Yearly Ethics Training 2005

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The Rules on Job Hunting and Post-Government Employment . Ms. Marina Yokas-ReeseAttorney-AdviserAMSFS-GCDSN 3 of 92. Speaker Notes for Header Slide. This exchange will give you an outline of the guidelines for looking for business opportunities outside the legislature and what limitations may apply to you once you leave taxpayer supported organization .

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Yearly Ethics Training 2005 Ms. Marina Yokas-Reese Attorney-Adviser AMSFS-GC DSN 793-8458

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The Rules on Job Hunting and Post-Government Employment Ms. Marina Yokas-Reese Attorney-Adviser AMSFS-GC DSN 793-8458

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Speaker Notes for Header Slide This examination will furnish you with a diagram of the tenets for looking for work openings outside the legislature and what confinements may apply to you once you leave taxpayer supported organization

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Overview Job Hunting Rules Post-Government business rules

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Speaker Notes Overview This year the Army is requiring a dialog of occupation chasing guidelines and post Government work rules in light of an abnormal state government worker who was granting contracts to Boeing while in the meantime consulting for work with the organization. Under 18 USC 208, a criminal law, a worker should not take an interest by and by and generously in a specific government matter that, as far as anyone is concerned, has an immediate and unsurprising impact on the money related premiums of a planned boss with whom he is looking for business. "Particular government matter" would incorporate an administration contract, assignment arrange, conveyance arrange, source determination, offer of government resource, assert against the legislature, and so forth

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Job Hunting - The Key Rule Must preclude yourself before you "look for" business Written preclusion required

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Speaker Notes Job Hunting - The Key Rule The key decide to recall is that you are required to exclude yourself from taking any official activities identifying with an organization before you even begin to look for work with that organization This exclusion must be in composing.

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Disqualification Statement SUBJECT: Disqualification Statement DATE: MEMORANDUM FOR: (Supervisor) 1. This is to inform you that I am beginning work transactions with Company X.... 2. As needs be, I may not by and by and considerably partake .... 3. Matters including Company X ought to be taken care of without my insight ... ____________________________________ Name Title Agency and address Commercial telephone number I, (Name of chief) have explored the subject preclusion proclamation ... __________________________________ Supervisor CF: Ethics Counselor, AMSFS-GC/Marina Yokas-Reese

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Speaker Notes Disqualification Statement Here is an example of a composed preclusion explanation that you would execute preceding looking for work with an organization. You can acquire a duplicate of this shape from your morals advisor. When you finish the shape by recognizing which organization you will look for work with and guarantee that you will make no official move including this organization you give a duplicate to your administrator and your morals advocate for endorsement.

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"Looking for Employment" You are "looking for work" when you: reach incorporates sending resume take part in arrangements react to spontaneous proposition (aside from unlimited dismissal)

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Speaker Notes "Looking for Employment" So the following issue to address is when are you required to preclude yourself by executing the composed preclusion explanation—The principles give that you should exclude yourself before you even convey a resume to an organization this is critical to recollect in light of the fact that to most that appears to be excessively moderate after all they may not be keen on examining work with you - yet that is the control under the Joint Ethics Regulation. For the situation where an organization gets in touch with you and demonstrates they are occupied with examining work openings with you – you are required to execute an exclusion articulation unless you promptly and unequivocally dismiss their offer. Just conceding an offer to examine business openings - for instance saying something like "Why don't we talk after I resign in two or three months" would in any case oblige you to exclude yourself since it doesn't constitute an unequivocal dismissal of their offer.

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End of "Looking for Employment" Until either party rejects business and talks end Until two months in the wake of sending resume and no answer

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Speaker Notes End of "Looking for Employment" If you haven't heard in 2 months in the wake of sending a resume or - work discourses are finished by either party then you are no longer thought to look for business and the exclusion articulation can be cancelled.

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Job Hunting - Expenses A Federal worker may acknowledge suppers, lodgings, transportation and different advantages Customarily gave by an imminent business regarding true blue business examinations.

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Speaker Notes Job Hunting - Expenses While Seeking work, you can acknowledge - suppers - lodging - transportation From the imminent business that they generally offer to every forthcoming representative for comparative positions.

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Job Hunting – After You've Found the Job Remain excluded until you leave Official Action

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Speaker Notes Job Hunting – After You've Found the Job Once you discover an occupation—you should stay precluded from taking an interest in any matter influencing your new boss until you resign or leave taxpayer driven organization.

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Representing Others 18 USC 205 Federal representatives may not speak to people, organizations or different associations before any Federal office. Lead applies whether portrayal is repaid or uncompensated Rule applies until retirement date, including while on normal and terminal leave

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Speaker Notes Representing Others 18 USC 205 While you are a representative of the government you can't speak to another before the central government For instance, in the event that you acknowledge an occupation with a barrier contractual worker you can't speak to them to the national government until you are formally off the parts This is a control resigned military should know about as it identifies with terminal leave where you may in any case be on the official parts for a drawn out stretch of time until you are authoritatively resigned. Remember amid your time of terminal abandon you can't speak to your new boss before the government.

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Ongoing Obligation Employees may not uncover non-open data to facilitate their own private advantages, or the private interests of another. Meaning of "Non-open data" Obligation proceeded even after you leave

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Speaker Notes Ongoing Obligation As government representatives we as a whole have a commitment to ensure and not reveal nonpublic data This commitment proceeds even after you leave taxpayer supported organization. Non Public data is any data that you know or sensibly know has not been discharged to people in general—on the off chance that you aren't sure its your commitment to solicit the status from the data before you choose to talk about it with somebody Examples of nonpublic data would incorporate future obtaining prerequisites, government cost and valuing information, exclusive information of assorted types gave to the administration by contractual workers, and obviously any data that has been characterized.

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Additional Reporting Requirement Procurements – The Rule In a $100,000+ focused acquirement – Report all work contacts with bidders or offerors to your boss and organization morals official Either dismiss offer or preclude yourself

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Speaker Notes Additional Reporting Requirement Procurements – The Rule There is an extra revealing prerequisite in case you're required in a securing over the rearranged obtaining limit ($100,000) and are reached by a potential offeror. In these cases you are required to report contacts made by offerors to your director, the Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) and your morals instructor.

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Post – Government Employment Restrictions

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Speaker Notes Post – Government Employment Restrictions Once you leave taxpayer supported organization—there are laws that may affect your exercises with your new business.

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Procurement Integrity Law – One-Year Compensation Ban If you served in one of seven positions; or If you settled on one of seven choices On an agreement over $10M One year No $

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Speaker Notes Procurement Integrity Law – One-Year Compensation Ban The main confinement we will talk about is the Procurement Integrity Act The Act gives that in the event that you served in one of seven distinguished positions—or settled on one of seven recognized choice on an agreement esteemed over $10 million you may not acknowledge pay from the temporary worker for one year after either serving in that position or settling on the choice. Remuneration is characterized as wages, pay rates, honoraria, commissions, proficient charges and whatever other type of pay gave straightforwardly or in a roundabout way to administrations rendered. Remuneration is in a roundabout way gave on the off chance that it is paid to a substance other than the individual, particularly in return for administrations gave by the person.

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Procuring Contracting Officer Source Selection Authority Member of Source Selection Evaluation Board Program Manager Deputy Program Manager Administrative Contracting Officer One-Year Compensation Ban – Seven Positions Chief of money related or specialized assessment group

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Speaker Notes One-Year Compensation Ban – Seven Positions These are the seven positions that trigger the one year remuneration boycott –if you filled in as a PCO