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´╗┐Welcome! You're Part of a Great Organization

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About GCE: Our motivation and purpose behind presence is to individuals with incapacities find significant work.

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Maryland Virginia Kentucky North Carolina Tennessee South Carolina Mississippi Georgia Alabama Florida Where on the planet is GCE?

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Our Business Lines Food Service Custodial Services Mail Room Services Administrative Services Shelf Stocking

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Orientation Folder Bright Ideas Program Employee Assistance Program Activity Center HR Contact List Payroll Schedule

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OUR CODE OF CONDUCT A Guide to GCE Performance Standards Handbook

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What Kind of Company Do You Want to Work For? Our Values V ision I ntegrity S uperior Service I nnovation T eamwork S tewardship

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Our Values Integrity Maintaining the most noteworthy measures of conduct. Includes genuineness, morals, and doing the right things for the right reasons. Vision The capacity and eagerness to anticipate the future and settle on choices important to achieve imperative objectives.

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Our Values Innovation Capable of unprecedented innovativeness and willing to investigate new ways to deal with enhancing personal satisfaction for all people. Better Service Committed than giving phenomenal administration.

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Our Values Stewardship Dedicated to dependable stewardship of GCE resources and money related assets, and to benefit. Collaboration A tolerating regard for others, and a supporting duty to cooperate.

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Standards of Performance Commitment to Co-Worker At GCE our collaborators are our colleagues. They merit our regard and trust. GCE is devoted to keeping up a workplace that is a pleasurable and agreeable business encounter. Approach others with deference and appreciation. Esteem contrasts and regard independence. Work helpfully. Be tried and true, timely, and faithful. Address issues deferentially and through the fitting levels of leadership. Be a good example.

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Respect for Our Co-Workers Scenario: A gathering of representatives are eating outside on the eating area and you catch them discussing the new individual's handicap. You hear them kidding about how the new individual looks. What do you do?

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Standards of Performance COMMITMENT TO SERVICE GCE is focused on giving the most elevated nature of administration by surpassing the desires of our clients. We will play out our obligations in a capable, solid, suitable and financially savvy way. Regard our CUSTOMERS time and needs. Welcome each client with a warm and well disposed grin. Thank clients for their business. Listen to our client's worries. Try not to disperse unapproved materials and data, nor request any person for any reason outside of our official obligations, without particular authorization of our administrator. Keep a positive comical inclination.

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Respect for our Customers Scenario: You are going to enter a private office to clean when you catch two individuals in a genuine exchange about the organization's new business wander. What do you do?

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Standards of Performance SENSE OF OWNERSHIP Sense of Ownership implies that we take pride in what we do. We are in charge of the aftereffects of our endeavors and we perceive that our work is an impression of ourselves. Take pride in the association as though it were your own. Know and comprehend the duties of your occupation. Assume responsibility and acknowledge these obligations. Keep your work territory and encompassing workplace spotless and safe. Carry out the employment right the first run through. Concentrate on your client's needs.

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Standards of Performance CONFIDENTIALITY As a representative of the GCE association, we have an obligation to ourselves, our clients, our colleagues and our administration group to keep up secrecy of all special data. Regard your associates' protection by dispensing with babble. Try not to talk about the operations of GCE and it's business hones with others. In the event that you have inquiries or remarks, please examine these with your chief. Keep our client's business private. Try not to examine individual or secret data about our colleagues or clients.

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Confidentiality As a worker of GCE, a standout amongst the most critical obligations you will have is looking after privacy. Regard For Co-Worker Differences Customer Information and Conversations Safeguarding GCE Information

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Standards of Performance PERSONAL APPEARANCE GCE endeavors to dependably extend an expert picture to our clients. Your appearance is an impression of your regard for your clients, your associates and yourself. We will guarantee that our work garments are spotless, slick and suitably fitted. We will wear our outfits and recognizable proof identifications amid working hours. We will hone great individual cleanliness. We will take after work-site clothing regulation rules.

