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Coordinated with Girl Scout recompenses, pathways and group administration ... A truly solid, noticeable yearly Gold Award Ceremony could be created into a mark ...

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"The work of today is the historical backdrop of tomorrow, and we are its makers." - Juliette Gordon Low Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania Business Plan Implementation Update for Spring 2010 Delegates Meetings

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Business Plan Adopted by GSHPA Board in November, 2009 Purpose GSHPA propelled a business arranging exertion in August in light of the fact that the Council required a budgetary pivot. Introducing Problems Apparent shortfall; becoming every year Declining enrollment and volunteer numbers Overdependence on credit extension

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Today's Girls are Tomorrow's Leaders The Girl Scout experience is interesting in giving future pioneers a solid establishment of mettle, certainty and character-building exercises that are both fun and reasonable. Helping young ladies turn out to be tomorrow's pioneers was our directing rule.

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Investing Now in a Brighter Tomorrow Investing = Contributing time, vitality, assets of push to a movement, venture or undertaking in the desire of an advantage. Our Council must good example genuine initiative by organizing how and where we will dispense our valuable time, vitality and assets to protect and develop Girl Scouting.

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Juliette Gordon Low: "The work of today is the historical backdrop of tomorrow, and we are its creators."

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Business Plan Investments In receiving GSHPA's strategy for success, the Board of Directors chose to put resources into encounters and individuals. Encounters : Investing in the encounters that fabricate pioneers People: Investing in the general population who get it going

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Experiences: Signature Programs vast projects that young ladies can't go anyplace else: Focus upon shared premiums Quality v. Amount Offering nearby and local unique occasions Integrated with Girl Scout grants, pathways and group benefit Impact over our 30-area district

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Signature Programs GSHPA's January 2010 Cookie College can possibly turn into a yearly mark program of the Council.

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Signature Programs A truly solid, unmistakable yearly Gold Award Ceremony could be produced into a mark program.

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Signature Programs We are amped up for the 100 th Anniversary of Girl Scouting and its potential as a mark program.

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Signature Programs Signature projects could empower young ladies to regionally affect issues like wellbeing or the earth.

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The Council is propelling a Signature Program Task Force of volunteers and staff in late March. Our site and the following PAL will contain programming suggested by the Task Force. Pioneers will in any case have the capacity to get to neighborhood exercises for young ladies in their territories through our site and different assets. Signature Programs

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Outdoor Experience The Council must go from great to awesome in giving outside experience to young ladies.

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Outdoor Experience Almost every Girl Scout can share a memory about outdoors An emphasis on key camps guarantees that outside experience will stay noticeable in the improvement of today's young ladies and future young ladies

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This is an affair that GSHPA is focused on saving .

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An affair we need to develop.

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Outdoor Experience: The test Usage Under 10 percent of GSHPA young ladies go to rest away camp Under 45 percent of our young ladies go to troop camp Cost 2010 camp support spending plan = $450,000 (excluding faculty) Total 2010 capital needs = $191,000 Total to execute LRPC need needs = $2,574,750* Total 2009 camp staff = $583,368 * # 1 Health & Safety, #2 Asset Protection/Sustainable Design/ADA Compliance, # 3 Program Development/Enhancement. (Stylish updates excluded.)

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National Context: Feb. 2010 Survey 67% of Girl Scout Councils say that under 10% of their wage was gotten from property charges. 63% of Girl Scout Councils say that at least 30% of their yearly costs are for the cost of working properties.

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Outdoor Experience: Decision-production criteria Demographics and local "spread" of camps Usage designs Potential for creating open air projects and elements that today's young ladies need, e.g., Water highlights Horses Modern bathrooms Winterized offices ACA accreditation

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Listening to young ladies On January 4, 2010 our Council got a request of marked by 139 young ladies recommending that, on the off chance that we are offering camps: Guard the earth Make beyond any doubt the camps are spread out over the areas Take one of a kind components from stopped camps and place them at key camps.

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Seven Key Camps Announced On March 4 th , we reported our dedication to go from great to extraordinary in open air encounter for young ladies by putting resources into seven key camps: Camp Archbald (Northeast Region) Camp Louise (North Region) Camp Golden Pond (West Region) Camp Small Valley (South Central Region) Camp Echo Trail (South Region) Camp Furnace Hills (South Region) Camp Happy Valley (South Region)

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Regional Balance

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Local Options Camps in our area claimed by different Councils: Camp Mosey Wood, Blakeslee, PA Camp Hidden Falls, Dingman's Ferry, PA Camp Wood Haven, Pine Grove, PA State Parks Long Range Property Task Group recognized numerous camps inside 25 miles of each of our camp properties. We will work to help pioneers get simple access to these destinations.

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Outdoor Experience: Next Steps Stepped up promoting of the camps is in progress: Strengthening backing of administration units and pioneers getting the word out Doubling the quantity of camp open houses Mass mailing of camp "mystery" Publication of 2010 Summer Camp Guide

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Outdoor Experience: Next Steps Outdoor Experience Task Force: Volunteers and Staff March 20 th 2010 dispatch

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Outdoor Experience: Next Steps Creating a Camp Development Plan which blends: Assessments and proposals from the Long Range Property Task Group Financial conjecture and proposed expense structure Recommendations from the Outdoor Experience Task Force

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Outdoor Experience: Next Steps My adjacent neighbor, Sue. Respecting her experience Honoring each one of those camp recollections Paying tribute to the camps we should give up, to the general population who made them, and pushing ahead together

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People Investing in the general population that get it going

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People: Excellent Customer Service Actions since December, 2009: Consolidated retail operations Stores solidified in December, 2009 Free dispatching offered amid move Introducing enhanced site by late March/early April Shipping will be cost of postage & materials with no increase Made arrangements to send staff to better address volunteer issues Planning to pilot part benefits staff working from home in 1-2 locales this year Preparing for office-cutting back

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People: Excellent Customer Service Launch of four Task Forces this March 20 th : Customer Service Retail Finance/Information Systems Staff Deployment: New Way of Work

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We are out to construct what's to come!