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Year 6 Revision booklet. 2. Reliance

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Year 6 Revision booklet One sheet for each point Mind guide, note or survey sort frame Some connections to the web For a general update website go to: 6 Revision booklet

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6A Plants make oxygen and utilize carbon dioxide Animals make carbon dioxide and utilize oxygen Plants and creatures are related Polar bear adjustments Streamlined body for solid swimming Interdependence & Adaptation Thick White Fur for disguise and warmth Sharp Claws for burrowing tunnels and getting fish Adapting to the earth builds a life forms shot of survival Plants require : Oxygen, warmth and water to sprout, to develop they additionally require light (to make their nourishment) and supplements for solid development A Food Web is many associated evolved ways of life A Food Chain indicates what eats what. (The bolt appears into whose mouth the sustenance goes.) Grass  RabbitFox Year 6 Revision booklet

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6B All Micro-life forms do MRSGREN ( Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion, Nutrition) Yeast is a small scale creature. For yeast to play out its life forms, it needs water, warmth and nourishment (sugar). We make batter ascend by the carbon dioxide delivered by when yeast breathes. Microorganisms are little! 10 or 20 would fit onto the very tip of a needle! Miniaturized scale Organisms Microbes or Germs (microscopic organisms & infections) Good microorganisms : Make lager, wine, cheddar & yogurt Bad organisms Cause influenza, tooth rot, chickenpox and nourishment harming Word List : Bacteria - Tiny living being Virus-Tiny creature which causes smallpox (which was cured by an Edward Jenner utilizing an immunization) Germ-General expression for microbes or Virus Year 6 Revision booklet

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6C More About Dissolving Stir, grains of sugar into hot tea for a fast sweet drink! Components which influence how solids disintegrate Dissolving is a Physical (Reversible) Change It makes a blend. You can isolate blends utilizing: Colored colors Chromatography (each shading isolated) Insoluble solids/fluid – Filtration (gets the strong) Soluble solids/fluid – Evaporation (gets the strong) Soluble solids/fluid – Distillation (gets the fluid) Many fluids blended – Fractional refining (eg Crude oil) Making a salt (solute) & water (dissolvable) blend by dissolving table salt (sodium chloride) in water. The outcome is an unmistakable lackluster SOLUTION . A copper sulfate (solute) & water (dissolvable) blend is an unmistakable blue SOLUTION. Sand is insoluble in water and can be expelled from water by filtration. To separate salt & sand blend : Add water to blend – salt breaks down Filter –removes insoluble sand Evaporate – evacuates water White salt is deserted! To perceive how salt breaks up in water go to: Year 6 Revision booklet

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Heat The Fire Triangle Fuel Oxygen Reversible & Irreversible Changes 6D Chemical (Irreversible) Changes Burning or Combustion Cooking Neutralizing (vinegar & bicarbonate) A procedure making new substances with new properties ( e.g. Strong + Liquid makes a gas, or 2 fluids blend and change shading!) Physical (Reversible) Changes Evaporation: Liquid  Gas Condensation: Gas  Liquid Melting: Solid  Liquid Freezing: Liquid  Solid Subliming: Solid  Gas Subliming: Gas Solid Dissolving strong into a fluid Word List REVERSIBLE : Able to be changed back to the way it was before IRREVERSIBLE : Cannot be changed back to the way it w as some time recently. Blazing : To set something ablaze (burning). This is likewise oxidation as oxygen from the air is fundamental for smoldering. DISSOLVING : When a strong substance "vanishes" in a fluid SEPARATION: A strategy used to sort materials which have by one means or another get to be distinctly stirred up. Fire is an irreversible change Year 6 Revision booklet

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Forces in real life 6E Upthrust Friction Thrust Air resistance Nessie Thrust = Friction = Constant speed Thrust > Friction = Speeding up Thrust < Friction = Slowing Down Weight Heavy sea liners coast in light of the fact that the upthrust from the heaviness of water dislodged squares with the heaviness of the liner! Strengths are measured in Newtons Weight Graph indicating how Nessie's speed changes when she drops out of a plane achieves a steady speed (220m/s) and after that her parachute opens so she backs off to 30m/s! Strengths can just: 1 Change a thing's heading 2 Change a thing's shape 3 Slow a thing down 4 Speed a thing up Speed (m/s) Year 6 Revision booklet Time (secs)

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6F How We See Things Light is reflected off items into our eye The sun is the real LIGHT SOURCE . Other light sources are lights and fire . Light goes in straight lines with a bolt for course Light reflects best of sparkling smooth items like a mirror. In a mirror left seems acceptable and the other way around. This is LATERAL INVERSION Transparent Periscopes empower you to see above or underneath and utilizes two mirrors at 45 ° A B C B A Mirror Translucent Mirrors at 45 ° Opaque Shadows change as the question is drawn closer to or more remote from the screen. Close to the screen – dim, sharp shadows Near the flame – light fluffy shadow Year 6 Revision booklet

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6G Electricity: Changing Circuits + A Series Circuit "An" is littler A + Know your images Cells , Bulb, Ammeter Voltmeter, Switch (open), (shut) Resistor, Variable Resistor, Fuse Diode A Parallel Circuit "An" is greater An Electricity is a stream of charge To perceive how you can influence the brilliance of knobs in a circuit go to: Year 6 Revision booklet

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6G Enquiry into Environmental Issues How would I outline a question? What is a reasonable test? Why do I rehash an analysis a few circumstances? What estimations would it be advisable for me to make? By what method would it be a good idea for me to record my outcomes (table or diagram) What sort of chart (bar outline or line chart)? A Bar Chart A Line Graph Discontinuous variable Continuous variable Year 6 Revision booklet