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Standards of Performance MAINTAINING A SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT Safety is the obligation of all GCE representatives. Think safe, act safe, be sheltered, and remain safe. We will hone security as an obligation to our clients and our associates. We take after all wellbeing guidelines, directions and systems. We will bolster a sans alcohol,drug and weapon free working environment. We will answer to our manager any practice or condition that may affect the wellbeing and security of the workers and the office. We will report any mishap or damage to our chief.

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Standards of Performance SECURITY AWARENESS We are trusted to ensure the property of GCE and the property of our clients. We will regard the property of others. We will look after all advantages, property and supplies. We will discard overflow, out of date or trashed property or anything of significant worth as indicated by strategy and method. We will swing into our director any things of significant worth found amid working hours. We will report any burglary or security infringement.

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Safeguarding GCE Information Scenario: You stop by your GCE site office to talk with the venture administrator or a boss about your work task. You discover a bit of paper on the floor and notice it has your companion's name on it. What do you do?

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Standards of Performance CONFLICTS OF INTEREST We will play out our obligations for the benefit of the organization and clients in a honest and steadfast way. We will maintain a strategic distance from any activities that might be sensibly interpreted to bring about a real or potential irreconcilable circumstance. We may acknowledge spontaneous endowments of nourishment or blooms from clients or business partners, notwithstanding, these things ought to be imparted to other office workers and ought not surpass $25 in esteem. Whatever other endowments must be affirmed by the agreement manager. Endowments of money are never permitted. We won't utilize or share inside data, which is not generally accessible to the overall population, for any dishonorable utilize.

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Standards of Performance PROPER CONSIDERATION OF GCE EMPLOYEES All staff contribute specifically to our prosperity and in that capacity, GCE is focused on sensibly ensure, bolster and build up our staff to its fullest potential in a reasonable and evenhanded way. GCE underpins a culture that taps the maximum capacity of workers and fabricates a situation that permits all individuals to feel increased in value, included and esteemed. Work development, representative improvement and individual strengthening are effectively energized and compensated.

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Standards of Performance GCE will work as per high lawful, moral and moral measures and will follow every appropriate law, directions and models. We will require that all announcements, correspondences, and representations are exact, finished and honest. We won't give up our expert guidelines, judgment or objectivity. We won't draw in, either straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, in any degenerate business hone.

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Reporting a Problem Follow a levels of leadership: Your Supervisor Your Project Manager Your Contract Administrator The Human Resources Department

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F I S H Food for Thought

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Fish Food for Thought What are the advantages of an imaginative & fun work setting? In what manner would you be able to make your client's day regular? In what manner would you be able to make your collaborator's day ordinary? What would we be able to do to ensure we are "being there" for our clients? How critical is disposition in your function life?

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RESPECT IN THE WORKPLACE Everyone's Responsibility

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Differences are awesome! Governmental issues Personality Color Size MARRIAGE Disability Religion Age Sex

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CROSSING THE LINE Religion Age Sex Race National Origin Color Disability Marital Status Veteran Status

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What is Sexual Harassment? The EEOC characterizes inappropriate behavior as: Unwelcome lewd gestures, demands for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical lead of a sexual nature when: Submission to such direct is made a term or state of business Submission to, or dismissal of, such lead by an individual is utilized as the reason for work choices Such direct has the reason or impact of preposterously meddling with the individual work execution or making a scary, threatening, or hostile workplace

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Why Does It Happen People have distinctive esteem frameworks Sexual lead can be seen as a power apparatus Jokes, mockery, foulness, and so forth., may be regular dialect for a few people Compliments, remarks, and so forth., can frequently be misjudged Lack of mindfulness on the guilty parties part

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Sexual jokes, innuendoes, references or signals Sexually suggestive PC messages Demeaning dialect or conduct Sexual compliments Teasing in a sexual nature Questions about individual or personal matters Repeated solicitations for a date regardless of refusals Physical "horsing around" Hugs,