YMCA Mental Health Wellbeing Exercise Program

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YMCA Mental Health & Wellbeing Exercise Program Adam Waterson Health & Fitness Manager Ian Thorpe Aquatic Center

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What is it? Allow from MLC to give a psychological well-being and prosperity program that will give a wellbeing net to recuperation of individuals feeling disengaged & unmotivated because of a gathering of antagonistic life occasions. (exercise center setting)

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What is it? Association for RECOVERY An organization that : Orientates those determined to have emotional instability into a practice program Maximize's elements that make the conditions in which all can thrive

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YMCA Objectives To decrease dysfunctional behavior or disarranges, by advancing: prosperity, hopefulness and social bolster incorporation into wellness sessions & practice classes To evacuate hindrances to all encompassing prosperity, for example, Lack of information or inspiration Fear of wellness focuses Cost

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YMCA Objectives, cont To give a planned group benefit - an association between associations sharing assets and apparatuses To make a pathway to continuous cooperation in normal work out

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Program Outline Build organizations for referral, support and get back to framework for drop outs Provide psychological well-being emergency treatment preparing to YMCA staff Program pioneers at each YMCA focus Set techniques for execution, checking and assessment YMCA 4 visit enlistment Blackdog Mood Chart Others??

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Program Outline YMCA 4 Visit Induction Appt # 1 – Initial Consultation Appt # 2 – Training Experience Appt # 3 – Training Refresher Appt # 4 – Social Event/Breakfast

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Program Outline Access to a 60 day program of wellness and classes guided by a wellness mentor Monthly get-together to meet, arrange and associate After 60 days proceed as a charge for administration part or apply for YMCA's Fee Assistance Program Drop outs followed-up and alluded to proper pathways for support and continuum of care

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Discussion We welcome you to bolster the program and draw in with us THANK YOU!