequisites & readiness Know how these abilities enhance a business Know the association's goals, needs, and contenders Write a resume that exhibits your esteem Identifying Employers Chambers of Commerce (more than 24 million open & secretly organizations) 30 Best Web Sites for Job Hunters (Fortune) Researching Employers Know items, administrations, clients and contenders Read statements of purpose and yearly reports to know qualities and course of association

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Develop Skills to Last a Lifetime, proceeded with Effective Interviewing Skills Do your homework: Know Yourself and Know the Employer Demonstrate excitement & energy: Smile!!! Be conscious and kind to everybody you experience some time recently, amid and after your meeting Listen painstakingly to inquiries addresses and request elucidation when essential Read the CDC's Handout – How to Handle the Interview Practice, Practice, Practice! Assessing Offers Always request a composed offer letter before you acknowledge a vocation Read the CDC's freebee on Evaluating Employment Offers Legal Advice on Employment Offers Salary Negotiations & More The arrangement procedure is a chance to characterize, convey, and accomplish what you need out of your occupation offer. Understanding & Learning from Rejection Don't think about dismissal literally… Maintain a harmony between occupation seek and your ordinary routine Remind yourself of your abilities and achievements Use your assets admirably Be steady - you will discover work When it's Time to Re-Direct Your Job Search Clarify objectives and rethink alternatives – widen or contract Have your resume evaluated by a Career Counselor in the CDC Consider effect of geographic confinements Do your aptitudes coordinate with the requirements of the organization? Are your qualities clear or in strife with your vocation objectives?

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Your Job Search Tools Resume Curriculum Vitae (CV) Cover Letter Creating a Portfolio References and Recommendations (Riley Guide) Credential Services: Interfolio

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Explore Careers Develop a Target List of Organizations RedHawk JobLink Hoovers 100 Best Companies to Work For 2007 (Fortune) Research Employers Check out the CDC's Handout on Researching Employers Explore Positions Industry Function Location "Do one thing consistently that alarms you." – Eleanor Roosevelt Informational Interviewing Read the CDC's Handout on Informational Interviewing to take in more about potential professions and ventures Network, Network, Network! Converse with your Family, Friends, Faculty, Staff, Alumni Attend Career Fairs Attend Annual Career Fairs on grounds and take part in other profession fairs and virtual occasions when conceivable Talk with business reps to take in more about their association and occupations

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Consider Your Employment Options Public versus Privately owned businesses Forbes article What's the distinction amongst Public and Privately held organizations? ( Investopedia ) Large versus Little Employers Large organizations: more than 10,000 representatives Mid-sized: under 10,000 workers Small: under 2,500 representatives Start-ups Top 10 Startups Worth Watching in 2008 ( article) NY Times on Start-ups Non Profits & Public Service National Council of Nonprofit Associations Finding Jobs in the Public Sector Jobs in Public Service & Administration (Riley Guide) Starting Your Own Business Creating An Effective Business Plan (AMEX) Business Plan Basics (SBA) Academic and Post-Doc Positions Chronicle of Higher Education HigherEd Postdoc Re-visit Previous Co-operation, Internship or Summer Employment Employers Call Email Drop a note Visit & Re-interface

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Top Personal Qualities Employers Look for in College Graduates The main 10 individual qualities/abilities managers look for, as indicated by NACE's Job Outlook 2008 review, are: Communication Skills (verbal and composed) Strong Work Ethic Teamwork Skills (cooperates with other people) Initiative Interpersonal Skills (relates well to others) Problem-Solving Skills Analytical Skills Flexibility/Adaptability Computer Skills Technical Skills

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Your Job Search Plan Map out your pursuit of employment system before you start Set every day and week after week targets. Measure your adequacy and advance week after week. Record the majority of your Appointments, Activities and Results Prioritize your commitments (school, Part-time work, position of authorities, groups, and so on.) Identify and Research Employers and Organizations Make Contact - by telephone, email, or face to face; apply on the web or through snail mail Follow up 10-14 days after you have reached Schedule no less than one action far from home every day to get yourself out into the group and empowered . Screen how much time you spend before your portable PC or PC amid your pursuit of employment Develop a system of people who will furnish you with support as you direct your pursuit of employment "Obstructions are those loathsome things you see when you take your eyes off your objective." Henry Ford

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Common Job Search Mistakes Relying on one technique ( ie Internet work look just) Lack of center/vocation target Failure to recognize and utilize organize Targeting just expansive bosses Failure to follow–up Unprofessional materials or appearance Impersonal or pretentious approach Underestimate time expected to scan for a vocation "Fall seven circumstances. Stand up eight." Japanese adage

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Top Reasons for Rejection Lack of Self-Knowledge.  A questioner can't figure out where you fit into the association until you clarify your profession advantages and appropriate abilities. Absence of Company Knowledge.  Most businesses make data about themselves promptly accessible, particularly on the off chance that they select on grounds. Absence of Questions.  When bosses approach in the event that you have any inquiries for them, a negative reaction demonstrates an absence of enthusiasm on your part. Absence of Enthusiasm . Bosses need to contract somebody who i